Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 9: Alice Cooper & STP On Chester Bennington

Tuesday, July 25th


Mistress Carrie talked to Alice Cooper about a lot. Including Art, his garage, Golf, his band, his wife, battling addiction, suicide, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, touring with Deep Purple, and so much more. Just in this interview, he mentions Dennis Hopper, Elvis, Paul McCartney, Mae West, Groucho Marx, Iggy Pop, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison, Salvadore Dali, Fred Astaire, Raquel Welch, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and his manager Shep "Supermench" Gordon. He's a fascinating guy, with a lot to say. By the end of this interview, you'll want to go climbing around in his garage!

Also included in this episode, some interviews from the archives, including the Deleo Brothers in 2013, talking about adding Chester Bennington to Stone Temple Pilots, Eric and Dean from STP in 2015, talking about Chester's injury, and coming to Boston on tour, and Chester himself, and Davey from AFI before they toured togethe rin 2014 (with Linkin Park).

RIP Chester...


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Open with a different take on what happens it. Subject to the true story don't jive at all. So who is version would be right yours or hisses. Well neither one of us don't we were both pretty high at the time. The. This just curious side he's hot yeah. Snapshot on WB AF dark. Want a woman. Welcome to episode nine of Mistress Carrie psyches podcast. I'm Mistress Carrie mid day host and music director of Boston's rock station WA out welcome to the pod cast. Like I said this is episode nine so I got to thank you for checking it out if you missed the first eight episodes you can get Ramallah WA AF dot com. You can also subscribe which I hope you did on iTunes who will play stitcher. Don't forget to. Share this amongst your friends and comment please if you're going to be nice about it. This podcast is an awesome opportunity to have some long conversations with a really interesting people. It's also an opportunity to go back in the archives you gonna get both of those things in this episode. First one of the most interesting people I have ever spoken to rock and roll royalty. And should he eerie ear name dropper. Alice Cooper. Who's coveted tally Deep Purple on his big new to worries got a new album coming out. But now Cooper starting in the late sixties. And he knows every one. Just keep tabs on all of the names the rock and roll royalty the Hollywood royalty that he drops in this interview. How time is it pretentious. Word sushi. It's just matter of fact because he knows all of these people. Alice Cooper made the news because. He found some ridiculously expensive artwork that he forgot that he owned in his garage to that story at the news and I had to get him on the phone. But I wanted to talk to him about a lot of other stuff as well addiction. Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington and what their losses mean to music politics. Including Kid Rock. Not running for senate in Michigan there's so much to talk to Alice Cooper about so here is his interview and then we're gonna go back in the archives a little bit speaking of Chester Bennington zawahiri is Alice Cooper. Rock and roll royalty and superior name dropper. Now it's. I don't and I'm really worry. Oh I meant Gothenburg. We know right now real gap where we're on tour over here right now and had a day off so we're doing this old radio towards me today. You're gonna make it back by artist 27 to play the excuse generally Deep Purple all right. Absolutely we just didn't show it Deep Purple and now Barcelona. And have it sounded great days I mean there there every bit as good as they've ever been so I mean really really good bad. You're Rivera so I'm not sure if you know that you made the new lose. About this war are campaigning that you just pounding your storage units are. But no way within my garage actually and I had I'd been talking to Dennis Hopper before you die any dead he was telling me about all these. Why are all things that he had that we're going for all that money and I was just going and I think I only wanna vote. Can I audit in 1972 for like 25 underdogs. You know I hit it right that they were all factory. So it has electric chair and it and I would you elect accurately over so like to but it was there are critical big bad. And then you haven't seen or looked doubted him like forty years. Yeah I just can't it was rolled up you know in you know what about other savings. And I had folded up like that oh yeah that that horrible things. I didn't have any idea what what it would work. Do you know now I'd been hit it between five and ten million are. Dollars in your garage Dallas. Yeah yeah I know I would make we will. Think what else is that characterized. I'm going to your garage just right owned. What I can do it like it felt like you know you can gap it a minute the bike garage. Her a. How are you kidding I don't and that deal. Pay another reason and that the news's kind of go crazy around here are you have a senator Kid Rock. What you know is that he tried like like I got to support my Detroit guys. I don't get Rockies is a good guy you know and I know Ted Nugent I grew up with Ted Nugent it you know those guys. And so I don't know why they would want to get involved in politics I mean you need to be more boring thing on the planet. But you know some people are attracted to and I'm not attracted the politics at all. There's right now without really even try and he's more points ahead in the polls. That bet is amazing but you know what I can understand. How. The American public wants new blood in there you know they want somebody put up sinking like a politician. So I can understand why that would work. OPEC atomic tanks ran for president he went. I'll absolutely he would win. I mean the rocket's target about running in in 22 money. Well you know you'd think about it he will it. Appealed to just about every. Average American guy because. You know. If it did get tired of the politics and you'd get a guy out there that's sort of a logical business guy he's gonna do as well as anybody else in the office. I credit Rick Wolff premiere that you know you've made your career. Being shocking. And what shocks you the most is just watching the news every