Rap Up - Golf Hater

Friday, June 16th

Every week Producer Stiz Grimey, Raps up the week in the only way he can!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule and WA AF. The biggest news of the week I'll admit I'm kind of shocked. Well Greg it took the fight and they let the game instruct. One ever in the bed yet he invited me at first there was not this week Matty G no shirt LeBron put it what it all damn what a shame. Deprive games I've been at hurry but the way it is another big event I'm happy the Rose Bowl with the US open at all. Golf and it's more it doesn't have to abandon Danica wave you flying into wide in gonna get a kid and then again and Mike and hoisted up. Better get your story straight and they go yeah. Us and I guess I gotta go. Lovable you know there's one thing you've got to know that hints that we all can't judge that was we Shalit. I am. That was the worst. Rough and we can heard the same name. Okay. This. I would like you can collect your things and get out Brady stepped in. Take over its new produce serves anybody's feelings given their new producer body. Straight.