Enter Sandman - Metallica 2:18 AM


All-Robot Band Is Adding A Lead Singer

Perhaps this is a sign of the robot uprising, or the future house band of Chuck E.

Watch Robots Play Black Sabbath's "Iron Man"

Is this the future of rock? Or is it the soundtrack to the robot uprising? Let's hope 'no' to both.  

The "Autoblow 2" Will Lead To The End Of Humanity(NSFW)

Let's talk about masturbation. We can do that, right? Everyone does it. You're lying if you say you don't.

Your New Robot Overlords Love The Jazz Fusion

Who knew our new Robot Overlords loved the Jazz Fusion.

Your Wife Won't Be Able To Smell These Robot Strippers

Are you kidding me?  This is just another way that our Robot Overlords are worming their way into jobs, lives, and now..pants.

The Beginning Of The End For The Plow Guy

During the various Snowpocalypse we have in New England I get calls from Plow Guys who have been up for over 24 hours, running on nothing

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