Inside The Warped Female Brain - Temporary Bisexual

Thursday, August 10th

Danielle once again helps the male listeners try and understand the thinking of the woman in their life! This week we talk about a wife who drunkenly revealed she is Bisexual but then later said she was no longer interested!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when it's supposed to be honest because it changed her back. I'm not gonna be your heart it's time to go inside the warped female brain. All right. Time now. Who'd take a crazy trip inside the brain. The woman that he cares about whether it is somebody that you secretly crush on order. Somebody that you have been dating for a little while war. Somebody that you tendered up with the over the week and Horry your fiance or her. A year long time. Mrs. whatever whatever the scenario you're crazy if you're a man and you are confused about about the way the female bra a brain works he made text a question. Right now. To the tech needs text line which is 9717. And Danielle. Will answer from inside. That very warped. Female brain cell. Text messages are you ready Daniel my lamb and I don't know the have to do any special prep for this or is that just come right out here. Note I've been prepped us liberty here crazy like 24 halves let's. You know I rarely. I rarely hear. This particular person is not a fan of inside the war in Melbourne and the six on seven taxer accurately. That most people coming they really like. Because of the craziness. President is the relationship craziness that goes on in our world. And Seattle and this can handle that your dad and I think you know racism happened and now. Back to about. Text at literally the same thing last Thursday while I've. If not for it and it's only thing that desperately to exit the show. You know I'm I've gone and your skin. There's a 781 taxed when I met my wife five years ago she was honest. And told me that she was bisexual. Yeah oxy right LB that's of the text or says yes we spent the past few years dating women here and there always together. And had two long term. Relationships. Bouts. Six months ago. Our last one suddenly goes to us now. Recently I started reaching out to interest parties to set a date for us to go on now my wife tells me. She doesn't wanna do that anymore and all she needs is me I love my wife and will always respect their but obviously. Feel very disappointed and even a little bit of a bait and switch shoe sensor selfish for a. I have eight or switch hitting get married and then she was like ESM not by you had a good run. You know if I start video ready originally with the other Chilton and she's just going to things. That euthanasia at the turn around somebody else now maybe she heard over you know. I mean I know he should he bring up. Little long for a little bit India maybe she'll come back around a little while and just letter ever cooling off period. Last thing you wanna do. Is Nan a woman about it choice that she has made them because then you know effectively shut the door and you reconsideration there's no appeals process. Here's a 978. Taxed my girlfriend begged me for six years you get engaged. I took her to Aruba in June and proposed. And now. She wants to end our relationship what happens. Called beach met somebody else she realized she actually doesn't wanna marry you after all and everything was working out fine. For six years before you put that GB ring on her finger but she was begging for an engagement she got it yeah now a month. Later a month than a week later she always ways you can have rain is that but is that what it is you guys always want you can't have got. She's gone back to a date the the terrorists sailing rental guy that she met Ben off pollster that yes or I didn't. When you were Pettway after thirteen rum runners in your past a 110730. Ignited a she spent the night with the emperors knowing guy with Hank Azaria and began. Here's attacks my girlfriend of a year became friends Wii is a guy that she works with apps the pool. Should I be worried that it could be more than Fran is be wary here man or woman be skeptical that agreement at a bad. It's just just flat don't slack don't become neck and it becomes complacent in your relationship and and then you should be fine. Any short of the at a pool landing by endlessly to pull magnate what let him meaning like what's he gonna. About the pool magnate has a couple of dragons. I'm here isn't science today. Here's a nice eliminate tax. There's a girl that I haven't seen in ten years since graduation. We found each other on FaceBook. And she wants me really really badly steel. I'm now married. If she slept with me wants. Will she stop sending me news it's all what a problem yeah. The answer is no. It's downplaying. There's some kind of bitter and Blake you didn't. Do this in high school so I wanna get it's seen its exacting their make the point ash goes back into wants to be honest about it at this and I'm in on. I would I would trend lately also very important point to remember you are married so there's that sort of gap to do it in America at a I just found love the attitude in the same town I throw the. That the leg action does he's a hard. Here's the 978 tax on the tech means text line I'm a 35 year old male. I just recently found out that two female friends of mine. Told me that they had feelings from me and they both know each other. I just told both about each other and they agreed to date me even though I told them. Rape should I date both of them sure but it's gonna get