Matty Blake

Matty Blake was born on the comedy stages of Boston. it was kind of gross, as the crowd did not expect to witness a live birth at the Kowloon. He was then raised by a feral pack of Boston headliners who helped him hone his craft. Life was good: but then he was signed by a major talent agency and...
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Nick Stevens

Comedian, host, voiceover artist and unapologetic Boston sports nut, Nick Stevens comes to WAAF with a certain of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for listeners like you. Well, maybe not so much a nightmare, but it's obvious he's a sucker for an easy action movie reference. Now... get to...
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Danielle is your typical girl next door… if you lived next to a crazy townie cat lady. Danielle is the News girl. But doesn’t consider herself a journalist… mostly because of the fart humor she enjoys. She has no children, and claims it’s by choice.. But she rescues so many animals her house looks...
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Miles Montgomery

Miles Montgomery came into this world after a night of heated passion between our own Ted Smith and Mike Hawk. Some say Thrill is the real father although it has never been proven and everyone involved refuses to take a paternity test. Interests include family, running, and playing. He also once...
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Steve The Thrill Hill

Steve "The Thrill" Hill got his start in radio, coincidentally, right around the same time that he started in radio. His motivation revolved around the idea that he could yell at so many MORE people via radio than he could sitting at a bar. He was right... but that hasn't prevented him from yelling...
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