Inside The Warped Female Brain - Brotherly Love

Thursday, July 13th

Danielle once again helps the male listeners try and understand the thinking of the woman in their life! This week we here from a guy who's girlfriend cheated on him, with his own brother!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Big guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when it's supposed to be honest because she changed her front. I'm not gonna be no art. It's time to go inside the warped female brain. All right. And every once a while on the show we attempt to help you win your relationship problems so if you're a man. And you don't understand the convoluted crazy warped brain. The woman you lift. You make text any and all questions to the WA AF tech needs text line right now it's 9717. And Danielle will allow you a rare glimpse inside the warped female brain yes. 774 tax they just celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary to celebrate they gave my wife the typical card in jewelry. In addition. I set up a nice weekend at a talent Nokia's hotel dinner and cocktails we had a great time the entire weekend. The issue is that she didn't even care to do a darn thing for me other than wishing me happy anniversary year. Financially comfortable social issues and the money to get me something. I would've have been happy with something as little as a golf mark her case of craft beer. What gifts I think that's an unfair double standard when it comes to I treating men and women for. Things like Mother's Day vs Father's Day anniversaries and birthdays like it and the man is always expected to shell out on the woman's kind of like. Well who now. And they do everything else got for me you guys he's the you know I'd pay the mortgage excuse like Abby likes to throw up there you never hear the end of it so that's what she's thinking in her brain and a warped mind. Like I do all that everything else and Azinger is W. You never anything that I get you behind your gay sex I thought adults and annoyance is that a good time it moves suing them. I'd like she can get shooting ever like. It's when varies person shoes jewelry sets you know that's not so I had to play that we do the segment well. I think after. All right good to see I don't always up to the got a plan out the number signature highlights like always did she know we'll we'll never planned anything else. Valentine's Day or cycle a second Christmas it's always the man but always. Don't give me that and do everything you know one politic and handed to take to try planning an anniversary about that. What you wanna do any thing. If we any of the activities that we planned for an anniversary weekend I highly touted. Not unless he you know why because they marry you I love you I'll I'll do anything going you are with you all I'm asking you zoom in on the planet I can smell it from here so I'll go see a whole double feature Graf fired fried green tomatoes. And whatever steel magnolias and then go notebook don't forget about the Monroe notebook in the right. I think you can see whatever he can still news for women. You know absolutely and muscles do ornery and give you a line more you're going to be tests and buy you a barbecue are. Unloaded on news or Barbara you have a family again in honoring. Here's here's a 774. Text I recently re connected with an ax after seven years long nice we hang out a lot and do all the things that we used to including Saks and can she still brings up frequently that I cheated we will that ever smell alone will that it will limit or stop never. Omar used what about why is that sex better be great picture of why would you forget Ernie Brad Bryant. Proud of our area you are feared that the search is geared you're gonna put programs. Here is a 781. Text I work in a professional business environment. Why do women feel the need to show cleavage at the office if it drives me crazy. I love it but it's not fair jealous man I tell us. I tend to go and and more conservative take on it comes to office stressing so that I was it was a little perplexing to me and I see people with like inappropriate level of office to show H I know the guys love it. I think that there are. This is the unfairly stereotypical or profiling I don't know what you could actually call it I think they're certain industries in which she could get away with it more cell yeah like perhaps the receptionist at a construction office. Catering to none of the people you cannot cynical like then. Announced here in feared if you're working over you know Helen door ordered the law firms are Maggie may need to be a little bit less clean the G. I. You say it's unfair to do it that you always locked. Here's a six on seven techs have been engaged for six months to amazingly beautiful woman. A friend of mine came to me accusing her cheating ami who it has since been confirmed. Worst part is it was my younger brother who cheated on me at all. After. I'm totally out of Los swirling in what way do will be there aren't very personal beat the bag and you younger brother and I think you feel better. Normally I would say try to work through it and maybe get past that the family thing throws a whole other wrench into the system. I really. Don't know what's Italian if you if you think. That she can move past it may be trying failing thing that I don't know. I don't know but now there's a kind of occur Bernanke to just voter asked Siri. There Q what are disaster to occur move on going inside the war