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A Day In The Life: why today is the best day of the year.

Hi Note/Low Note: the best and worst stories in music.

Replay The Day: the biggest stories of the day, at 6pm. (News, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, whatever!)

You Are Not Going To F*ckin' Believe This: The craziest thing that happened to someone listening that day!

AAF Archives: We dip into the 'AAF Archives and replay the best in-studio performances and interviews.

Under The Covers with Carrie: Everyone knows how much I love a good cover song! 

Did You Know?: Sometimes facts are stranger than fiction!


Mistress Carrie's Confessional: Confess your weekend sins to Mistress Carrie!


Looney Tune Tuesday: Songs to make you laugh at the TOP of every hour!


What A Way To Go stories... There are over 7 billion people on the planet, some of them leave in style! If you find a great story, send it my way!


Police Logs: We take a look at the way people are wasting the time of our Civil Servants by reading the ridiculous Police Logs from your local department.Got one we should read? Email it to


Gadget of the Week: The BEST and most useless invention for sale on the internet!

Carrie's Cocktail: A drink to start your weekend!

Mistress Carrie

Mistress Carrie is the afternoon host 3p-7p and Music Director of Boston's Rock Station WAAF. She was born and raised in Leominster, Mass. She received her Associates degree in Radio from Newbury College and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Communications from Framingham State College. After working as a roadie and truck driver, she began her full time radio career in 1998 on the air at WAAF. She has become the stations Music Director, and has been on the air for over 15 years, making her way from overnights and weekends, to nights, mid-days, and finally afternoon drive.

Mistress Carrie was the first “non-news” journalist to be embedded in the Middle East with the U.S. military in Iraq 2006 and Afghanistan in 2011 both times with units from the Mass. Army National Guard. She was awarded the Commanders Award for Public Service twice by the Army, and awarded a tactical call-sign “Narko” by the Air Force after a flight in an F-15. Carrie is also affiliated with several military charities, a licensed skydiver, and member of the USPA, a motorcycle rider, an amateur marksman, an avid music lover, a pug owner, and a proud Army wife.

Watch the Mistress Carrie short student documentary by Steve Milo below.

For more details on the film click here.




From The Blog

Mistress Carrie | 04/18/14 at 5:32pm

Every year, artists release amazing vinyl, limited editions, and reissues in support of local record stores. Record Store Day is 4/19/14 this year! Some artists participating include The...

Mistress Carrie | 04/11/14 at 3:04pm

The 2014 Boston Marathon Tough Ruck at Historic Battle Road, Concord is just days away! Team WAAF/1-182 Infantry has been training hard, and we are close to reaching our fundraising goal...

Mistress Carrie | 04/10/14 at 1:26pm

  FINALISTS ANNOUNCED FOR THE 2014 BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS   Top Finalists Include Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Miley...

Mistress Carrie | 04/08/14 at 3:36pm

The guys from Five Finger Death Punch are no strangers to great cover songs. Their version of 'Bad Company' is awesome! Check out their take on 'House of the Rising Sun'. This video is also...

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Saturday April 19, 2014

Tough Ruck, Battle Road Trail, Concord MA.


April 21, 2014 10a-2p

Marathon Monday broadcast from LIR with Michelob Ultra

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Saturday, May 17 10a-12p

NETTTS Annual Job Fair & BBQ

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