Local Bike Builder Jody Perewitz

Tuesday, November 22nd


Local bike builder Jody Perewitz, called Mistress Carrie to talk about her upcoming episode of 'Wrench Against The Machine' on Esquire TV.

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It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. Hey hey Harry how are you know. I know you are I get ready for the big Thanksgiving holiday am assuming you do in the same. Yes and I am looking forward to a few days off. How does the fastest woman on two wheels spend Thanksgiving. Come wow maybe I am gonna go it's being injured me in my in my on how. On the shore notion that he lease yet about better I mean I did and indeed on the water even known to be a little chilly but that's okay. So when you're down there are hanging out with the family am assuming they're all gonna make funny now because you're like oh wicked famous TV star as of tonight. I don't you know I mean it doesn't really changed me I am who I am but that's OK I think I can. You know hopefully it'll be a good show I'm sure Welby. So tell though is shown. Well I like it can for people to ask and I can't wait for it it's that care. But and so it three it's all about three good redevelopment. You have three days and 3000 dollars. To build a cold bike pretty much and it you know acted too keen and unity compete against each other and then at three candidates and they guides the bike and ride and come up with. Who backed by quick Everett back bike. So it. Quite the experience. I did know a lot going into it and I didn't know I even went I got to California. But it would be a good experience I learned a lot. And definitely. Value what I had in our shop year and resources. And equipment and stuff that we used here is. Not you know we use the back stop hearing a lot of people don't get the opportunity to use that stat though I. Do you think things pretty quick. Popsicle sticks put the other motorcycle. Yeah exactly. But you aren't pretty equal but that club thing that I kinda thought going into it was that I was the only. Girl on the show and then down. I believe it expects Apatow and unit to team that's three and 100 by now I am the only girl they competed. And obviously it's huge economic side of that beaten them on a day. I could compete with them. You know beat I hope I represented us well. Rejecting guided and and he. It's quite that should be in the garage or die a good note believe and you know under deadline. But we we got it done now that the important thing. I'm so I on the team wins will Ramsey. On state and gotten chopped it. In Harrington cocky and then we've bell and Kevin who owned loaded gun cocked and an Ocean City marrow. And they both very. Respectable. Great guys made good build it. It would cut a deal he. Got asked to do this show and say you can put together dream team who pay and he picks well and I. They can't compete with him. And at three and I competed against that team out engineering. Out of California. How do you turn 3000 dollars into a motorcycle they can be Breeden and have it not be a death trap. Well we got off we did I I should say we got off with a bite to fill up. Each app that you got off went. A random byte key don't know what you're gonna get it could be literally any staying. We locked out that we got off with sports it is now. We both got off with the same bike and then you know you have to. Pretty much make it look cool. You know and make it performed batter in. You know just make it not stock pretty much but. Not been a thousand dollar doesn't go married by you know why I could between now and I'm not pain alone. India that's not my. They'd like that got brought in to do the pain. It I mean do it how to pay act shop with my dad. Yeah I so are some of the helmets that you guys are doing. I get a day in my helmet I want you to paint did has those helmets are bad ass. I would not I am I would not. Priscilla so what did you use so I don't give away everything because I want people who watch the show tonight but where did you come up with the idea for the paint scheme for the bike on the shell. I don't could be. On and a visual person like I can see things. Like you did it once I saw what we die in the you know my wielded Scott attorney not come up with something in. And immediately I did you know I'm under a timeframe to go to UB thumb thing. Involved with too much because I wanna comment Al Shula. And you know once I saw what we had I didn't you know immediately. Boise looked at stake are how many do you get in and literally add and doing it on my limit add this this could probably work better here. You know it's like as meg going even went and pink that you weathered back home may paint job. Or even and you Eddie cop. I added that he's been in you where it go. So tell everybody. What the show's called again and then where they can check it out. They said they show it in on 98. At 9 PM it's called rants against the machine. It's on me as quiet you know which you may think a lot of Latino bad they have a commitment to tell you don't even know you have it it's up in common they got a lot of other COLT showed on it. That's right and on nine camp and I rants against the machine. I really appreciate you calling Jody it's. You're always doing some cool look. At me I'm I'm I'm excited that you retire on this decade it's still early unfortunately my bikes off the road for the winter right now becomes spraying. You and I are gone for a ride we're gonna make that happen. We got a well definitely it Sheila so weary of watching the show tonight how are you don't watch yourself on TV. Yet I'm gonna watch it with all my friends my family and hopefully coming elicited they're going to be that ball beat Pete Syria and lake belt midday new place they have delicious food at the cool atmosphere. Come down and hang out I'll be given away 800 T shirts and I'll kind of prizes it's going to be a fun night. Well congratulations. Have a great party tonight now here TVs die. You. There's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.