Foo Fighters

The Latest News on Dave Grohl's Broken Leg

By now you must be well aware of the tragic news of Foo Fighter frontman, Dave Grohl had broken his leg in the middle of a concert in Got

Dave Grohl Performs onstage with 8-year-old fan; Shares Fan letter to Minor Threat

Has there ever been a moment where Dave Grohl wasn't the coolest in rock? Nah, didn't think so.

Dave Grohl & Paul McCartney Perform Beatles Classics

What happens when you put two of the nicest guys in Rock n' Roll on stage together? A great show, that's what!


As we mark the end of David Letterman's reign of late-night television, we have assembled our own Top 10 list.

Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters calls in to Mistress Carrie

UPDATE: June 8, 2015, Dave Grohl announced that Sonic Highways 2 was in the works. Will Boston be on the list?


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