Motörhead Röad Crew Beer Headed to US

Motörhead have announced their Road Crew beer is headed to the US.
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"Fast" Eddie Clarke, The Last Surviving Member Of Motorhead's Classic Lineup, Dies At 67

The rock world once again mourns the death of another one of its greats, "Fast" Eddie Clarke of Motörhead . Clarke was the last surving member of Motörhead's classic lineup. Drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor died on November 11th, 2015, and frontman/bassist Lemmy Kilmister died later that year...
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Former Motörhead Guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke Dies at 67

Former Motörhead guitarist Eddie Clarke died Wednesday night (1/10) at the age of 67. Born Edward Allan Clarke but known as “Fast” Eddie Clarke, he was the last surviving member of the band’s most well-known lineup.
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Two Years Ago, Lemmy Kilmister Dies At 70

On December 28th, 2015 rock n' Roll had lost another one of its greats. Motorhead frontman, and all-around legendary badass Lemmy Kilmister passed away at 70 years old. Lemmy had been suffering from a wide range of health issues throughout the years, including a hematoma as well as being implanted...
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Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead

Hear Lemmy Kilmister's Final Solo Recording, "We Are The Ones"

In 2015, just months before he died, Lemmy Kilmister recorded what would become his final solo recording.
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12 Artists That Aren't In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, But Should Be

Every year there are cheers and jeers when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rolls out its nominees that have "demonstrated unquestional musical excellence" as well as influence for the future growth of rock n' roll. While many fans are thrilled that for the first time, acts like Judas Priest and Bon...
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Scientists Name Prehistoric Crocodile After Lemmy Kilmister

Even before he passed away, everyone in the music community knew that Lemmy Kilmister was going to live forever in some way, shape or form. Now it was announced that a newly discovered prehistoric crocodile has been named after the Motorhead frontman. Named Lemmysuchus obtusidens , the Natural...
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WATCH: Motörhead Share Video for Cover of David Bowie's "Heroes"

Motörhead have shared the video for their gravelly cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” Containing a compilation of recent performance footage and photos of Lemmy Kilmister weaved in, the video serves as a nice tribute to the late frontman.
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Members of the band Motorhead arrive at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards held at Staples Center at L.A.

Motörhead Covers Album To Be Released

The Motörhead catalog contains several cover songs the band recorded over the years, and 11 of them have been pulled from the vaults to be featured on an album of covers due out September 1st. The surviving members of Motörhead have signed off on the release, which will be called Under Cöver​.
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