Today in Trump - Panama and Dennis Rodman

Monday, June 19th

In the segment, Today in Trump, the guys go over the latest Trump headlines about his masterpiece or 'disasterpiece' with Panama; along with the latest shenanigans involving Dennis Rodmans 3rd world country trips. 


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule WA AF. Every day there's one thing you can count on being. Bomb killed this something we're talking about trust and I'm Smart person and we serve at the pleasure of the president jag yet Matty ended present a day. In trump I give myself an A plus acronym intended. Well yeah it looks like. Called Spicer man that is amazing friends. Spicy may not be delivering. The presidential news anymore may not be the gold speaker at the podium puree. Period that's right the White House according to and reports of White House is mulling new role for Press Secretary Sean Spicer that would take him away from the podium. In into a different role inside the west wing party feel about that presidential. This is not. Demotion. It's a promotion. A candidate do you most in begins at. Yes pro is definitely better they go now remains unclear when the change might happen for Spicer who for months has found himself at the center of discussions about. The potential west wing shake up among many other things the timing remains pretty fluid. I don't know what the west wing is other than a fantastic show I lighted on dvi every night who wonderful job what are. All the chaos in the White House people being fired. People's jobs being on the line there seems to be. Why shall we say a lack of ease it seems rather unsettled inside your cabinet in your office there. You say and settled I say transition we're destined to change I'm shaken things up widow anymore we're gonna stairway and in this was the largest audience to ever witnessed an inauguration. Puree get it out get it. I want limited background who were some of the nominees to take over his Press Secretary. Gene Simmons from kiss. I think you're doing a fantastic job. You know that he invented this right here. The devil horns have to Gene Simmons reds when I give speeches are now on I'm gonna give the devils are demands could be cassettes by and while. Now what about the trip to Panama. Good or eight stung by the great diamond David they arrive. And am. And them. He had. Any truth in the rumor that when you first that's all you thought they were singing ban a mall. I found that very inspiring. What are my favorite times they do actually have audio of a mis speaking would be up I believe the president of Panama it was my granddaughter. Still welcome president JC. I rather not admit is that rather from NM this afternoon. Oh great honor you have president and mrs. From Panama. We have many things to discuss this been quite a bit of time today. The Panama Canal is doing quite well I think we did every job building it read it when other people. Boy did you get the president the other president from bed and I just got 100 years ago. And I kept I kept. We did a bang up job. We had a bad skilled laborers we spat code we paint did. Seriously. The Panama Canal. Nick someone said in seven and one this is some we should talk about trump better do something about that US student was killed in North Korea talk about this story so this kid gets detained in North Korea meant for almost a year and a half. Good lord he comes back and they finally release. Him or as it turns out his body and they inform the parents there when he's coming home. He's comatose roof and he arrives back in the states and then a few days later as a removed reported earlier today passed away she's the week's horrible. It is it is terrible can you imagine learning that your son has been detained whatever the circumstances are. And then follow your elated because he's free you can finally see your boy again all is coming home. And you never get to really know many more you don't get to see him alive he can't see the smile on his face he's basically out of it. And now he's gone. If I may quote the great giant. If he's looking for reason while we got Dennis Rodman over their stuff well good point I've said the bat I. I tell you now as elected I'd be sending their best people the best and brightest I've said Dennis Rodman. The North Korea he would handle everything you Bonnie brought a copy of by your book too that try to get them find dispenser that right thank you. Ambassador Othman. At best and brightest gamma gamma. Immediately. This has been another fabulous addition of today trump on in the.