Spazzing Out - Co-Ed Cagematch

Monday, March 20th

Former producer Spaz stops by for his weekly Spazzing Out segment!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I get a good data here and in and get into the cluster F that is Monday Traficant. Try to make it over to the court in time for jury duty but our former our former producer Anthony spaz parziale is here. I call BS what S in my car so I worked for you for many years never you're never ever ever ever missed a short left the show. You never do wanted instead Graham. The threatening letter I got. So people about how I was gonna go to jail or face a 2000 dollar fine if I didn't show up for jury duty that I did LB give you that letter I was curious to fight on file I don't know about it it was pleased at the smoke it I'm I'm Canadian and American cannot quote I let her serve and juries and I say I can't there's got to be something else going on another miles gone by and believe me you couldn't get out of it do you think I want to go it. And and beyond some kind of some kind of a trial or whatever it is as opposed to sitting in here and hanging out in the studio you're getting this done this a man who could call a senator to get back into the country is telling me you can't I did that you can't got to I don't either I I went to watch the Bruins. Game seven in in in Canada didn't I didn't realize before I left that my passport expires. I had to call ammonia former senator yeah Scott Brown two that carpetbagger get back in the country but he does have that all of us constituents. That was not a favor or anything like that so I I gotta get out here yes it really. This is like I. I'm shocked I passed away what's what's. What audio where to get audio I'd just say Patrick star was gonna do color I was not on enough from the from die off from Friday so when I was gonna do assassin Patrick stayed. Cage match open at least eight different girls like it with a with guys but I mean I'm leave it to that's crap I'm not if you're even money if you let these guys these guys handle it now you know I got this get out the assailant I'll be back tomorrow morning as long as I don't get on like as some kind of a long time is it a high profile case coming up and it did did they are to get Jerry Ferrara you don't know for Aaron Hernandez's post secondary definitely knows what about Steve Avery is that coming up -- -- I don't think it's I had an idea having its mental and you gonna demand trial by half. I'm trying to set up one of those runaway jury things well right yeah or action like the great movie live your favorite actor John Cusack hunt he's islander area. Messy advocates that. I gotta go I I see an airline fifteen internationally particularly among in the late on the W. I RE LE yeah. Sleaze are taken out of it oh yeah society in every. Let's thing and I Iran and playing at the CA 35 rejoined the latest shoot shoot your body alone and year olds who knows. What are your man usually only now. Was a Little League guys you have about. Five minutes to see whatever you want about Greg for against the pass. I'm just sent out as you know you want to know what's what the ration hopping on as she I was she even and I took off the biggest cooler isn't that the worst thing bucket compact. That's terrible George HAC 300 exec at. It's like how can you make ugly out there. On offense and enchanted did. I applaud buyer and I was feeling really good about myself and then we'd like your right or ER roster. Energy is an actual issues aren't of our lives while he sorts and I alma almost forty things and now I know again they're tied again up there now first sign of racists. You want adopting a black dog I'm a stats and things of that field office in an Afro on now for about ten minutes of time at the dock there ought to darn tootsie was humble human species digital city often viewed that's that's it Jim if you wanted to get it done great there live. Yes I just ruin the rest of the senate. We get two hours. This is a segment what I would do things that hill man wouldn't let me do it right so I would drive I wish I'd known he was a guard found swallowed. I ever came up with a completely denounce an audio effect Rupert was just could. Lets you know under the low hanging fruit go to the commodities and everything I do is willing Mike Hsu sexy time until Rondell Larry texts one of us timer object. Does it count as he text me and you won't probably liked. Are right town to finish up guy he's wrapping up these are calls I was so the Friday. A place so our job there it'd be dense stand up for the end Andre also that crap is people look at this site. 100000 people out it ended. My dad now my god. This is brutalized and Almonte let's put some clothes on young lady it's basically. Its eateries and outside music or pass it weaken Europe's other who refers to parenting is babysitting your child right now I don't mean you guys saw my daughter was last week she's absolutely announcing its own right. We had I had you. I early intervention people comatose Madonna vehement. Yeah she's normal. As a senator I was just I Atlanta I was like god it's like serious enough as it was known genes carry down enough and I now that's not hurt you it's me ask you I can't answer and basically today and that's what I ask that voted heavily childhood intervention. You aren't child's mind on my mom was abusive and mentally Mandalay. Whenever. Our guys wanna get to reality. So what do we actually I need a listener. But it's so it's and it's gonna have to Paula I don't know if you guys have any kind of a goofy pride we get tickets to giveaway actually reduce stress does cease either at the house of blues