day. Well you know it in 196997. When I cut my hat off. You know stage we shocking everybody was shocked parents were shocked. And the you know that clergy was shocked and everybody all how horrible this this. Alex you're gonna be an candidate guys really getting their head that up you know don't rock is not as shocking it's reality anymore. So we love this state of rock now. I know that you were at a total loss we lost Chris Cornell a couple of months ago. And now we've lost Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park you've seen everything in rock and roll from the sixties until now. Is very epidemic what we're going dawn. You know you're asking the question that everybody is afraid to ask and that is. Is really weird what's going on right now first of all. Chris Cornell with what little positive people I've ever met my like he had everything going or on every level. Say with betting that they would Chester I mean kind of vote these guys pretty well and I mean they were not heavy truck guys they were not yet they were not wild crazy insane to keep Lawrence guy you know. They were really solid solid solid. And the last people I would ever get to commit suicide. So you are right I have no idea what's going on with put all of us. I mean there are a lot of people that are completely surprised. And my argument to that is how can be completely surprised go to read their song lyrics big battle you know he's demons and. True I think expect we would give more and you know Jim Morrison. And what I do you have all the ever wrote about was what was on the other side. You know or you know at the end break on through obviate all these songs at all it's. You know this depth involved and it. You know what I mean you look at Chris Cornell black hole on all the stuff they did get these guys were really positive guy. You know I mean note that a lot Miller for dark because the the the area that music is but. Knowing these guys they're nothing like that. I think especially in Chester is k's he's been battling. A childhood trauma and battling his own demons for a long time and even the band yesterday. Not released a statement that said. Let the demons. That took you away from us are also the demons that made the music that you created great and so. Do you have do and I and I ask this of you could you about a very public battle with addiction yourself. In order to create great art is there are certain amount. I'll paint that's Rico why you're. I I think is people things that and I think that. You know you feel like you have to be tortured artist I have never felt that. I I I I came up against the battle with alcohol and drugs and I turned it to a different thing I I would became Christians. And it's a terrible thing I haven't had a drink in 37 years they've never been happier life. You know. Other people. Go well like I'll meditate or tiles do yoga or I'll do this or that. I don't know for me it was. Turning to my faith and believing it's something bigger than me. And it worked. So that's all I can go by but I mean I was drinking a bottle of whiskey a day. I was throwing up blood in the morning. And I mean you know I was about ready to go. And LA I really really got to hold myself and discredit what was important. Yeah one of the longest run saying. Marriages. In a rock and roll and cattle like Ozzy and Sharon. You and the rendering yet. Used I don't hate to cover all the other so right. You know I found these most perfect human being on the planet to marry Cheryl would pay out ballerina would. Joffrey Ballet. And Robert C that she was like. A total. Classic when it comes to you know from music and art and what she did. And had absolutely no reason to fall in love with me I had no reason to all of I was hurt and we've been married 41 years and I don't think we've ever had to fight. You no slouch back in the day Alice I mean. Now I mean I was you know the great thing about being. The drop that I was with that I would be happy throughout I would not I would an art there dropped you know. I would not mean I would not argumentative I was not. In the least bit you know that I was always kind of like even keel I was sort of it being Smart guy. You know but it was still killing me and I'm sure it was killing her to see me drinking like that. It's amazing you've. Go on from this dark god pick evil persona. Can choose to make music you've got your new album paranormal out this week and yeah all. You've. On the other way where you're talking about how you're sober how you're Christian and I have talked about the golf thing Alice because. I've tried to wrap my brain around it to please explain this to me. It's an addiction it's an it's exactly like drugs because. What you're taking drugs you'd you'd think he would have something that you want to follow that up with a better yet. If this same thing at all. You know you get the ball really perfectly. And he'll wait eight more shot. To get another good one. And every guy I know that what that former addict or alcoholic bit start playing golf get addicted to golf. Because you've typical outside for four hours you get that hit this ball and the better you get. The more addictive it yet so I mean I play six days a week. For the last 35 years and I never get tired of it and that you look at the guys that play ball Bob Dylan plays golf. Neil Young played ball will replay all big east lake golf. You don't you directly into being after all the people that you would never think played golf. It's now Blake we should make. A rehab facility. And extend all these rock stars to just go learn how to play golf. You know what and probably it would probably be. Absolute. Your first thought because it really does it all built a certain amount of you know. It's a game you can't beat. You cannot beat this game and but you'll go out and try everyday. And all the guys I know they get into it. You literally get addicted to it Fred Astaire once I started playing ball and that he had to quit because it would go to ruin their career. It picked it. I love to dig through your phone and see who you've got in there because you know let me just talk about Jim Morrison and Fred Astaire and yeah you really kind of then they are to see you at all. Well I I would very lucky dead yet and I got big in the early seventies. And you know people like rob two part of the show and he would bring you know Jack Benny and