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Mistress Carrie

Personality Quiz: Are You More Like Mike Hsu Or Mistress Carrie?

We've seen all of those personality quizzes on Facebook and around the internet asking you who your celebrity crush is based off of your

Nose update, and binge watching suggestions...

Just in case you hadn't heard, in September, I crashed my Harley on Route 2 in Irving.

WAAF's 10 Great Moments Of 2015

With 2015 at its end, we wanted to look back at some of the amazing moments that we've been able to share with all of you over the past y

October: Birthdays, Bloody Beasts, and Boobies

October, in my humble opinion, is the best month of the year! Sure, you can talk about foliage, or pumpkin spice everything...

Mistress Carrie where have you been?!?

So I have a funny story to tell you!

My week off at the end of the summer, took an incredibly wrong turn...


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