Stow Five-0 - Foxes Living Under My Deck

Thursday, April 20th

Greg reads the most recent police reports from the dangerous town of Stow, MA! This week, animal control got a numerous amount calls, including one about a family of foxes living under a resident's deck!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I live in a very dangerous place. So it's time for us right now to go there. During the snow five and. Fact at least so independent newspaper. Which comes out once a week and these no Homeland Security force which is ever vigilant. We now can share with you. Of the crimes that were either walked in. Or call them to the still police department over the last week are you already yes all right cringing on. On Monday April 10. A collar from no name road again reported that a family of foxes. Were under his sport the shock. That's it. The rats are Sox the only good news senator that was Steve Martin's or or what but yeah as a family of Fox's boxes with Bernard fox our. There are. I go donate attractive snow. I don't know what the police did about that maybe they yelled loudly or clapped their hands together to try to make the Fox's move somewhere else but. That was Monday 1002 AM and had. Some of us where I work at 1002 AM on. On on Monday but not not that individual. At 6:53. PM. A caller on white pond road reported that he found a syringe. Soon. That must have come over from Maynard for our country. And of course the police responded. And they brought the sharps container and the syringe was safely deposited it in the container they were probably. Shooting up with dome Perry now I'm probably face an. I. With zero. Straightens his man. Unannounced like the bubble it was Botox. Snow and ice well and it was Botox. At 6:34 PM. A caller from Peabody drive requested to speak with the animal control officer and regarding her neighbors unleashed dog. The dog kept doing his business on her front law. Dad those that and Aaron Avery areas let's hear that as a rate of them. On Tuesday April 11 at 1:47. PM. A walking and requested to speak when an officer regarding a school bus. That stops and parks on west act in Rhode every morning. From 530 to 5:45. AM rental ad because god forbid they show up earlier or late for the group you know they can't just Stockton and I don't. There are sentiment than the boss idols and it appears to be out in the road too much the police responded the past was in a fine position yeah I'm sure. I guess I'd better study couldn't figure Range Rover. Excuse me excuse and I were you stuck here while. I I'm a bus driver. To pick up here this is not my own personal vehicle Latino in yellow bus independence. You know that stemmed from mobile nanny was late cook and said that the bus was in the way that gets hurt felt the need to call police and make it move that. At 457. AM. But truck drives fast down on the road. Yeah. It's actually white and some return your home from the bar bartender get home afterwards you're on Wednesday April 12. Excuse me on Thursday April 13. At 9:41 AM a caller from meeting house lane who reported that a dog from elm ridge road. Repeatedly uses the property grounds as it's personal but then and different that is a pig it's. How wide problem only problem around endemic meet your restaurants are dreamers here. On Friday April 14 at 3:33. PM caller from Bradley lane reported that someone was doing doughnuts in the parking lot for over ten minutes. Are you worried that tree yeah I can are they eating guys they are doing now that it's. And carry on a Sunday April 16. A caller on Boone road. Reported that honey pot kill orchard workers were spraying chemicals near the road. Some of the fumes got into his car he won the road closed. And the workers please stop spraying chemicals. Yeah normally an officer advised the man that the road would not be closed and that the orchard had a right to care for its fruit. I don't know if you noticed that visas that very in a polish. It is or organic. And I can be breathing chemicals you know a very important lesson I mean roll the window up there yeah they've been spraying out and since the beginning of Imus tells you would say there's two buttons one of the car with an arrow going to the right one had an arrow and circle hit on the barrel in a circle and in Europe to worry about the outside inner. At 2 PM. Eight collar from Hudson road reported that someone was using a loud weed wacker all. Ordinary and so it begins with stereo. Arlington I don't know we'd blowers and right still leaf blowers over an hour or no we'd lakers' lead lakers'. Now at 2 PM. Somebody trying to get a little afternoon nap then yes then that little word yeah anybody can understand that I would think of the EU UA called new ways to what what time would you use a weed wacker I would think at 2 PM is an ideal time. If you're gonna use allowed weed wacker and he should be allowed to just I don't you wanna Lackey weeds and your own property should be able actor we'd I don't really agree that the property owner was doing his own weed whacking the after the landscaping company. That blows through on their third job of the day. And partly. 4:40 PM a caller from Hudson road. Reported that a man knocked on her door. To ask for directions to Hudson. He was dressed all in black and was wearing a black back now wall. And the man was found he was given right to Hudson and OK guys thank god just like Rambo alternate. That bridge has driven the out line and let loose cross the bridge all right. That's a look at the terrifying sound that I lived almost my whole entire life him. Still Massachusetts 050 here on the hill man morning.