Ronnie James Dio

Watch The Ronnie James Dio Hologram Make Its Live Debut In The Netherlands

The spirit of Ronnie James Dio lives on through the magic of modern technology via his official hologram, which is currently embarking on its first world tour. Through the use of pre-recorded vocals of Dio, the hologram performs live alongside its band Dio's Disciples . Although Dio's widow Wendy...
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Watch The Debut Of Ronnie James Dio's Hologram World Tour

Thanks to the magic of modern technology, Ronnie James Dio lives on. Not only that, but he's going out on a world tour! Backed by the Dio Disciples , the hologram of the late Ronnie James Dio kicked off their "Dio Returns: The World Tour" trek to a packed audience in Bochum, Germany. Created by...
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Is it Weird that Ronnie James Dio's Hologram Is Going on Tour?

The late metal singer Ronnie James Dio (Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath) is set to go on a world tour this fall … in hologram form. Yes, you read that correctly.
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Gene Simmons Files Trademark Application For Famous Rock Hand Gesture

You've seen it at every rock show you've ever been to: the classic "devil horns" hand sign made popular by Ronnie James Dio . Meanwhile Gene Simmons of KISS frequently uses a modified version in which his thumb is extended outward. Now it is being reported that Simmons has filed an application to...
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