WWE's SHEAMUS calls Mistress Carrie

Monday, December 5th


WWE Superstar Sheamus, called Mistress Carrie to talk Boston, Christmas, all things 80's, and the WWE Holiday Tour rolling in to the Tsongas Center on Saturday December 10th.

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It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF what's. Very very unique extravagant name then mr. Jerry. Statements stereo with some veterans committee. You just tell me Gary it's cool. A prepared. Economic artistry so the listeners named me that because unlike the other woman in their lives besides there wives. Getting and I understand where I'm not from a puppet of the proper article itself I'll sit and have well educated so yet still it is time I get the upper plate to provide a service that's great. And you not be in this part of the world but here in Boston we've got probably more Irish people the Ireland you've got to have family year. Yeah they have them under the Archie were the first state was if you went to America North America were great you know what to are your thoughts that the much rocks referred to open it. And now that employed master so a lot of lot of Irish. Are still on the there oh all across there across all across they'd actually. So and so so what greatly you know are that spot repeat out of its own favorite cities in the country. Outlook with notre so I've been there many many times fortunately the injuries so that it degrade else. So you're going to be a town on Saturday I'm assuming all that Stanley is gonna hit to up to trying get on the gas list of the song has sent Aaron. There that's who. I enjoyed you know it's it's I mean that they are the most circle here most are in the public are. When we can show or their course here is when you have like everybody had it would work out if I had had their tickets are still been able. After what I'm about to go to Wichita are so welcome our and so. A little less stressful when uncle applaud the booklet to give them the sort everybody you know. And get everyone tickets again on the show goes young content on the right I'm not a big way and a big thing about material object of sports. Absolutely. Yeah he's got to be shocked at. How big of a star you'd become. What the other male but also to those who the umpire the strike in the house. They don't advocate cubic recruits in the never have solo material if you saw them in the front anyway Osiris reported slightly across. On way. They considered out of tiger serial. But what are we do best at least entertain. Economic orbiter. But I mean it's been great they're great seven years on the road here. Now I'm Omar you know I have a particular like only yesterday start the sort of public post much about so it's. You know below its well let's just be discredited upon lies well they're all back. It's tricky because going up so it's a very special that great special sees recording and and what better way to get doctors are they than there are a member from a the W. When you kid is this what you want it to be is this you dreamed about. Yeah two graves at this one that they put at opal well focal. Bargaining and little as far as players that were both. Our international soccer or football players are more column. That was murdered her in my book W he's very distribute struck me out wondered do I was. A vote in the community karma came off so our between the whole stream it would altering beat ya to the bow. So so quick to open because it would are so welcome Corey Corey realized but you know. You're gonna be the sun is on Saturday December 10. People can notice on December dot com to get more ticket information and there's going to be a lot of kids in the crowd you you're talking about how it's holiday season and a lot of kids just going to see you or meet EU. Is like again they would ask Santa for do you remember what your favorite. Christmas gift as a kid was. Our local level where it says. The it they don't look past that this year and are eight yeah Agee was big doo mister he was big favor or you're sort of 84 maybe five. But I've ever clicked all the doubt the experts sever that Gary Eric let go overboard I'm not one but that. I didn't decode the deputy corporate put out a big probably eighty doesn't start to blow people out here are all about PP. Iraq the so laden or Arafat does or Redick he dropped off by dynamic or give you got Saturday though that that. It's going to be a crack that that the trader ever stop and dialogue not you the next stop so we're aware of where we're put on a great show where we don't open the ability to market. You talk about your love the eighties that's one I grew up soon. What's your favorite eighties music that you love is that we listened to when you're getting psyched up for a match. No definitely not that a close eye opener 10 like it's kind of like wind down eighty people like. I I think they are any eighties but they're definitely be back the future ghostbusters. Beauties I mean I was. About the age in the great decade for everything music. Movies of course all the Al it will probably become like a dinosaur narrow our beauty elected dog start what do. The basket on period they can go other people that look like evened up straight big show that about a Netflix. So how big the eighty there are a lot of people. A great decade but it was a little unfortunate for our hair styles and maybe some heart blues it. I've acquired. I'd add that a. But you've got that Serbia would go back to record aired while they're great though eighty of them have recovered from huge crowd that they would be the site. A lot of where the entire program back there a lot weirder way. Cool back then man how would you target amount. Being annuity eighties so I do a but he got an ever decode the corner of the popular. Well tell I'd tell me about your match on Saturday at the song has before league Al urea. Says they'll all wake I backed it up the RO. No other Vietnam getter care the past against the globe and yet today you're closed in on the gravy like we are all aren't so. It's damp it's going to be interesting match. Yeah eight people like guys the around the ring like. It is it is spectacle or go put them. A lot of them I mean you know we're trying to prevent the part we did it go because. Am I I'm an army but in court there's our coaching there are what are you. Well. Let them but yet it's available on I think despite that broke right there you're Jack Cavanaugh. I universe it's not that they're wrong will be there all that that it would direct the leader lecturer occupy. Such back to local the ought to do so it's going to be diplomats or show. Although it but he Greg Kraft. Shares appreciate the time good luck on Saturday. Thanks very much really appreciate it have a great Christmas docket. You got you to go. It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.