Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots 10:34 AM


Watch Green Day Wail 'Bang Bang' On 'Fallon'; HBO Film Gets Green Light

Green Day brought their signature rambunctious punk single "Bang Bang" to televisions across the nation on the Tonig

12 More Awesome Rockstar Movie Cameos

There can be a lot more to some of your favorite rockstars than what meets the eye.

Billie Joe Armstrong's Film Gets Title Change & Fall Release Date

Taking his first lead acting role, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong will be playing the role of an agin

Michael McKean Believes 'Spinal Tap' Predicted The Future For A Few Rock Stars

When the iconic mock-rockumentary film This Is Spinal Tap was released, many rock bands saw themselves in its characters the sam

Rob Zombie Finally Earns R Rating For Horror Film '31'

The new year is off to a great start for rockstar/filmmaker Rob Zombie, because his latest film project 31, which

See The Trailer for "Gutterdammerung"

In case you have not heard of the upcoming post-apocalyptic rock epic Gutterdammerung, the film is literally rocking quite the c


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