may wet. And Fred Astaire with a joke and they looked at it they said oh vaudeville they thought as rock and roll bought deal. You know el Salvador Dali would come to show any that they ought to realist you know everybody had a different take on what our show was and yet. Did the conception what that it was fun to watch about what that what they hear about what it was like it was the law. You got it Dolly's paintings in your garage jealous. You know I I really wanna go a little bit of that garage there might be Dolly. You touched me so is Larry Allen junior and really get used to be on your new record you just. Good three year floating down big guys what are you doing. Yeah I color my opening they like it late on so it goes like garage are now. I. Yeah it's a men's and go three garage for an hour. Yeah. Now I do you know I wanna go with the I'd pop but could be up there. Have you thought about doing it. Rap rock and roll tour. I don't a one man show like a spoken word tour just talking about you rely. We you know I Shep Gordon and I'm my manager there my manager 48 years they've got a movie out and called that super match. And Mike Myers in the movie end. Everybody talked about. Unbelievable. Story chip you you know manage everybody from Rock Hill march recchi oh well it is. Luther Vandross. I mean everybody you can pick up Blondie. Start it would mean and yet still my manager 48 years later. And we thought we do talk simply want to know what we did what the audience asked the question. About anybody and we don't you know our story about that person in particular. It would help it if it. But no matter who it is we have some story about a add it's really kind of buddy you know it because. Open with a different take on what happens is subject to deter these stories don't drive it. All so who is version would be right yours or hisses. Well neither one of us don't we were both pretty high at the time. I. Yeah just a lot about the people you've come across in your life but his story about somebody that nobody ever asks you now. I cannot step I think you're that would it got to think about that you know all the stories that were really good good stories where or things that. That add some punch line through it you know I mean there. Route joy out of bed. This big round bed in this house from the board and it was you know I can't imagine what went on of that debt. He gave it to me. And I moved it to my house and I have to bid for ten years I went to visit Paul McCartney edit out in Scotland. Idiot just built this big round conservatory. It was going to be a meditation room and I said well I have got the perfect. Get for the throat so brought to light that and that that this big round that it just said. We never had luck on that maybe you will look to escape all the debt debt debt and he says I just can't get rid of animated from structural market out there. Those and ran a story where is that it illegal matter right. The rock and roll hall and that's what I would say it. It is it that bet it ought. Well Alice I love the fact here's still making new music and I all love the fact that you got the old members back together. Yeah it you know it would the never broke up with the bat well but you know what we broke up it was more of separation not a divorce. And we all stayed in struck with each other in this case I call them all up Mike Bennett Neil I think why don't we get in this studio. All of these all you guys. Liar. In the studio with these new songs that we wrote. You know that the guide wrote the ball. And it says it will do everything a lot because he sounded so different you know and that anybody else law. All I want recorded live I don't wanna layer it I don't want to put struck out person they know. I could undercut that applied and it came out so good that I and it really kind of captured 1972 again. Would you go I read this online and the only way I can confirm it is to ask you. Is it true. That Alice Cooper is still technically the band's name and so even though you go by Alice Cooper those guys still have the band name to. Yes well it you know in I think we're all super. And bill. Actually. I could call it Alice Cooper I don't say the only super group I just failed Cooper but you know the original band. Still make a lot of money you know publishing. And song writing from you know the seventies that been like it that. We've never been at odds with each other when it came to anything so calling them up and it probably would not like. Oh this is going to be awkward you know what I got there before the Indy start so we've been life long friends and it'll be ignorant statement that also it just doesn't feel awkward at all it just feels normal. Well that's just fascinating Alice I really appreciate it taken the time I know you're pretty far away with a time delay and everything but. I really appreciate you giving me a call and thank you for coming out my podcast and being inside peace. Pay any. You know what we're playing in LA. A lot of the Boston and talk to LA Jackie guys out of that bright spot that we ought to September. August 27. August August yeah that's right and right here it takes a woman to keep you organized Dallas. I'm impressed you know where you are most rock stars ever have any idea where they are well it it would again. It outwardly. Well I appreciate the call Alice have a great day will see you and I against okay thanks. I'm not the only one who wants to go climbing around an Alice Cooper's garage now right. The guy is just an absolute legends. If you like deet tails on the show you can go to the concert page WA AF dot com. Speaking of the XP unity center and tourists this week Lincoln Park would have kicked off there tour right here in Massachusetts and obviously the tragic loss of Chester Bennington. Has canceled that entire Tor and left the future of Lincoln Park. Just kind of up in the air right now. Just like when I'd I'd talked to Alice Cooper about it it's just trying to get your head around. What losses like this mean in music. It's just almost impossible. So I decide if we were going to go back into the archives a little bit. That we should go back to. My interview with the DiLeo Brothers when. The announcement came through that Chester Bennington was joining Stone Temple Pilots. Think we did this interview. In 2000 and her EEB 2014. And they were just so excited and and I really