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Teen Discovers Rare Photos from Nirvana's First Concert

"I didn't realize it was such a historical thing," 19-year-old Maggie Poukkula says.

Foo Fighters Series & Kurt Cobain Doc Nominated for Emmys

As Foo Fighters and Nirvana are known as some of the best contributors to rock n' roll, in 2015 they bo

Nirvana, A Shovel, And A Guy Falling On His Ass

This shovel may have been possessed by the spirit of Kurt Cobain.

Dave Grohl's Broken Leg Guitar Solo

It seems that Dave Grohl has completely embraced his injury since they revealed the

Everything Wrong with Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box"

Music Video Sins seem to have a fun time pointing out all of the flaws committed by music videos, their artists, their directors, their c

The Latest News on Dave Grohl's Broken Leg

By now you must be well aware of the tragic news of Foo Fighter frontman, Dave Grohl had broken his leg in the middle of a concert in Got

"Weird" Al Says Mandatory Fun Is His Last Album And It Just Went To #1

If you are a recording artist of any kind there are several milestones you have to reach to achieve true "Commercial Success".


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