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M&N Hour 3 Golf Grilling! 4/24/18

Tuesday, April 24th
In the third hour of today's show, Matty has some news about a new Nintendo product. It sounds cool but the guys arn't quite sure how you pronounce it's name...

M&N Hour 1 Segue Fail! 4/24/18

Tuesday, April 24th
In the first hour of today's show, Matty & Nick finally address the death of Verne Troyer. Better late then never? Later, the guys get into a debate about...

M&N Hour 2 One and Done! 4/24/18

Tuesday, April 24th
In the second hour of today's show, Stiz finally learns what the title of GQ Magazine! Later, we find out Matty's true feelings towards DJ's after he digs up...

Netflix & Will - Freedom!

Tuesday, April 24th
In this week's edition of Netflix & Will, callers try to guess which movie Wanderson did in order to win Red Sox tickets. Will any of them get away "scot-...