on on Saturday. Parents of 6179311. A half 617931. One the view wanna call and for spasm out and it's as co we call echoing cage match they've had Wednesday caged match with any guys that do the way it works is that the listener sat got a call and he's gonna listen to both of the girls. And he can decide which girl he wants and he thinks is going to get the most into Veronica I hate to bring you the body. They don't get any armory. Actually one of the girls gets to their questions to answer is C it's the Smith Center. Six was 79311. A half and you were down in south the on Friday yet and now we're whereabouts. By the playwright okay it's safe to say that I wasn't in the playwrights writing you said it. I NCR Saint Patrick's Day it's everywhere you are have to go to a bar you just have to go anywhere and there are people out on the streets drinking and our guys up on rooftop decks who are. You want it to everybody I feel bad she's trying to get a calls Alina and I took 'cause he's now. He's already like Britain's best take its body go out sorry run with it he's got a earlier radio personality euros died I don't I am I all right let's I got this everybody can leave you guys react and find out that he opera into iTunes. Immediately I think it just touched its debt. At home. You know. Yeah. It's passing out at seven 58 and does now as you were down in when we had to do I get my tagged and I got my little plug on supposed to get out already brought you buy take charge for all your junk removal needs go to eight junk the dot com. Book online today 844. Take John okay RG we violently house's tune I am I have a house in Manchester for sale Manchester, New Hampshire if you want some info on it reach out to me. Short down through phone in their first a contested seat that's cage match for spasm out and that would. Good morning and I Dylan. Gary Harrell and you reported lung and act. I honey Arrigo organized all right so Obama. So honest as we go say that he called honey I don't think he's just struck me that look like they don't call me sorry sweetie. And residences say what's up pocket or all right so you first intro here yes I just play it will play both the girls and you can decide which one you want which when you think China get the answers right. All right so this is this is Melissa. I felt the we're ready yet now planet. I. Right. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. What might you do today that your father would be a sad about. I met. It. Oh my god 11 AM well I'm glad I am. I you don't actually. I you know what I'm saying I I got to do a segment where it's. You follow up like I saw this is eleven yeah and I should see what it's like it to write them what it's like at 11 PM and then the following morning that was fun because she's already gone away but right we'll do that Harman is the nexus garment. I'm cart and it had been drinking all day long it. I binge drinking a lot of smearing. It's aimed. At. I end up biting hooking up with a lot of guys out and I mean I'm not shy had just. You know let's just about you know like getting that other people and my to not being yourself and is getting confident and doing whatever the Value Line. Well that's Carmen. Princeton on woods would need these lovely ladies would you like ours. How are on the track and all right great. And yet you could just actually play the audio questions and then a year ago this is Carmen on Saint Patrick's Day 83% of people will we or watch it. Eminem and I hope they're gonna Wear condoms just. And annihilation aren't you know good. AK add this fight I think people this late in I it's got to happen in out the sex. I'll tell it's sex. Acts. On street corners and how he used it at the Pentagon when I. Against the answers knock on them now I did us all Oakland unwillingness note that but if you want to not play Melissa's first. On Saint Patrick's Day 83% of people will we hear why. And gather all. Right yeah. It who will lose Tom Brady correctional ma I'm Melissa yeah right right yeah reality so we Wear yes are you didn't win on actually hours. Are there. I didn't win hearts and are out of kindness. Let's go to my respect hasn't out here W we do every Monday around this time it's it's you know victory in this is Mike on the Framingham Ford studio line. Bringing aboard Nolan go mostly war Phyllis what's unlike they would go to our. So he gets the equity and Natalie wanna go a common Melissa although. Analysts are hearing that there ago. This year at Saint Patrick's Day 56%. Abbas are planning to do watt. Get out. Not a be all. Paul at. Eight. Oh. We are cheaper than a million my percent yeah we get it that's enough all right while and yes that is drag it drop in the celebrating that was done or given them asylum bid to grab well I guess you might in the running your. Running out and haven't won anything I'm sure we only at 2 PM studio don't receive if you wanna play idea guys wanna hear comments in turn out that the I don't care answer for us she's drunk. This year on Saint Patrick's Day 56%. Of us I'm planning on doing why sex. These sad I didn't well and a little. Yeah that's pretty much dead and drinking and you know. Please give some advice to your future daughter as to what she should do on Saint Patrick's Day. I think she's honest opinion tells me she's John Thomas inning ever a huge cat five in the late meets honey meet Sarah AM. I'm trying it make no boos went patsy completely on answered my future daughter. Oh really able percolating right now Harmon is honed up and that's a tough one right now I I don't pitcher myself didn't load of what my daughter. I hope not or. LB any comments on the net and I think that