Stow 5-O - Smelly Dirt

Thursday, August 10th

Every Thursday, Greg shares the dangerous crimes that have been reported in his hometown of Stow! Today, a report from home near a construction site complaining of smelly dirt... clearly they've never smelled dirt before!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only. And then on your schedule at WA AF dot com. And now the terrifying crime. Crimes that have been walked in or palm didn't. Following the man. And what that time of law enforcement callers from Preston street reported after checking what's missing on the dangerous streets of Greg hills home to now. Very dangerous place that I have lived most of my fifty years this he still thrive. Wins special thanks to these so independent. Newspaper end. The public safety report. From the east still Homeland Security force here is. What happens over the last week. In the very dangerous community that I call home. On Monday. July 31. At 3:15. AM. A collar from Warren road. Reported that someone banged on her door. Oh god and they didn't use the brass door and on her and now the indentation in night I was camera. 3 every 15 am I guess that Camille Little scary well I don't even answer the door at three. Chinese act. At 3:51. PM. A caller from nine road road. Requested to speak with an officer. Regarding Ferrell outs in the area know they they probably requesting to speak and an officer regarding the person feeding the terra data that everyone always with them a hard time I love how you stand up for the crazy Khaled you know on camera here's and to the athletic and as I love and you can barely barely rolled road population only. At 6:31 PM. Caller from wall caught street reported that there was an unpleasant. Possibly harmful odor. Coming from dirt that was spread at a construction site across the street glad that actually didn't hurt us and called my lord and yeah the long time. The police responded the odor was from the new dirt yeah that was recently put down and it smelled like dirt. That's what's politically with the military assessment that's what it smelled like dirt at 6:59. PM. Multiple collars on south active reload. Reported that eight preteen boy was walking along the road barefoot and in pajamas have Hank. As as yeah. Mystery spot and maybe there. This teenager has you know B&B and. Sleepwalking. Event on something you know let you know it's so common. The cities towns and evil the supermarket where and their pajamas. On Friday August 4. At 1:30 PM. A caller from forest road. Reported that at bat was in his house the finals the night before guy always the night of the other side before you buy now everybody needs rabies shots that we don't know. If you're sleeping that that could attached do it's why the delayed call for sound suspicious and that 5:15. PM a caller from North Shore drive. Reported that a boat was speeding on lake Boone. Jack yeah. No wake zone the police responded the two men were located in the boats and they were given a verbal warning regarding water skiing. Too close to assure that just don't pay attention and I'm gonna target people with that lists were crowded they're not water skiing on your mark Kerry lacy is where you're not a ski well it gets more interesting. On Saturday August 5. At 5:34. PM. A caller from. North Shore drive on the stand there reported that the boat was pulling a tube with out an observer. Look how they did and yeah why you know. It's to save. There are no fun person stuck in their home it's the guy who buys the home on the lake and doesn't like that the people are doing activities on the on the land. Yeah bothering balloons. Off and oh Norman man and at the and you know by the way and a quick note that scene when Norman hits the rocket man flies. Off the boat is almost as jarring. As meet Joe Black when he gets it IDF car when discrepancies. Oh yen so just aren't all men. All right. By the way boat was located yet. But there where I'm not any violations they obviously had. A Smart so the marine units of the still PDA obviously and then finally. On Sunday August 6 at 1232. A collar walking on Harvard road. Reported that the car was driving over forty miles per hour they have their handheld radar with them a demo the column wave to eleven this happens. The collar way for the drivers slowdown. The driver stopped and yelled obscenities that are weak car. The car left the area turned around and sped up coming within a few feet. Eight. Yeah I don't know yeah Asian woman the finger and Ivan back to main man in it there you go that's. That's go five all. Just a quick look at the dangerous town that I live.