Inside the Warped Female Brain - Glove Box Photos

Thursday, April 20th

Once again we go inside the warped female brain with Danielle! This week, a texter informs the show that while working on his girlfriend's car he came across a collection of photos of pictures of him sleeping! 


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Speaking of that I guess we are about to go inside the warped female brain. So. If you're a man and you are confused. By the way the mind of any woman in your life works you may now. Tax to any and all questions. To the tech needs tax line which is 97107. Tech needs staffing excellence Danielle once a week on the show. Provides you with a rare access inside the warped. Crazy psychotic female brain cell. Ask away are you ready Danielle hi amber at T this is the first text of the warning a 50 wait taxed I have a friend with benefits. We've been friends for years. Benefits just started recently. She is constantly telling me I treat her well. And give her great sexism. Why then I ask won't she try something more serious. If you're probably not pain for dinner and that's what she's hung up on that now. She didn't like you that I the second great guys at that time hanging out together you're probably not future Terry that's what Ari what benefits are now sex future material you have what's great sex with somebody an amazing mind blowing like all my god this is the best thing in my life. I'd be like knowing it would never settle now you tell somebody has to be future material into ya. For sure to add to it just means you can't even though the sex is incredible. You key as a woman you can't see is it because he's not going to be a good provider. Maybe edit it or I maybe some money they made it's a personality thing maybe this blob maybe Libya not it may be of different lifestyle choices maybe you have different goals. What is it just might be that like you're super compatible now weigh in on the fun. That's all good Nin and finally. Comes actually living out. The rest of you ears or the next six however want people stay married these days and don't get plane if you're gonna blow. There's a 339 text my girlfriend I had been in a relationship for three years. She just recently asked me for a break and said she needs some time to focus on herself. Ashley is lost loved for who she is now. This is come up so suddenly. And I'm a complete train track we've always had such a strong relationship. Could you please tell me what be that what might be happening and if there may still be a chance for me there may be somebody else. Me and Chancery I don't I'm sorry they owned that you're so devastated because I've been there and handed me. Shocking it is hasn't cut suddenly like that but it's. You know I. Another horse in your you're your super hard girlfriend. Who goes to put down we would play country best friend suck up and then comes that I can like two weeks later she liked. I may work on my. I manner really good time meant the big gallery they have the right thing leg I need some time hit like. I define my thumb but only adding I kind of lost to I am in the last Keyaron. You know he's organized level go to the pub in Malden with you and I just man forties on a yacht was sent them. So it's no show on millionaires sorry guys. See I have a females the 617 tax and a female remain living with me for last four months or boyfriend lives out of state. After sometime we started flirting and she seems to be interested in flirting back at me last month or boyfriend came to visit so I kept my distance and stayed quiet and and last week he left again in a couple days ago. She Texan said she noticed that I had changed and asked if I was mad. Does that mean that she misses how flirting I was whip her and is she DT. You. Italy is the you know it's it's sick it's this separation thing like when you spent some time when you first. Are away from a person your your realize how crappy. After time goes by. Sector remember the good stuff if crappy stuff and you like low. You know this wasn't so bent them now. Them. All right yeah ETF them 774 text. My girlfriend recently decided to grow out of her lawn. Seems to be a common thing later. Aldridge had a like tell her I prefer the pavement just that. And then the legal limit us to shave sentinel offender is now I don't think so. Don't till noon. Gentlemen it's all in the approach. It's been you say like you know I really liked it when you had it the other way years you know finally describe that the FCC friendly that's I have to get. Mom don't be like you know that's really gross I don't know why you would do that looks terrible. Of likely wouldn't you like challenging her discolored or feelings now at its own way and all of that incident via work. Mya is there I I hate garrison tinkered charges perfect. And then it's and and it's a lesion just avatar and all of these cases. It seems like people should just stock that's your line zone to yes communicate. At ball the right not the problem is. Tax Yahoo! texting is a problem. He's you can not infer home from Tex eat eat if you throw a million emote declines is on the would say in their. It's very hard to discern a person's tone from text whether it's email text message or whatever is either face to face her. All conversations he can actually hear the person's points. It is 758 and we are going inside the warped female brain here's a finally text I previously texted Ian. About my wife sexting with a mold Fran OK yes yes chairman of that though a few days after confronting her when we were having sex. She told me to take pictures of her and I doing it and send them to a woman that we now. And it was that just so that she feels better about herself because she was guilty. Or was it so that she could stay in contact with the guy and not. Feel guilty. So it's like a weird equalizer thing you know she's giving him permission. To send. Another thing and then pictures are not even close to that means that that now and a little weird yeah. I don't think he's trying to equals a level playing field and somehow she thinks. And except for the the sex thing without intent. Run by. I say nine. My girlfriend recently told me she needs space to figure things out Wednesday and summer's coming guys. I certainly company like either valid it is. You got here that money and are right about that honor is all right you're counted is there he wants to waste their son. I was somebody that they just don't wanna be where an idol as we explain Warren every Friday for the weekend. She said she's afraid of being super committed and doesn't want to have to answer any one. When she wants to do her own thing for him and and from time to time she says she still loves me old course like she's not sure what she wants any of any advice on this. Unseen since Todd tour and the like what can I get my aid too much in this department MI not enough in this department you know. Maybe your upper asked about certain things may be just missing cues to pick her out. Have occurred and we didn't. You have. She's doing great and I. No she your for a roof overhead in three squares a day trips aren't asking. Here's a 617. Tax have been dating a girl that is a different race than I am okay. My parents are pretty