wanted to replayed because IA. Why did you hear how they talked about Chester. Just as a person and how they talked about the guys from Lincoln Park how they talked about how Chester was gonna juggle the two projects. So this is one of the first things that we're gonna play this is the DiLeo Brothers from Stone Temple Pilots. Check one check check check hello got you at the hi guys do it. Really get is that how you normally sound check the microphone I know every band has you know a different word I've heard band say syphilis and herpes is just the basic check 12 have you guys usually doing. Has that become a joke by now. You know and available objecting in my. I've seen people will make somebody go up and read Dr. Seuss books into microphones and you guys do weird stuff like that total erroneous. Well we we played we played Germany along time ago and I was really intrigued by the way they tested my ex. We we've played on the show and there was what the there were so doctor Knox there was there was an engineer we couldn't see the guys so it made it all the more effective but he just cheer him. But he was he was testing the mics. From. Remote truck or recording truck outside and he wanted there to play that your omni. And and all we heard was ten airplanes major problems shortly after that things aren't being like soul. So that is nowhere yes so that's kind of a running joke now we we say bing bong bing bong Rexall. When you guys are in town of September and people get there and they if there around why your checking the mics now they understand why. We have and so on Jackson's 1990s force. Captain. Yeah we have we have very very. Very good musicians as tax they they know exactly what's going on. We do the road isn't like that sound check time a chance to lake maybe work on writing new music do you guys do that why are on the road give a studio on the bus. Now. Narrower order this hotel room you know yet Kuester took charge that they you know all the all the songs that really have been written start an acoustic kind of things so. Being able to sit down and play acoustic guitar is always that kind of therapy and kind of just relaxing it's kind of stretching out just relaxing I think that's really. The beauty of where a great song comes from his mainly from an electric guitar or acoustic guitars are. Sound check was it was you would fund by the way I'm not. Really too far off from that destroyed I mean we have essentially alone time with Robert says our guys are very confident. And there are many many people we don't have the arbitrators sound check you know such as vegetables are. Things like that who's gonna walk from. The coolest thing about such thinking is getting to kind of share some music and play with the fans that you happen to be sure in the village. That's where all those big end of the tour jams come from are all those. Kind of sound check moments with a each other and it. Yes yeah. Yes chili's is always a cool thing to interact with the fans that are out would you. Of course is taking out on this tour I mean there's a lot of stuff I need to talk to you guys about with the new music in Chester in the torso. That the tour is getting announcer going to be embossed on September 9 at the house of blues yeah is on the bill. We're gonna have filter out whether it's awesome yeah really awesome we've been talking about doing this. Right in this Robertson went profit since 94 years here. You know Richard Richard Indian and myself met her a record called army of anyone. Yeah you guys came up and play acoustic in our studio. Absolutely yeah. And rich is a great friend and and that guy who will deliver and still does deliver. If he keep. They sound group amazing. Yeah one of those guys in music that's been blessed with a voice that doesn't sound like anyone else. Yeah he's really. Really one of the very greatest sources of rock music yet that title a record. It's one of those records that put like I really wish I wrote this so. Welcome to the awful skinny areas and. I always ask people what the what song they wish they had written that someone else did so that would be the answer preempt. I you know that that record really inspiring to me that trial record. Very inspiring. We'll talk about the new music you guys are working on because. I I think I can speak for everyone when I say a little bit shocking to have Chester Bennington be the new vocalist of Stone Temple Pilots were all. Surprised by the news but with everything else going on. With lawyers in court cases it wasn't too much of a shot that you guys were gonna wanna continue with a new vocalist. How it all come about did did Chester call you guys did you guys call chest there. Who we called Chester yes we called Chester and he happens to be just happy excuse me over in Europe and we spoke and said you know we don't see this. From the spent and the rest is history. Was there panic involved on the Lincoln Park cited this whole thing. Something like this happens because of the people involved right if you look at the people. That are involved the Lincoln Park those guys are stand up human beings they're great people. And they understand and they. You know wish Chester. The best in doing this as long as it doesn't interfere where it is his main event which spend it and Manchester. Is one of those people that. Really has a lot of good fortune surrounding him and that's it that's that's that's contagious you know you wanna be around that and for him to come in and say he wants to do us. And do this. In honoring the past as well is moving on with the future I mean. It would be one thing if we got the singer to just kind of do the old catalog fielder songs. I think big concern here is moving on as a valid. Contribution to music and that with that with the singer. As well as honoring the the past catalog and then that's what really was killing all of us in Chester made it clear that if we didn't do that then we shouldn't do it. And we all agree on we all agree on. He's one of those people that good things happen to because he's a good guy it's united every once in awhile to see nice things happen to people that deserve it. He you know that the American myself have done more philanthropy work in the past two months than we have in the past. Ten years. He's cracking the whip on you guys well it's just it's just a great place to be it is simply shows yeah ratios. The