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2/20/18 Hour 4 -

Tuesday, February 20th
In the fourth hour of the show, Nick raises the question what the show should be called when it's just him. What do you think it should be called called? The...

2/20/18 Hour 3 - The Rippon Stiz Hour!

Tuesday, February 20th
In the third hour of the show Fitzy stops by with some news of a new Red Sox aquisition to get excited over! Stiz's new haircut is then brought up again, and...

2/20/18 Hour 1 - Stiz & A Haircut

Tuesday, February 20th
In the first hour od today's show, Stiz comes in with a new look about him. Matty is still on vacation so Nick hold down the fort. The hour ends with a Hot...

Hot Flash - Chowin' in Chelsea!

Tuesday, February 20th
Chelsea now has two reasons to brag. It's where Stiz lives and now is home to a #9 ranked restaurant in America! Which reason do you think is the bigger deal?