female brain. If she was gonna cheat. Why the brother if they're likely how can I. There's some sort of other. We are saying that he developed an emotional connection over the course of she gating the fiance. Hurting the fiance. When they see each other they taught me be they actually maybe she actually has more in connection 88 in common with the Brothers aren't that there was some. You know that weird sexual tension thing where they're both at the you know that the grandparents eightieth wedding anniversary party about a do you believe that that she's doing she chose the brother to be incredibly intentionally will she could if she's complete DV I mean if she you know is he as you did something crappy she's trying to back Yale at that. I've been online dating nice to me text and online dating for five years since I got divorced this is tough for a lot of people a lot of lot of guys in the divorce stuff on. Every time I actually like somebody can't lock it down because everybody is serial dating. Yeah there is nothing yet every thing is are your arteries leading. I am currently in their options open in front tender and you're still on tender how do you get a woman that's online dating you like to focus on just stating you. The awesome. Show her experiences that she's never had anyone else be really attentive and just be great and then. If she continues to do it they'll put up with a crap tapper asked what chat session comes around now and you stop paying attention to woman helicopter. I. Am I wrong to tell my girlfriend that. This is the ninth so many text them I'm Ron to tell my girlfriend I don't wanna drive one and a half hours to see you this weekend for barely 24 hours I drive one hour each way all week for work. If you've been together for a long time junior never hear the end of it that that's something that in the beginning of her honeymoon phase in the beginning her relationship you'll drive to light Chicopee that are firm you know being on. To like smooth somebody once that Hollywood is so much haven't seen you on home okay. Like as time goes on your like listen I really mean you know probably an I mean the whole time we get a bitch about some thing. I don't wanna hear it maybe you could drive here for one so it's not wrong I think that you're completely in the right to do is not feel like doing Yankee Girardi doing a lot of driving. You're gonna catch some heat for those just Nokia. Maybe she contracts in essence and it's raining novel should hop in the car this is Tim on the premium for its studio line premium Ford known will say a Ford for less what's up to him. Doctor ordered him to outlets. I would guard dog bad guy yards. Which isn't probably have you know if you don't have a device that even if you want to get ready. How loud and so I didn't doubt it means that they've got a lot blog address alright light the match. Its phone to not. Get an idea what it meant are you saying that your girl cheated with your brother. I don't empowered. Engage your wallet dot Linkedin today I would have picked up a little bit older I don't doubt I doubt that. Your thoroughness you bonus horrible I just need to now put in the girl to cheat with was your brother. I would I would I. I'm very cold front that I'm very very broad product and. They're. Well I don't know the one thing with the brother shall numbers shall sleep for the premiere issue of course hair and bright Christmas every hourly. Now you get hammered go to bed early on they brought to the sheds in order I think there's a 774 attacks. Woman that I've known for four years and dated for two. This 774 text her ring and in tour last weekend. And now she is ignoring me. I have detector and then she asked me why I am not taxing there. Now why is she not communicating with him and why she expects him to be the person that is gonna make all the effort. Because she's making some kind of assumption as to why he's not texting her because I've been in that situation summoned before it's like. A hot comedian Mike. Up from Ivan heard from you so much as to why should I call you question a million question text it it's like. And a candidate that. I didn't think you wanted to hear from like and you didn't last time we talked to didn't expressed much interest in seeing merely hanging out or doing anything so I think there's just like it. That's the problem is we have very little face to face communication with people and we rely on. Text messages and emails and FaceBook messages and nobody knows what the hell anybody wants or means isn't and you have to be directed to like. Do you view all mine. To hang out with me and possibly eat some food. And have sex yes Sharon and yes. Yeah there are no thank you. Speaking of food 774 taxed my girlfriend and I have been together for a year or so now. Lately she's been gaining weight and I'm becoming less and less attracted tour. Should I teller I don't want to hurt her feelings because I really do lover you're going to do so he regardless nausea or does he really lover if he's not somebody not be attracted to them. Real poll asks are you kidding appear. People on what I talked to a denied Tyrod on Monday he probably did it behind you you can you Gerri you love someone but you don't like don't you know there's an enemy you know you don't have sex except just suck it up treasured gifts tornado like OK okay front. I hesitated. The but does the woman want to hear that and is there a way to say there's not a way to say it without her