experience of hearing the new music. It's really amazing how even though with Chester singing and you think Lincoln Park. How much the music really does still hold on to that foundation of Stone Temple Pilots were you guys worried about in the studio trying to write stuff that. Made Sherri sounded like just TP Erica there's some analysts say a white and they just changed the band name and go with something new you know. No our our concern was moving forward social pilots and you know I think after 25 years the American myself have earned and we had no. Schedule of what it should sound like we just wanted to to be great. That was the main concern than anything we do from here on out. As well as like this says doing the older songs we wanted to be great and there's going to be. You know songs that. We weren't able to do before perform before that. We're gonna do you know that you know we've been wanting to play for a long time as well I saw were also dictated by the listener note to us for. But the band does the song doesn't leave the printing press must we really do that's their report that we really have to get off on it. We really have to feel that it's something where. Being moved by. You're putting your name in your legacy on it so it. Well I mean it it's it's like. I I think it's exactly what it said you know it has to really move us back right breast cancer resonate with you know but it can't be you know it it's as if we had we have to be moved by it and then it. No originally was it just going to be out of time and then you guys then got the idea to do the EP always the goal. But hey get LT was a week ago what we have you know I issued time constraint here with with. You're church's involvement in Lincoln Park with all of our involvement with families so. And an R&R and ability ground sure you know so. I think you know without trying to do. Worth their weight because achieved before that if these five songs together and then get a more CO. And when are we gonna be able to get them deal with the release status. We're particularly Robert some time in the fall. Where we actually we recorded the song of beings we did out of time we didn't get to finish it. And and we've got three more songs are working all right now. At my studio and we're we're going to be finishing those up by the end of the month send down mixing and all that. All that magic can. Probably have it out by the fall. Well I mean here's here's just a rundown yet between now and September we. We'd like to finish. The four remaining songs linkin park's working at a record I'm going on the road with Peter for have to go late August. We have to get rehearsals are really so what we want to bring to the live show from the catalogs so that's going to be. You know a week rehearsals and then we're going on the road the first show is September 4 so. So you're really nice relaxing summer. But yeah I think that's the. You know we're we're we're busy you know yeah really busy like I said we don't wanna try to bite off more than a week. While I appreciate you guys squeezing means year incredibly busy schedules and we really look forward to getting guys in town and scenes chemistry that you guys with Chester up onstage at house of and I can't hear the rest of the music as the music is awesome. Really appreciate it time guys have a great afternoon. Well if there's bands. On the planet that knows what it's like to lose their lead singer before his time it would be. The guys in Stone Temple Pilots as we don't know they may do music together they did some amazing two wars together gesturing and got hurt. And just like a lot of other rock bands I mean it's happened where is the axle and Dave Grohl that. Rock stars get her. And the same thing happened with chest hair. I had another chance attacked the STP guys Eric and gene called me back in we were actually joking about. Chester is on stage injury and whether he would be recovered enough. To play their next challenge the next time they came to Boston this interview we did in twenty feet team. Andrew pairing guys let's go and we're here in Los SOS. And I'm sitting here I balls deep and snow in Boston. Are you feel for you guys he has just. Out of control that is still. You guys are announcing his big spring two core and you're going to be embossed on the twentieth of April I can promise you there will still be snow on the ground so I don't know how successful the springs or is gonna be there. Oh ratio over here you know I. It's like you know apocalyptic movie over here on this coast. And oh my gosh you know we. You have my wife and I we we received pretty soon so the weather channel two was happen which is necessary dole addressed and that sort of brutal winter. I know I'm the on the West Coast you guys are having the exact opposite problem so. If we could find a way to transport all of this note to you guys to help with the drought believe me we would. I don't know we'll take it to we'll take it you know but this is just as what they access you know it is whether these. These months and these weeks it is it is this is what makes a shall we are is that's why you got the Serbs stop may have. Yeah this stuff Bostonians. Are you win Super Bowl World Series. You want to adopt the parade a couple of days after a blizzard will do it any time. Are they running that the duck well it's yeah they work for the soup all parade. Incredible incredible area it was ridiculous like they barely fit down the roads but we made it happen because we're not gonna win a super ball and not have a parade court. Well hopefully by the time. You guys are here. Fenway will be open in it will be spring and it will be amazing and we'll all be happy. I love it I never movie just so excited to get outside. Go down to the house of blues and some rock and roll. The priest L for the big tour is today all the deet tails on the concert page WA AF dot com is Chester be able walked by the end. Talk about it. Yeah we're respect in the you cartwheels. No seriously is he going to be out of his cast. Yeah he's he is. It's doing pretty quickly you know he's he's just of that mindset and says the Cali where he he if he he will his body to do that you know. He's got you are going four for goodness sakes. It's just one more thing like it's not a hard enough to schedule everything with Stone Temple Pilots around Lincoln Park. Then you have to schedule