messy. Because now both of them think that they're going to be the one that Emanuel over casino every check when she wants to annual over a school with the presence of another tickets. Connie you don't you're not going to be exclusive like. Totally fine with that man Graham like you wanna see her like Hilliard is Mina to stone to the turn don't back to back Maine now. But that's fine and then you know after a couple of months when you're like this isn't so bad that nobody each other it's all out in the open at school. And they start get mad like why hasn't stopped senior when he went for what. I palace so good about her. Mortgages they don't want to want to relationship you know from dating him and Warren. Once the rollers right here in says they both know about it communication has been established between the two of them wrong. Air golden I would sleep with one eye open and on down. This is difficult scenario seven anyone text. My friend's girlfriend cheats on him and he just won't believe any of them she gets away with so much and we have all tried to get him to get river. Now. She wants to have sex with me and we don't know how to go about telling him without her flipping it around. How long should we wait to tell and how. Do we do that. This this is very is his very tricky I applaud you for wanting to protect your friend. You're gonna need it crap ton of evidence where he already doesn't believe a lot of what you said about her actions. You know before she reached out to you about this I would say you have to know the guy she's stepping in basically show up at his place and wait for her role in there when she claimed she was Tony they're nails done. Setter but yet far. Well butter over bureau started clothes off Texans video clip and go home and yes they are percent of Europe's slippers. Very hard and it it hockey ran it that's all right evident from text message that. Some murder over and have branded the deed get it on video on an editorial. Now you just. Cain is bust your phone up like Tom Brady if you have a problem with the left with a text as except there at that cloud. Yeah yeah oh yeah except clout here at about wow yeah. I'm actually grow on bumble. We immediately hit it off and made plans to hang out last Sunday we swapped numbers we're talking every day. Sunday when I textured confirmed the spot at the beach we were gonna meet she coasted what gives them their name is probably Brian antibody that sent you out and phone number ethics or maybe it's a bunch of girls and branch office and just senate of state tonight account to death toll on our friends in place. Like I'm telling you one of the best aren't streaking gains on the planet. Well there's money involved Willits why do you think that she liked him then she has an issue with a guy that friend has a boyfriend. I shoes got a fight she was feeling battered and she's making a dollar friends like. You know you have to do used to get out there get to meet somebody down effect that's the only way to get over him just go go fight deal you're never gonna have to somebody better at their feet and sneak it out there's issues that are right signed she gets a mobile U match you talk for element. And the boyfriend comes around flowers in like chocolate for your favorite place and she's like I still view. It is 802 and we are going inside the ward two female brain. Before. We play your hill male voice mail messages that this is a 508. Text. One of our female friends. Found are married male friend on tender. It's not an old profile he has his ring on. A week later. I found his wife on tender. I've had a threesome with them before it does this mean that today RTT app again it seems like yeah I guess though that all their active profiles and yelling and grain right and that FMI. Can you backed up a little bit of the nudes one and down there because that one there. Let's just circus. Thing right here. 774 text. Why do all of the girls that used to hit me up on. Or sorry why do all the girls that used to hit army and say and mean news when I was dating. Suddenly stopped what I get engaged. Nothing about me physically has changed. I thought all girls. Loved what they couldn't. Yeah Abbott and the engagement thing is a whole other level of complication that most of us don't wanna deal. What it is just dating someone you can you can try your best at home away from his girlfriend once you're engaged it becomes a lot Matt year. Like many women will justify Milli like they'll be able say you're just stating it's not a real relationship Sophie iffy if he leaves her for me your feet cheats on her with me. But it's just they're just stating let's you're engaged and then my wedding planning starts now the whole of. I'm 52 and the wife is 36. She wanted to try some soft fifty shades of gray action OK we've been together for eleven years Mary for eight. I did it for us and we had a great time. It was my first time and I guess they did a pretty good job because she now thinks I'm lying about it being my first time and wants to know who I did it with. Being more than he I don't no good deed goes unpunished right especially in the Bender yeah it's. Probably going to be a bit of an Al Wynn apologized. Here's a 617 tax. Danielle my wife won't admit. That she master Bates. On Long Island mall. I've gone so far as to monitor battery voltage on her toys which indicates that she has been using it are crazy and that's what what give slide an heiress is like decrees no standing for a lot of people it's a shame thing especially if