feelings getting hurt. It's a roller coaster thing because she might be appreciative. You know his eighth you know you can he get throw out the I love you no matter what you look like you know that but I'm just concerned for your health. No matter what you gonna take incidents euros in the woman is always knew it butter does no positive to it as you know ultimately. It's X it's a slight against her even though she's the one not doing anything about it don't you dare tell her the united tour now don't you dare throw out the I'm not attracted to anymore because of the way you look at that business and turn to a downward Ben and Jerry's spirals asset yeah. Tonight. I. I just I just aren't during dinner when I have a chicken chicken on some solid to say hey look you know our. You have said some bothering him. You seem to put on you know tunnel now until now that I definitely lose our our. What do you wanna do you. It is a little its lovable women. Now I know people need to be more selfish when it culturally shift so also not our idol also what's he gonna do what's gonna put up with their fat crap for like 222 more years and then. Two years bull their lives are history of the conversation be a big voice hey listen what's your deal are you upset a terrible you weren't a great relationship. Why are you put non way. Here's a 774 Texas we go inside the war to female brain. An acquaintance of mine just signed a text message thanks love. Is she DTF. Now now I hope I sang I I say thanks glove thanked all. I'm betting money I don't have time lag and no I would not go forward not start fish and I would not fully apiece up next and here certainly you know that is certainly in my back with a axle back so no I. Now it's it's. It's you're cutting a scrolling downturn after realize that's just your standard email signature. I caught my wife hears a 774 attacks that come my life Google Winger ex boyfriend. After she lied and said she wasn't then later apologized and told me she was left looking up a news article about him. Because her friends told her about it no she says she lied because you want me to assume the worst what do you think. Well outlying makes people assume the worse than that I got to DM news article shortly into our. The news article of primary right now what did he do would you Iraq is involved in a hedge fund scheme to get a little harder mentally you know precious targeted do you buy reversed red flag she Allard. Oh I can't like you're not looking that your ex girlfriend's an NC grand isle here. I'm speaking of penile enlargement coming up in fifteen minutes if you are not well in doubt. The position short positions. You can use with with you with your lady. So that she thinks you ours that. Now don't let anybody work. Catchy specifically tuning in for this segment or everybody will know the other small place. This is Daryn good morning Daryn. Morning let's put her effort to help us. But I did the same approaches protesters out there is that it goes well she sat just. Acted honestly you'll love them straight at the same approach my wife wears a offers. Now she wears robbers and she doesn't look good Roberts. And a little careful gorgeous she's so nervous. Clinton used don't wanted to Wear Roberts. Two feet by Nortel are actors so hurting at all and saw it was such as they are right. Aren't we want blue. You know Siler fashion sense how dare you tell me not to Wear romper honestly they're probably on the way out Sunni and they're. Robbers are peaking in like forever 21 right now which means they're going to be on him. Now there's like speaking since we learned recently on the show. That many of you communicate only with Emo geez yes. You don't hockey don't you don't that text even words he just cute we learned that Emo g.s are more important than actual. Words and to some people. This Bible text who wants to know. If the girl is the Piaf if she is sending you can see faces. This person's never matter but she also calls him laugh so they've never maps. He's getting him mode you get to face this honor Kenny wants and what they're ten days to kind of ironic is that the ambiguous kids seek pacers that you can see face at the heart. Personally am I getting you know acting now consulate she sending gifts that Charlotte paper and exactly. I'm not a Sonoma Bradley yeah eager to go all in send the full sex gets that is how you know someone is DT. Modern dating cared but it after. My best friend is the ninth so many text my best friend is a woman. And she hasn't texted me in a week and a half. She was mad because we went somewhere where their husband. And she wanted to leave so I made the excuse to leave and then she acted like I had ruined the day. I text her four times when she still won't reply lucky its our so they went somewhere with a husband yup she wanted to leave. He helped out I guess but coming up with the excuse and now. She won't tax the Mac addict husband found out and she's. The senate is deeper going on iron and a little will scale among them on and on Leah is that what it is must me. I is that she's being passive aggressive policy about something and I wouldn't I wouldn't. And but could you could not think she's got a husband don't generally she owes you something are you all right. Was it obvious. My bed to the point where the husband might get suspicious of me it says something. Maybe I don't know I don't I and it's kind of hard the way it's described scanner to read that the situation was so really