everything around his ankle surgery. Well he hurt so badly I mean it was it was not only agree with the guys tour darn near every league of in the ankle you know they had they had to win on each side he has about. Five inch incision on each side of the ankle they had to win and kind of assemble a big bowl of spaghetti you know. He put pictures up on line in an it was nice how they were able to avoid cutting into his leg tattoo. Just yeah that's. And you know even with Linkin Park he's played with a broken arm he's for four with a broken shoulder. And if it is very physical it was kinda will hurt himself sometimes body going the try to recover. Tell the new music that I'm hoping we're gonna hear on the store well. Give me the secret peace. You. And you. Will sell you the whole seat but you'll only need the damage. I think. Well you know it's although we've been trying for many many years to. Get away from ourselves we we always keep coming back tour. Same spot that that person for the mere Wii Wii Wii it just kind of felt like you know and it's not anything we've. Like I think it's and we've done before we definitely pew yourselves what's it just with our press stumbling and ratings some some. News new musical terrain we haven't really explored before it's definitely. You know our aid w.s. KR and rocket. Definitely when we're writing the song this black man just off on stage live ineffectual we will want to make sure there has those elements where. Where anxious and excited not just to present a good song birds that flew had a great performances. On all our parts and something that they. These aren't just really enjoy. Does it change stood there writing style when you changed lead singers it is the is the process different. No not really remain the same. There is comes into recession. With lots of material on their hands and that's just a matter assistance through that sometimes sometimes assault what stands on its own sometimes. All walked in what may be Warner chief par testers saw Robert say I had another part for that and you know they'll still be a musical marriage there. So there's really note that the greatest thing investors no rules which is what ever final product it's it was put that little that little tingle in your knickers in Asia so. How you're knickers date yes. I I'm gonna need pictures or didn't happen. This and there's nothing like you know expression especially you know in the springtime it's you know what's kind of feel it was historic there's nothing quite tantalizing undergarments were Snickers. Look at the thought bubble for what you guys go I want to talk about the charity angle of the tour. A dollar from every ticket is getting donated to music for relief can you guys. Every tickets so we average usually great so we're bringing and you know Washington State California and Colorado bringing everybody here we work through this time is such a I think it's something we'll do probably what every true we do here on out because it's the moneyweek let's be allocated Q the hurricane sandy. Relief. That kind of doctors genocide. The years back. What that storm did to the coast of New Jersey is unlike anything anyone had ever experienced before. Well there's still a lot of people are really bad shape because that insurance reasons you know there was a lot of elderly people that are completely homeless. You know and you know I grew up there I hit I hit a very. Later that area and I I have friends say you know have their parents would Boozer out this work. Demolished and I'm sure insurance the insurance companies are cooperating source it's it's tragic. And so the people need help everywhere that if lend a little bit of hand. Very grateful to do so. We are living in a very crazy weather or time it's a good time to be Jim can't Tory right now. Yeah I don't know what it is Blair are part of it sure is changing you know it sure is changing in very. The Summers and winters are just becoming more and more extreme event that you Lipitor California. Just to try out to these photos. Late. You know we need is people can show love and respect and help what was completely out process. Well we will see you guys hopefully at the end of April snow free silver are short and Saul yeah I thought that it. And it'll also be the start of what we're hoping is another big world steer easier in the city of Boston I know you try and the right. Have you ever been to a game at Fenway thank you Rhode ever lose. When you guys Syrian town we have a luxury box at Fenway and I would love to take you guys to a game if you guys have the time our. All right got true that you upload Ab so I. That's sounds moderately huge fan robbers. The band's biggest. Had a base. Well even if you don't like the Red Sox just going inside Fenway Park is something every baseball fan should experience. Look Robert. Robert is lover of Phish fan of rhythm checked. Avid fan of baseball. Well if there's no game why you guys are in town that I'm the schedule in front me at least get you inside to take one of those VIP two wars it's very cool enough. Yeah and I got to roll of duct tape in Iraq with more form that says it get a Red Sox are on yeah. So I. But I can't be that hard. Guys thank you so much for taking the time it was great attacked you and we'll see you in April you're articulate well the guys kept their word. And it's they went inside one of the luxury boxes at Fenway including Chester Bennington. And they hung around for the game with a whole bunch of very lucky. AF winners and the pictures were costs they got to get autographs and watch the game and if you've never band to a baseball game at Fenway Park. You are missing out sure there are bigger parks sure there are newer parks but there is just something. About watching. A baseball game at Fenway especially if you're Red Sox fan and you cheered on the socks. Everybody that went that day. Really had a special experience. And of course looking back now at the loss of Chester Bennington. You know just getting to hang out with them. Watch a baseball game it's pretty special. So those are these Stone Temple Pilots interviews that I could dig out of the archives. From 2013. I believe and 2015. A lot of time I talked to the guys from Lincoln Park I would talk to Mike Chenault. I wish I could find the first interview that I ever did with Lincoln Park literally was right when hybrid theory came