you grew up like Catholic earn a certain kind of family a lot of people have inherent masturbation chain. If I may be like afraid that that he's gonna think that he can't break he's not satisfying is that why she's making a lot of things get heard about the public doesn't care. And heads up lady doesn't care whether you're having an orgasm or not this waiver allows literally it's OP yeah. I have a lot of earth it's like that it would you care she read a book trains you know zones but consider reasonable if you master. A. Even masturbation played if you haven't had sex some like eight years now let all your cool if you keep tell me you're not into it you know in the person's probably none in tube it. If you're if you're having normal like. Pretty much regularly you can't sit here the person you connected. Why is it that the money I earn is our money. Yet the money appearance is exclusively her as you have seen seven Celsius or Jenna does. Yeah she apparently where you've been indicated so he may class remember. It was a. That's where under pain I'm used therefore you have to make up our society is an interest in one why do women ask you. Why you were on two under and when you tell them the truth they act like it isn't why you are there. So I assume that she's asking why the guys on thinner yet he's saying to meet people and now have a relationship. And she's assuming that it's okay. No legal tender for that is that the three people like text in a billet all of the room and what food to the Newark free is good you're you're you're out liar millions tendered to have. Quick dirty sex Lebanon by people drink at a bar. Yeah that's what it was developed for not just the same reason you know use FaceBook to keep in touch wood business contacts these days if you don't like Lincoln that FaceBook was developed. To figure out whether or not chicks were single but that's. I haven't heard of it. 978 texts. My girlfriend gets mad at me when female friends text me she assumes they're up to no good. She has male friends fair who asked her to go home when then randomly. If I'm not there and she just says that's how they are. How does she not see the double standard here because she knows that she's not in a home in any of those dudes and she knows that when those girls that are friends you text you. You're probably doing the same thing that are male friends again and heard asking her to go home theater. Why do chicks played the victim when a relationship ends like claiming the guy cheated on her but in reality she was the one achieved. I don't know that that's who. Necessarily. Chick think as men do that to them making more of an associate ethic cats and as social personality disorder that social personality a little woman saying people are more apt to believe the woman right yes that's true. That's sure it's the bias. So she's more worried about what others are thinking yeah. And she is about the fact that your relationship and there aren't huge here wants to get out there with her story first nobody wants to be culpable X yeah that blamed for their own actions. Are. And that's a gallon. Let's see when I first started dating my wife my father alive treated me like gold because I made pretty good money. Now. Looks like. My wife makes more money than I do and my father in law treats me like I'm a bomb. Even though I took care of her for ten years why is it wide isn't she stepped up for me. Because standing is little girl. And no one's ever good enough and you're great when you're taking care urban now that she's the breadwinner in the family of excellence mr. old fashioned things you need to step. Or or he wants to see her up cricket or something and unfortunately rather Smart to small Booth at a a a a well you got LB you know Loria about Dara it's our president doesn't matter what go to is what I what I don't. Hear what anybody thinks. Know it's there it's their problem not mine my wife where it's open Morin tells me she was finished nine who cares and do when she worries of the more calls me Obama loser (%expletive) up and you know a time to take a walk. Here's a 978 texts. On the chart means tax line. When my girlfriend and I first met we had crazy amounts of sex now we currently do and she says she just isn't a warning anymore. Is that possible yes it's called the long term relationship with Iraq and pretty much the same thing I know most people I mean but is we understand that. But let's get down into what is she not morning anymore no kids or I'm not for organ for him yet more death that's the sad reality. The progression in the BRE have a ton of sex sorry buddy. If you love and it that's great sometimes instilled have a ton sexy that's what you expect to do in the beginning a relationship then as time goes on your panel. I just I'm not I don't feel like doing anymore that's why I think the whole. You know being. With one person for the rest your life thing is is there is an outdated concept nikkei's people's attitudes change. People like also change have great sex with somebody union twenties and then if you're in your thirties. Now they are out while I was they've ever and that is just simplify. When you first started dating your first together and became a relationship used to go out have dinner right hand it'll play zoos and and a half and chat and talk vote. What's going arming and Franzen have fine and then now you sit in front of the television have to suffer and don't even talk to each other. Yes sounds so marvelous and all right Angela thank you Danielle about it.