Mantown Alert - Katy Perry Kissed Who?

Friday, May 19th

Miley Cyrus revealed that Katy Perry's hit song "I Kissed A Girl" was written about her! Naturally, Hillman had some thoughts on the matter.


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. A all of. In Iraq this program for a man. Well we now know. That not only the aid to Katy Perry kissed a girl and like hit them but that girl. Was Miley Cyrus that is correct spot yes surprise in Iraq I mean 1010 almost years later after the track was released. So Miley did an interview this week with Kati in new York and she talks about her friendship with Katy Perry. And how she came to discover that the song was written about. Katy Perry has like she did that a friend of mine for a long time we're actually just realizing that. Next year long been friends for ten years and I'm on friend that I've known the longest match is really really own an LA that's very long time was when she came out I kissed a girl I was doing Hannah Montana movie I entertainer on the radio they send you write that about and she said me. And I heard a nicer screaming and freaking out. And then she asked me to go to the be amazed at that. I hope are what happened after the be amazed if they act like he stopped in keeping interviewed going to put a the Miley is that would that Miley identifies as. Non gender. I'm carrying nine I don't know what her official stance that these days if she's you know she's officially gender fluid yeah. Please open anything that's pretty much. That's the she identifies with whatever and he identified the problem to blow it you're speaking Christian he had that the prize whatever you're down some of them do apparently of them streets download it you felt that. Still look at that I haven't and they realized there lately second fourthly she didn't like the weird looks every once in awhile into Canada comes down from now respond streams schools and he does she locked in beater her under. She's probably I would assume that she practices. The grooming trend that women are now practicing that has you all worked up this morning which we're gonna talk about them a few mom sent when I don't know how to get right right. We don't have time right now but on Danielle is telling me this morning that she cannot believe. And that the percentage of women. Who are grooming in this way right now for summer than me is. As high as it is death according to this new information using dead flashbacks funeral mass teacher over copper. A couple of Philly have felt different to be specific. It gives you good flashbacks to that old maps and manage your mail well they probably where I now exit of one really no one elements will. 978. Text and the tech needs text line. Which says that Miley Cyrus. Is try sexual because she wanted to try everything boy it probably. Here's somebody says her voice now sounds like she's been ripping putts for quite some time I always found out that you it's always gonna read it's it's gotten worse I don't think enough originally said that resting deep voice yeah. And is he got the southern twang then written in any.