Monday's Mutt - Oz

Monday, June 19th

This week we meet Oz, a super chill, loving 13 year old Shih Tzu. Oz Loves walks but also loves to lounge about. Looking for a single person household or a family with older children. For more information on Oz contact the Lowell Humane Society at !


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Looking for a very new friend hey guys serial thoughts about what they Hill Man Morning Show help you what about the war and what about the it's kinda neat Monday's months. Thought we. Fund W. I'm trying to get it to a little picture of our cute little. She zoo who's here with. And from the Lowell humane society you are I'm crystal are not. Kristol thank you for coming in which is today's Monday's mock and tell us a little bit. About. Sinks are having us I did specifically picking out because I thought he'd have fun thing Shih Tzu at half a pack half. So a great guy he's thirteen LB fourteen at the end of the summer and he is just a fantastic little dude if you're looking for someone to take some walks clip. But also just crashed on the couch and then he's your guy he gets super excited when it's time to go for locks and that's not happy about Ito again for NASA at west to lock I think a lot of that out now. I yeah. But he's he's just really sweet poppy likes other dogs on in he tingle with the chill cat that won't get up in his business you know from the if the cat leaves him alone he'll lead the cat alone out cash and but he's looking for home with a you know adults are older teenagers because he is an old man he has on a lot of fuss made over him he doesn't like people being up in his face spike he's. He's really sweet and gentle in Helmut a really good companion for somebody where did has come from. He was surrendered by a. Emily who unfortunately hit some financial struggles they had several dogs. And they were able to re home a few of the other ones on their own but are as being a little bit older neighbors struggling to find someone to take him on. So they brought him and he you know total humane society where. We are to help people you know that's our role we're happy that people know that we're there is a Stevie Nash and we encourage people to contact us for help like that. All right so we're trying to find a fur ever home. Four Oz I just shared a very Q photo of is on my used to Graham Greg Hill. 107. And we have a Monday is not in mr. Graham as well which is at Monday's month. And it's okay if you have a caps as long as it's a chill cap the fifth and most cancer chip on and they do nothing imminent that that's how. She'll act I'm. The majority cat and a and a kids did you cover kids yet he not go home with a really little head of cattle older mid teenagers and up would probably be fine me you know when in the neck and understanding and needs is space. You know he likes to sit with people on the patent huddled by. Little kids who you know are familiar without naming which human. And since season ordered this could be key for older people like myself. Is he not download like does he need to lock every day or is he like and every third or fourth or fifth day person like yeah. Is it. He definitely likes it a lot I would. Thank you and enjoy a nice lock every day. But he's not looking to you know for mileage. He gets pretty happy enjoys via the Merrimack River right across the street from our shelter and he enjoys a nice locker on the along that boulevard. By you know he's not looking to be your hiking buddy he's an easy city block fair you know. Maybe mosey around the yard with you a bit but he he's not looking to do any marathon training. Local business so cute mellow than Kansas in Dallas at it again adults you'd ever it's. Discuss that that is what they're on the studio 2000 smelled oil Vietnam. I think we yeah 100000. All right Tom what's the adoption process. We're really easy Allan we know just reach out to us and we can talk about what his needs are what you're looking formal match up with the right animal. So he's looking for and adults probably your teenage an older home. With you know dogs or cats would be fine. And it's 250 to adopt that includes his neutered he just had a dental recently which can be a concern for older dogs. But he's just had that Danny had a hold onto teeth removed so that's not and still be looking at. He eats regular food so that's not a problem and he had blood work recently that that says that looks great. So he's on pretty easy adopting for somebody. Yeah good all right. Well laws. Do you know that it knew was that was her vases that over the main do we know when the name came from mentally ready you can well Oz is looking for a forever home. And that's you and your home. Then contact the lol humane society and what's the email address or you have senator just email info at little humane society dot org or find us on bespoke little humane society and we're happy to help you out. Alright awesome thank you don't think it I hope if I home draws beats you. It's snag this angle details. Visible right on FaceBook so I married and didn't really. Makes little program happy little did this guy is an area they are right thank you Chris go okay.