out. They were just kids they were playing the Roxy at the time which went down there I was still on the air at night here at WA AF. As a senior don't take these these kids are so young. Of course we all know by now that hybrid theory use certified diamonds. I think it's sold something like thirteen million copies and counting. And their subsequent albums all went platinum as well and now with the loss of Chester all the albums are back on the billboard chart. I was able to locate this interview. When I talked to Chester. And Davey from a thigh actually. They were doing one of their co headlining tour is so Chester joined ST PO I believe 2013. That back on the road with Lincoln Park in 2014. And then when that tour was finished she went back LA Vista PM 2050. So in between those two interviews that you just heard there was this interview with Chester and Davey from AF by talking about their big. Co headlining two lower Rio. I'm really it's nice to talk to you guys likewise so I hear your not in the same place where are you blown and I am anyway. And I am in much Angela both places are. What they warmer than Boston right now I can guarantee it so I'm incredibly jet plans his sister is beautiful here now is court hears you keep talk about how warm and beautiful is like your son to and then hot. Santana connection coming into my way yesterday and then I think I've I've officially becomes so white that I am green. Speak Ito like immediately and green because the blood vessels or dislike it it's it's really scary it was and blue blooded yet. It's good forget to down hole. It is but yet I I don't think I've I don't think my my body has blocked out. Into the sunlight in quite some time so I think Connecticut joined the navy and graduated in her life. It. Has. You sell like everyone in New England where about as pale as you can get right now. Big you guys that's understandable I mean you know to be. To be holed up in your house in Los Angeles is kind of is it weird. It's weird. If this were the most beautiful places in the world for live you can always every day you can go do something but. The thing that I do every day is go to the studio with my friends in the music played fourteen hour. They have put some light studios for some reason it is more important. Well you are Smart because when you put this whole tour together you're going to be here in the middle of August that's gonna be beautiful when you're here. It is in Boston is a beautiful place at one of my favorite city in the world and I can't wait again we can get there like if it's gonna be the perfect time a year. You have our band come and scorched Boston and burn it down. Usually those big shows that the X unity center happened on the hottest days of the year. And it always kills me that there's people walking around like vinyl pants and like led thereon and it just a pain it makes no seconds of 1%. It makes sense trust me they're the reason whether we're in the final pants and a hundred degrees because it's often. 'cause it's on sound. And the science project at the same time. Well I have to say that I did use some training effort to per prepare myself for the hot days hot in Boston next year when we play. I did play in in Japan last year on the hottest game in the history of Japan apparently. And it was like a 100% humidity. And by the time it in the early. Staring right at the time and I swear by the time we get like to the forefront of this that I literally didn't know what I was doing like what it. Where am I what song is this yet why can't I breathe it couldn't think of weird. They need to get like. I'll hook for an IV bag on your Mike stands that would have been awesome that's actually gradient. That. With me if you if you create then I'd be bad microphone stand I'll use it. Said that. You just need to be my attack them and have like literally go to like six that's no problem. No problem. Well there's a lot to talk to you guys about. The carnivores tour is coming to the X Kennedy center on August 16. Tickets go on sale tomorrow it's it's got a big week of announcements for you guys. It hasn't been really crazy I mean. Jarrett won an Oscar which is like unbelievable. You PGA I hadn't heard and just in case anybody has missed that part is that. And then of course he was kind of you that right before we encountered this summer I know it's like the best free PR for a tour ever. I'm I'm gonna get here really nice. Birthday present this year. And and then you know obviously like the fact that all of our band between together is really is really amazing. I have. As one of the rest the guys in the department. Nothing but the highest. Respect for SI. There were the best flashbacks from the world they make great record after great record. And then thirty seconds to Mars. Another band and just completely ground. Delighted band into one of the best in the world and they continue to put out great music. And obviously it hasn't cared to we do with the doctors pretty awesome. And in our in our record restructure on yesterday and we we announced that they were were putting on the record and in the summer. Yeah what's it gonna be called nobody's told me yet it's nothing yet to find it I have to dig our eye on his take. I didn't dig hard enough. I'll give you could LP LP TV's most recent the one record deficits you Nokia. Aren't I'll find it I want name the tour considering the three bands that are on it or some of the most clean live thing. The vegetarian. And began Blake where did this tour name come. Well it it actually came from. It came from. The inspiration. For our new record we we felt like there isn't. This is the need. If they can see in music right now for a really. Visceral energetic. Hard. Rock music. That we felt was gone you know if there's an absence there. Carnivore that that. The word carnivores in my mind really I think. That animal instinct that need. Four to build it is to prevent aggression and that. That's what we feel all these fans bring in their life performances. And I think you know between offices in. Nikki six tweeted out a little while ago holy. The new Lincoln Park Seung guilty all the same is insane. That is better to complement his. Mickey's Nevada so yeah and an I respect Mickey lie his good friend of mine Q and and that. I had a feeling I couldn't wait talked to him because I had a feeling when he got signed you'd pretty. Well I know