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Hi, I’m Mike!  I’m the creepy guy on your radio from 10am-3pm.  I was raised in the land of Malls and Casey’s Hot Dogs, Natick, Massachusetts.  Later on, I attended the highly prestigious and incredibly cheap North Adams State College in the beautiful Berkshires.  Amazingly, I graduated and immediately moved to Richmond, VA for reasons I can’t quite remember.

I returned to Massachusetts at the end of the 90’s and snuck into the studios of WAAF, where, they eventually asked me to move out of the storage closet and gave me a real “job”.  The story is another stitch that makes up the fabric of this great nation we call America.  Well, not really.

Mike Hsu | blogger, show host

I was born in the Mystical Asian land of Pittsburgh, PA. My Mother was a nursing student looking for a cure for assholism when she met my Father, a Taiwanese swinger with a weakness for expensive scotch (and nurses) and a fierce love for the Boston Celtics.

Driven north by the great eclair famine of 1970, They arrived in Brighton, where as a toddler I realized the importance of diapers and John Havlechick. We then slowly migrated west. We first explored the various Newtons (Newtonville, West Newton) before entrenching ourselves in the pre-yuppie Natick, MA.

It was here I discovered the Joys of Led Zeppelin, Rush, and all that enhances the listening experience. After pissing off a long line of Vice-Principals in the Natick School system, they surprisingly gave me a high school diploma and told me to never return.

I was then free to choose among the finest learning institutions money could buy: UCLA, Emerson, Princeton, UMASS. But alas, my gigantic intelect was too much for these pathetic institutions to handle. So I chose the cheapest and easiest Massachusetts state college to advance my ambitions... North Adams State College. I apparently f@#*%d up the place so bad they had to change their name.

After college I traveled to a place where a young man could make something truly great out of himself... Richmond, VA (actually, a dude tripping on mushrooms told me it was a cool place to live). I learned two things in Richmond: People hate northeners and pork tastes better below the Mason-Dixon lineWhen my cholesterol level had reached its zenith, I came back home to Massachusetts where I learned that while I was away, the price of a studio apartment in Brighton had increased 10 fold.

So like my father before me I traveled west until I could find a place I could afford. Worcester, the birthplace of the smiley face logo and barbed wire. Good times! I then bribed and blackmailed my way into a job at WAAF. Listen to me make a complete ass out of myself Monday through Friday 10am- 3pm.

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Mike Hsu | 04/18/14 at 5:36pm

This video thoroughly disgusts me.  Not because I frown on competitive eating or the sin of gluttony.  I actually enjoy gluttony.  This Is AMERICA for cripes sake and gluttony is...

Mike Hsu | 04/16/14 at 3:44pm

I'm seriously feeling old right now.  Old...Old..Old..   After watching this video I got up and got myself a cup of instant coffee and read the obituaries.  I'm thinking of...

Mike Hsu | 04/13/14 at 9:34pm

I went to two Proms and I couldn't tell you what the hell happened at either of them.  Not because I was so wasted I can't remember.(Not that wasted anyway.)  They were just..uneventful...

Mike Hsu | 04/11/14 at 9:22am

Nirvana was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last night and there was no fisticuffs between Dave Grohl and Courtney Love.  I was hoping for a crazy pants outburst from Love but...

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