there's there's another there's not a husband on the planet that has a wife. That allows your Arab or guide best fan I extradite. Couple weeks ago on Friday morning six and seven Texans woke up early to pack the car for a guys camping trip. My girlfriend got extremely angry at this her excuse was that I should of waited until she went to work to pack the car because she still wanted to cuddle what is with cuddled on. I can't assets GE unit yet. It's not coddling and it's not that morning not giving enough attention at the rest of the time. They need to step up your attention game title that wanted to show with some sent flowers to her office and make her feel better not you're not spending enough time together. As it is in the relationship. And it's probably because of your bros and this anger is manifesting indeed packing for the broke camping trip because that's the epitome of the slate like I'll. You know audio you guys aren't such as schedule you can spend five more minutes with me and Barrett. When. It is a ten. And this is the Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information go to echo stored cock. And it's WA AF FM and HD one west Borough Boston WK FH TT Brockton and WEEI HD three Lawrence. Here's a 617 taxes we go inside the work female brain. Every morning when my girlfriend gets dressed and goes off to work. She wears sexy lingerie. Do other women do this or is something going on that I don't know about while she does that work. Now that's a good question ridiculous I mean what launcher isn't sexy. Like. I guess he's thinking like she's my eyes it pay. At least turns I get a ball over the Broncos don't let a guy aren't you get you get a ball Horner who is a frock agency securities. A burka it gives you would. If she consistently whereas. Lingerie like that to work all the time and it's not a new thing I wouldn't be worried. If she's usually a cotton song and the sports bra type gal under the suit which inning you know depending on what she has to Wear. Just don't Wear like business suits or are herb you know. I'm more higher and fancy close to where he can need the appropriate underpinnings to make it look good I guess she is a randomly started like nine fans wondering if she's definitely do immigrant and norm. Here's a 77 or her or asked to get a permit auctions 7774. Text and recently divorced. And looking to trial mind airing. Should I mention that I'm divorced. On my profile. Or and also how one Dwight way before I mention that to a woman that I go on a date. I mean nationally conversation. You can put on your profile I mean I think that will probably. It will turn some people wave at those are the people that you wanna be dating anyway if they're gonna judge you based on the fact that your divorce. I don't. I defy started dating a guy. And you know. I just feel like that would come up a conversation like Ali you know what was your last serious relationship hitters have been married it's just kind of the stuff that you talk about when you get to know each other yeah. I don't think it's like a massive. So just like they're dudes who ended I there was divorced but isn't it still gonna be the let's say he doesn't put in his profile goes out on dates connects whatever. It then would it be a deal breaker like issues should he keep it from her because after six months or some cute. She finds out she won't she'll still be you know you have DE I wouldn't wait six months itself and it the media if if they ask Peter and Mary say yes. You had the advantage of having them get snow we feel that more so it's something that would be black and white deal breaker for someone at the beginning. The that I never did it had been married before that person he can indeed picking ethnic society. But it could be just. The currency here I don't remember. Oh. You have benefited then getting to know you'll habit so if if normally they wouldn't data divorced personality that you know what I did never dated divorced god he's great Nazi why should hold that against him a big deal that could be I don't. It's I. 617 tax I've been married for fourteen years. I'm headed to Las Vegas next week for a work conference that is likely gonna have me in meetings twelve to fourteen hours a day. My wife is insisting that I checked in every hour. I told her that was gonna say yes I told that was Psycho graphically insane. I'm a normal guy I know history or tendency for cheating why why is she acting like that is it's Vegas if you're going to a conference in Minneapolis. I have fun right. A Acxiom. Wearing what are you that you are saying the same sales Mormon aren't the meeting in Miami yeah months I then went on it to women like dad blow my mind every hour on the noted. What a state or you elect you know you know IQ are you go get a hooker at noon every day and sort of have a line shot. In our constitution. It's not you. It's the guy high you work that's insane and lose it. It's that time hacker guy and it's not okay my credit tied so you work with Todd tides tides of and a complete alcoholic. Loves your clubs always gets into trouble when he's away. And she's like Ali you're gonna be at the conference with hot behind while calling every out our new every hour and I wanna face tough clearly earlier in the bill are we on break from the panel. They signed me. I'd I'd sit that's a testament to the Vegas chamber of commerce in their marketing yeah. That you know nobody trusts anybody in Vegas I think you're probably right about that.