you guys are super busy so I'll have a couple more questions and I know I Italy ego. I talked to me about record store day 'cause there's some really cool vinyl and stuff that's coming out as well. Will be I believe on record store day we're re releasing collision course here anniversary collision course which is pretty often. I can't believe that it's in your theory is that three Knight he's like if I feel old. Even a birthday coming up later on this month so I mean you get married. I I know men and improving and moving in on the big four here it's not that bad come on in the water's fine you know I don't really care about. Seeing how my father has has grown. And the fact that he's still. Is the same guys that I've always known him and he he he he just turned. I think it 74. And and he still thinks like a 22 year old man you know and and. That's where these. Staying in your mind and your heart that's solid matters. I did when I grow old gracefully and hopefully he would do a lot prefer blondes again can. There's nothing better than getting it on stage playing music search for people to put the best thing in the world. Plus sure the youngest guy in Stone Temple Pilots say you have that going for Ito. Why did that intentionally so that would feel younger. That's my version of cosmetic surgery. But the I wanted to ask is Altria the bans on this tour are really active online socially. So I I know that there's going to be a lot of stuff going on when the tour is in town and when you guys are on the road you know your you've got all your gadgets so Dave BYU and Chester tell me. Let me in on some of the best apps that we should have our cell phones are guilty pleasure apps that you have that helped chat company gas. What. Got to favor let let me go let me go to the irony here happy count which would be the app I used by Indian restaurants around the world. That's. That's club happy all happy cap yup the authority as well. Happy how that hadn't happened yet they were web site long before there was such thing as an app. And yet anywhere in the world that you are. They will still show you where there's the beacons but are or register it. There's a really good look around the corner from the radio station called grasshopper so yeah and I'm committed that. Actor and a great place. Did a great place called dream temple in Redondo Beach. That's what he's that would require you leaving the house jester I would literally have to walk out my door. That that they read there yeah I think I've never been a happy go again and then I'll knock on your door and we get it gently she goes well we'll go. We'll have we'll go have lunch there we should do that. I think it's messed up Davey adamant invited to his house considering you guys are gonna spend the summer on your rock and roll summer camp tour. I've been a way you know he hasn't had a chance. Street you know he has an hour. Both were vicinity I don't even I have been invited to the effect at bat. Well I get to work on the blueprints in the patent for the IV bags back microphones dance beautiful and I'm gonna try and have their ready for you when you guys are in town in August. And the fact that. Yes sir we're gonna play the new song is or anything Chester you wanna tell me about the new songs are gonna debut right now. What we're really proud of the time we really wanted to take due to technicality of advancing at another level and. This song in particular and it's being piece of trivia is that. Rob ordinary drummer. It took him two weeks to learn how to play this. After we handed him the tracks with the this pillar to pillar drums the and we kind of went crazy with that stuff and we we torture he had to play this kind of thing and the guy did it but this on a particular. It it really does set up. You know what people can expect there. All right well I appreciate you guys chicken in tickets go on sale tomorrow and we will see you at the X community center an odd. Way thanks Jessica thanks Davey have a great time in your warm weather thank you rock stars always seem to be calling from someplace warmer than Boston. And then when they come to town to play. It's usually the hottest in the your here well there you go I got to thank. Alice Cooper for or it being on episode now reign of mr. scary sight peace podcast. And also. To thank the DiLeo Brothers. For those interviews and Chester Bennington and DB from AF by as well. It's been a rough couple months. In rock and roll with the loss of Chris Cornell and then on Chris Brown's birthday the loss of Chester Bennington. All I can say about it is. The same thing I said on the air the day that we found out Chester was gone and go back and read the song lyrics. The battles that they were both fighting. There are all right there. And they had been fighting those battles for a long time. Part of the reason why we love those songs so much is that they really speak to us. And we go to that music in those songs what we're having a hard time. So they've taken there hardship. They're heartbreak. There are struggles and they turn it into art for our consumption for our entertainment. And while their music may bring us comfort. Sometimes. They're not being comforted themselves. And it's while I'm grateful for the legacy and the music and the art that they left behind the tragedy remains. That they're not here. To perform that music anymore and they are not here it's you. See that it is possible to overcome. Hardships of life. I can only ask that it's if you are having. A hard time they speak to someone. Nothing is impossible no mountain is too high decline. You're not alone. There's always someone there to listen. So thank you very much for checking out its episode nine of mr. scary sight peace podcast you can subscribe. On iTunes. Google play stitcher. And if you wanna find my show I'm on the air every week day in Boston from ten to three. You can listen on line at WA AF dot com and if you text the word app eight PP. In 97107. You can also download the free WA AF app. And you can listen under Smartphones. And you can also I use your smarts speakers like Alexa to just play WA after if you say that elects outplayed WA out. We pop on your speakers so you can pretty much find this anywhere thank you so much for listening what's going to be on the next episode episode ten I have to wait to find out. As always take a big bite out of a big piece.