old school. And not as accepting as they should be. How should I bring about meeting them because I don't want to offender as I really like this. Her own Guinness that your parents down in the like luck owed to Americans don't like give a warning to the. To the. Yeah I know you just say my parents are couple race you do that lead you sit your parents now person they're like look don't you dare. Don't you dare give side diet or say anything inappropriate or make any act ended 1960s. Comment. Yeah don't do it here's an interesting question comes up in many ways from time to time. 617 tax. What is a reasonable amount of time to wait to have sex with a partner. I'd been waiting three months. Because she is asked how much longer should I wait. Pretty different without any I think after couple months you know whether or not it's Texas somebody wants to some underlying religious issue. Four of. Previous. Matt you know I have friends that they've had issues with being sexually assaulted in their past. They're very slow. To warm up to being intimate with somebody new because they need to build that trust first. And then I you know no checks that have done guys in a bath permit an SS got a. Right and cell cancerous but you are out. Yeah 2001 coming out of time I love can do there as I. I thought Mo and Alex answered a thousand cycle and DJ Cameron. I'm. 978 your dad's situation is going to be why. Paula that him up recent patents and it Q yeah and I I commuted their ice company tax. I'm dating to women at the same time for the first time in my life exhausting. Am I required to tell each of them that I'm dating other people should or should I just let it lie. And when it comes to sacks each other the other girl now that I'm having sex with someone out yet just keep it to myself let them know that you're having sex with somebody where Jimmy and wears on them. Please I. Is and don't back to back it give it to 24 articles please on the morning and night about rush hour seriously. That's not that he's living room and maintenance gross. It. Yeah I mean you should always be. Upfront about your intention like whether you're dating multiple people or don't wanna be a problem it laid eyes gets it it'll it'll end up saving a. A lot of issues other person to a Sunni your exclusive Ann and four months in like somebody runs into them and then they egg on Facebook and then somebody else's like wait. Earlier with you pretend I disarm with you know Perry and here's a 617 tax is illegal inside the warped female brain. The girl that I recently hooked up with the at a bar. Turns out he is a distant cousin of mine. And a sharp as she actually doesn't set I can't think she actually wants to see me again I don't know what to do and off our latest. Is that the cousin once removed plus I think you say yeah. I'm. In. I'll see I was doing ideal actually great great great great grandparents Virginia naughty. Here's a 774 Texas is creepy you know I was doing a brake job in my girlfriend's car the other day and I found something that was rather disturbing in the glove compartment. I found a bunch of photos of myself most of which I was sleeping or unaware that I was being. A photographed a. Is she crazy. Wiry in the blood clots during a great job. That I'm not I'm not a mechanic but I don't know that you need access and. Always consult the main tunnel yeah hi I sure sure America this first time -- Britain well either black male or she just really like watching you sleep. Lot of people a lot of people have a fetish for native area. Yes there's a 978 tax I have multiple girls in my office sending mean the I battery you're. Atkins doesn't and everybody I'm here yeah. I'm concerned about the effect this may have on my job what is your recommendation and why are they all sending me news when we work together on sound your coworkers at the trap. As I now being set up their plane Libyan president and keyboard and they wanna say you love the golf. Ideology or not it's funny you say that because I can see that happening if he is that knob that thinks he's god. Like he's got to six all right yeah he's a full look at India he graduated from you know Columbia University home. And he struck salt a day every day and the girls went out and got hammered one answered you know what do you guys who do you. It's aid. It's not as big a deal. As it once wise they hate the nude body and now a nice benefit. As time passes by and the social platforms but it diamonds beak so I'll. Knowing now but I figure it's for many it's not it's a bit might be a big deal for him but it's not really of. Big deal for her you wanna do it tests still barred what's that you do a test. 6179478434. All you WA AF ladies send me news then they'll be some of these now. Let's see how it works well. It lets the. Is. Houses. This is this is six or seven Texas is a very interesting one. I was there recently invited to go to a wedding. With that a girl that I know a reasonably well okay should I fixed that. That it is a romantic invitation or she just needs somebody to go to a wedding with now is this a real problem. For women who don't currently have. Yes a regular boyfriend has yet don't wanna go to their I want to go to a wedding by Adams now guess why is that what's inside the war being over it yet why is wedding its like why is that. His only its second the single table of people you don't now and get it on March wanted for drug race OK because it you know he's usually your bride frank is an a hole. Instead of sticking you with the single at the table of ten with the couples that you know we can't do that has that doesn't fit in with the numbers right we can't take away runner feeder at one and squeeze one in. Which if you're at the single table. Eventually your friends are going to be like just very charity Aronson at our table no big deal because they wanna go with a date but if you're not dating somebody it's like you don't want to just bring someone new. That you just that he wants some that you know well enough that you can go and have a good time with and hang out with can be comfortable. And introduce the double B we are people gonna ask you a million questions that don't resist what's going on either I don't know it's just my bunny so. That's really probably the worst today and for single women. Is another woman sweated buckets up what I think so probably like. When you get that invitation and you're not with a guy in your electricity is going to army does ass especially here at the age where everyone's like narrator toppled appeared younger earth here in that weird like. Everyone just got divorced for the first time in hasn't met their second husband yet there and you know I get 456 that you put together you sit together in great. But when you're like the the or all. Now it's very to the pants when blitzing in the end it's the lose lose situation because you lose his. Are like oh you did how you don't have anybody not dating you know engaged and then god forbid you have a couple of cocktails and hook up with a single body from the the grooms. The party and then your. Home. Saturday. Well. That is inside the war to female brain this week nice work and yeah oh man pretty reasonable question yes. This week and reasonable distance.