Monday's Mutt- Tootsie

Monday, March 20th

On this weeks Monday's Mutt we meet Tootsie, a loveable and friendly Pitbull in need of a permanant home!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Looking for a very new friend hey guys. Cereal comes up with the Hill Man Morning Show help you we're about it's what about the it's time did meet Monday's much. I'll be on W. I've heard this week's Monday's Mott segments and it's. As you may or may not have heard Daniel's mission is to find homes. For. All kinds of loving pops who need to need a home and I wanna welcome. This week's much to the studio and the this week's mine is accompanied by two lovely ladies there's it's. Now that's Tutsi right that apathy yet today and school we meet him rain and Laura from care south coast side who's gonna be the spokesperson rain. Randy you're luckily I have to work at it if. Yeah. Imagine you're our guy now is it about the doc got cancer and I wanna creep on on yourself to people sell rain out what's the name of the sheltering and senate Cara south coast care south coasts located out of a cushion and we had a cat shelter there but I dogs and Foster homes all of our messages excellent okay. And what can you tell us about that C. Notes that became to us about a year and a half ago she is that now it soon after world Appleton area. Next she's so stinking cute MRI Harry Harry met empty. She's just lovable adorable is as good as she Gupta Sox going. She is super cute it's super Q is it about forty pounds of cheese on the smaller side. Seats. Yes yeah this is what this is they still glad moment try to sneak in Munich at the. There we have we the photo also sit pretty for you to get and how we're doing this how cute yeah. So we have we have an album up. On the WA AF FaceBook page of tootsie that does also connect to cares FaceBook page nice photos. It's more info. The website is there also feel on FaceBook to be fever and like that post forests Hispanic element more traction FaceBook and we can get. To see in front of more people. And tells a little bit about what what kind of a dog and we'll come home with a team like so texting is very energetic. He would do great with agility she's actually one of the smartest dogs had an hour rescue. Economic stat that it's taken us this on to get. Her home ya. My god I don't know if you've heard this and of the might doubt Kobe will be as the smartest guy did add on last that on the planet yet described as much but this a tootsie Hampshire is right up there is surprise right and okay all right so Smart dog very very intelligent student of hike she lets him run. Active and means he is done without not selected. Guns but is with slow introduction cheating on that's just fine okay no cats no cats and pets and doesn't like tax not. People vote either die and yeah. Made a lot of people appear to look at speaker I have won the thing about my god yes. And and that's fine with kids and stuff kids little bit older and older kids get older and ten plus. In without locked in the basement for the earth in nine. The tenure of Iran and months of her life out there and he's only got issues and social what's wrong with people where it should come are currently it was she -- is a look at she's sitting right we could see this on FaceBook like that. We all all local docs. Argue that same thing Yemeni more treats. If another clue and Craig Craig but I quote plan and feet. That. Well I don't think so what's the best way for a family that would like. Get to see in their home with the best way for them to contact you guys. So taking good care south coast dot com. So it's CA RE south coast dot com and fill out an application we also have an email at that it's easier and it scared dog volunteers. Literally CA RT dot volunteers at and we will respond. Almost instantly it's Meehan a couple other people. And we can talk about the died before they fill out the app fill out the happen and we do you know home visit references and then we do the Greek. Cecil several techsters who are watching on FaceBook live one and all of your available for America. It's not a little ditty is confident the Ghana and honest Rangel okay yeah. I half rating are writing I. Buddy Hackett and there is this in the Gramm specifically for Monday's mine yes it is at Monday's much seeking to see these guys get a link in a while also of course tagged the rescue in the policy can follow them out today and and. I read posted Monday's might. Picture of tootsie wearing the drafts. Was at address or what was that that that that that picture how much does that suit our taste and yes yes. Yeah this is just Scheffler student she's got into Ireland and hoping that you know it's feminine aspect yeah I see very early she really is just. I need help out because she she she was 37 pounds she was then now she's around forty. I wouldn't it just hit after ideally you. Setup for those and sciatica. And black actually like last again adopted on the death of an old breed them as districts against Arizona. There is aid lacks that stigma there's a month on awareness now acknowledge that month and they don't photograph well either that's part of the matter black dots and black cats don't photograph well he sort buying occurred or getting a dog based on whether they photograph well as healthy when you put that it's it's when you put the dog on the website or face the pillow and catch the hero via. So it's hard to get a good look at their features and it's the weirdest of all time yeah Blackstone thing I love someone sees a black they think it's mean yeah not an incident is unfortunate that it's far from you know it and I know she's a student dorm room and she's loving it like you title in your life cake coming up in New Bedford in paper and we have aid by Ryan motorcycles in July 9 that beyond the page in her care south coast. Com as well and into the a lot of fun and bring it looks awesome all right well thanks for coming in this morning and past history.