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After many months obsessing over the one that got away, Greg Hill finally reunites with Melissa, his prom date who left him at the Prom After Party because he had to make curfew!


Lyndon “LB” Byers was born in Canada, that much is certain. After being raised by a family of Elk, he moved to Boston where he played hockey for the Boston Bruins in the #34 jersey. Since retiring from sports, LB spends most of his time lurking in the back alley behind the WAAF studios, trolling for chicks and drinking beer. Also, he is a co-host of the Hill-Man Morning Show. LB has appeared in a bunch of movies, including "Shallow Hal" and "Stuck On You", and appeared on TV as well, both as a sportscaster for NESN, and in several episodes of the Denis Leary program, "Rescue Me".


Danielle grew up on the North Shore of Boston. She always had a passion for media, and spent many hours toiling in the back room of the cable studio of her high school, dreaming up shows that she could produce for the local access TV channel. Danielle even had a cooking show called “What’s Cookin’?” that still lives on 3/4″ tape in her Mother’s basement. She attended Sportscaster Camp of America in CA, as well as Boston University’s Institute for Television, Film & Radio (ITRP) while in high school. And then Little Miss Indecisive got to college and decided to change her major five times. She finally wound up with a degree in Business Administration, but she never lost that love for performing.

Danielle worked in several industries before landing in radio. Her final pre-Hillman-Morning-Show stint was managing a bar in Boston based on a movie based on a bar in New York. Get it? The bar was advertising on WAAF, and since none of her girls wanted to get up at 4am on a Monday to go on the air with the guys and talk about the bar, Danielle decided to cover for them. Instantly she loved the dynamic of the show and loved being on radio. Fast forward a year later, and she decided that she wanted to pursue radio as a career. She was doing traffic part-time on the weekends, and wound up filling in on the show for a week doing news. The listeners decided it was high time the boys got a girl in with them, and thus the show grew by one.

Danielle loves to cook and garden, and does extensive rescue work with cats and kittens. She doesn’t mind being called a cat lady, because in her eyes, “the road to heaven is paved with saved kittens.” She also makes a mean custom cheesecake based on whatever the boys are jonesing for that particular week.


WAAF Morning Man Greg Hill began his career in radio when a friend offered him a show at Lincoln Sudbury High School’s ten watt radio station, WYAJ. Hill was a high school senior at the time and his probation officer thought a shift at the radio station was a good idea, so he took the job.

From there, he was able to get an internship with Boston radio and TV legend John Garabedian, who offered the 18 year old Hill a job at his new independent Video Music TV station “V-66″ in Framingham. Hill was employed as a camp counselor at Camp Thoreau in Concord at the time but he took the job….and the pay cut!
Hill joined WAAF in 1986 as promotion coordinator and weekend overnight announcer. In 1989, there was a blind lottery, and he won the job of morning show host, which he has somehow been able to hold ever since.
In twenty years of being a morning show host, he says his favorite people to interview are John McCain and Lenny Clarke! Hill is known for the infamous “Secret Santa” promotion in which he went around Boston in a silver limousine, dressed in a Santa suit, handing out hundred dollar bills. The media picked up on the story and Hill finally gave a press conference to reveal his identity. “My favorite part of that promotion,” Hill says, “was when the Boston Herald hired Dr. Joyce Brothers to analyze ‘Secret Santa’s’ handwriting to see if they could figure out what he was like!”
Hill resides in his hometown of Stow, with his wife Jen, his daughter Julia and his son, Breese. He likes to play golf and write stupid jokes for bio’s.

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