it didn't get it thrown back we're Wilson may well I guess what the guy that's got to be gotten out double standard cars and also the drain and yeah I guess it's not a big in our lives Greg and it can't just go to Joyce on the framing imports studio line Joyce what's up are you ready. I'm so I think you know. Yeah anomalous yeah obviously mullets are. Obviously. Worldwide on Saint Patrick's Day will drink three million watt yes. He and let it like. Years. And got it. I. Well well does he get it it's up to you guys idiots is actually pints of Guinness. I mean his beer suddenly minute yeah this is here is cynicism here I guess we could Porter and Ron Joyce a that you qualify and I don't. You chose wisely limited set of the segments that we can't garments. Well on this. Yeah. Worldwide on Saint Patrick's Day we were turning thirteen million Y ears. You know about lights. That's Talladega that's that's allergy shot gunning Beers. Taken shots according you know just like I'm back. Just keep back. You know you take some sit there is their parent key is and you OK and and you hold it up and just blood blood blood blood blood and I. And that's pretty much Ed I think that's about the shotgun. All my Gunner I wanted to cabinet Carmen. Atrocity is definitely on the path of destruction on this audio comes back to twenty years from now when she's running for congress might improve plant Rachel. How about her what on earth this audio player donor program. Spaz cornered them on last Friday's attack Tuesday that the in southeast and it's been pretty brilliant. Actually want you read attacks on habit it is a line at some attacks and he'll made actually left before the speech a crap body was originally was it bears but I. Yeah that's definitely on the sides ask how many people have said that guarantee that is the one that's once and you wanna rebel more. I'd learned John what's going on in the Hill Man Morning Show. Our non two that you got it at exactly whoever got it. But it's a terrible them I used to listen in Hawaii trying to and I came a lot of weight Beckett it's okay chance right Carmen Melissa. I'm gonna go to our. Partners to arm and I. According to a new study the number one food consumed on Saint Patrick's Day is what probably some Brad doubly so and. Gotta get a in. Absorb that alcohol even drinking tea. Ollie Fries and doughnuts and so we guy that's at me and my friends. Now. The you heard it. Oh yeah. That's not the answer it and isn't it corn beef and cabbage. Yes that's our buddy you didn't win by we can hear from mom Melissa according to a new study the number one food consumed on saint Patrick's days why. And she gets the home. Let it. Yeah. Now we come alive and well odds that Melissa who was laid burned out quickly. Yes I'll Harmon was the slow burn yes it's yeah I'd rather excuse me is actually up until I was at 1:11 AM you saw the book yet so let's say 111130. Right and I'm I feel that Melissa was probably outline one. Our apartment was all the way to 3 AM. A hundred yes or Italy but yeah I don't know how people are guys that but I like I'm. I don't know how old crush you but I'm almost forty and I can any of its capacity battery packs I am sorry I used to deal with anomalies expecting unison now it's like one anomaly Hillman is dateline on its annual on the phones and tell me about how they ripped it up on Friday night elected if that wasn't naming all the bobs it. We used to hang out how to hide. That was like years ago. He's being near Columbia I'm not a quitter. Can I know I'll be hasn't given up all right there's been rising out here on the the Hill Man Morning Show WA can I make a suggestion should possess this. Wanna I wanna swat and I know that there that we have someone in training for the Boyd. I think you should just market and say these awful lie but really I that's what I would do what sorts it's gonna happen is gonna mess of much content and marketing and migrate. I'm just saying you can tell course and you guitar and you don't have to pay attention to the crowd that you do when I'm not Edwards and put a gun in my mouth George about the way though. I see high. Is it as fast as you guys that one day I did some and so left up I don't know exactly what was the hill dog actually got a misty. Slotted pounding on the black yeah yeah now if he jumped against the glass window on I didn't hang me no I'm not estimate at all or not I think laying it on the window and I like all man and music in the double barreled its fingers yeah you know a 100% ninety's he's -- now that -- yeah it is it rolls it's like water off a dot net within its ease on the the next rate quickly you take it personal and very comfortable the only ones and fired. I was used to know that his before I was in studio full time with you guys when I was over metro I I screwed something percent that was supposed to make noise here that. On his foot I don't think yeah. I was out of the console in dvi outs and I don't. I just tuning Grayson here he had to literally. Ron honest I didn't get to go to jury dude I drank till I see why any escalated. Are steering mountain was accordingly they let people in the world explosiveness it's tracked its traffic we strongly it was advertise on our involvement ER that's fun. I Republican on the 161. Yeah Zelaya out of town black ghetto we attorney and yet you screen around eight. What do they call what's I don't want to. Full of my hole as beautiful model our user forest that's what our process more than one techsters there are telling you to leave all right so at that time the client for vezina. Tan. Eight for fourteen generic measure some success these assets passing out early Monday.