Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons is in studio to talk about his shows at Laugh Boston this weekend, share some stories about getting his start in Boston, and take a call from his friend, actor Kevin Chapman!


LB's old teammate Bob Sweeney calls in to make fun of LB's scoring ability and and donate $1000 to the Greater Boston Foodbank  


Friend of the program Ernie Boch Jr calls the show to talk about the upcoming Megadeth acoustic show and to donate $10,000 to the Greater Boston Foodbank! 


The very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 Hours - Don't call your date with the wrong number!!!


 This week Julian Edelman calls into the show for this week's Hillman Huddle! Bubs talks about the upcoming monday night showdown with the Ravens and his lates chapter in the Tom Brady bromance.   


Johnny Eagan AKA Monkey has to defend himself after LB calls him out for his old man shoes! 


Catherine D’Amato, president and CEO of the Greater Boston Food Bank stops by the show to talk about all the great work done by WAAF durring the "Rock For Change" fundraiser! 


The very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours! - Trump leaves us a message bragging about he recent Time magazine cover!  



Once again we go inside the warped female brain with Danielle! ! A texter asks Danielle if he should visit a nude resort with his wife and mother in law!


Greg reads the most recent police reports from the dangerous town of Stow, MA. featuring a report about an open mailbox!