Once we discovered that LB is not only an animal expert and relationship guru, but also a history buff, we decided to let LB teach us a little about history! This week we find out William is long for Billy.

Author Erik Fretz "Bill Belichick vs The NFL"

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Once again we go Inside The Simple Male Mind with Lyndon Byers as he helps tackle issues like wheather or not its creepy to enjoy a good cuddle!

LB On History - Mother Theresa Touched Jeffery Dahmer's Head?

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LB did battle with listeners once again during Facts Schmacts! How much of the Arctic is penguin urine?! 


Johnny Eagan AKA Monkey has to defend himself after LB calls him out for his old man shoes! 


Once again LB helps some of our female listeners understand the simple mind of the men in their life! This week we hear from a girl who is finding panties in her boyfriend's room! 

Inside The Simple Male Mind - The Pink Pantie Surprise

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Once again LB does battle with the listeners during this special thanksgiving edition of Facts Schmacts!