Inside Simple The Male Mind - Stranger Danger

Monday, June 19th

Once again LB helps the woman who listen to the show try to understand the men in their life! This week LB gives advice to a couple looking to do a threesome, that the other guy involved shouldn't be some random dude!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now then it's only natural fraudulent and eager to join us a man ever going to stop going to question. I don't understand this week peer even sign another got to work when I once awhile this simple mail mind Moore who were happy to examine a great time world. Eight and it's time to go inside the simple mail mind it's brought to you by the compass tavern. And so if you're a woman you may now text with any and all questions that you may have. And LB will allow you a rare glimpse inside. The mind. Of a man in your life. Here is a 508. Text. My boyfriend and I have been together for five years. He resides in Canada. And I go twice a month to visit. Recently when visiting I found nude photos of him on straight and gay web sites are ranked. He says he loves me and I believe him. And he wants me move in them and talks about our future together however I'm wondering if I should confront him. About the pictures of course she shepherded in a movie and without. On zero guy twice a month there's a lot of shenanigans going on my dishes out at me she's wondering whether or not he is bi sexual. I would hazard to say yes she would say yes that is dominated the pictures being on the team who loves you and I would find our. One other guard and reason why because just double dip in a. It'll find these photos by the way that's what I'm always curious about this I mean I can find any thing. Pretty much on the Internet but like it was like oh I randomly came across the nude photo of my boyfriend and the like. But OK and well. And we noted earlier around a couple of days of Marv people get sloppy after I mean if she was like on the computer and there was a link that came up and they concede that like ran those that are like. I happen to be surfing the web the other day and found this hard core video of my girlfriend for 96 it's like. But while west at near line we have a lot of I feel like Casey case and there's a lot of long distance dedication text messages coming in this morning this one involves Mississippi. I pin this and ninth symphony text I've been talking to this guy for over two weeks. He lives in Mississippi and I live in Massachusetts. We really hit it off we talk. Every day all day. Right even made arrangements for him to come up here in a few weeks no really a he's making you pay for him to come up here the last thing he said to me was that he was gonna finish up some. Farm chores her and then he would call me in a minute that was Saturday at 3 PM. It charged my bag phone I haven't heard from in the sense. What happened. Do you think it's another woman or do you think he actually got hurt or something he's real I'm an of the LD kid. Actually maybe back cot in May and then all of our economy jogger and no tiger amid is that you're not what do you think you are content yarder aren't. I mean to me on a certain way you know these these fishermen he probably got a wife and guide kids and runs a farmer works and hours and Derek. Now there is bored you know probably you know again doesn't have such from his farm warrant but once a year lose sight you're probably one of many. Internet ladies she's checked it out point him. Be suspicious Larry's original series when your on the Internet. It's a complete crapshoot you guys you've got a note it. You know nanny now anything could be out there and readiness via write my buddy Johnny Kelly god bless him he's the best that he was the greatest. He settled down now in Florida miracles to what some. Ex Major League Baseball Red Sox players are excellent but. He was amazing. At getting women to fly him or fly and every weekend job and he never read a paper and it. Here's a 603 tax. When my husband and I get sentiment. He doesn't want any foreplay he just wants to do the act and get it over with what does this mean he's just doing it to pacify me yes. The US just said OK that's that is under estimates at least daily gas does China get it over a list. You love zero he doesn't look likely to do it so much anymore are probably put on some weighed in us you know twelve hours today. Yes from a notably cared straighten. Answer or an hour. Enjoy the eighteen minutes. Here's a 978. Text. Audio there's no foreplay and radiate menace. My boyfriend says he would like to have a three some but we have another guy all. He said he's not gay and doesn't want to do anything with the guy right is this weird yeah yeah this on the back from candidate. It right at about oh assert their right literally. One of those things we talked about this last Monday. Yeah a bit tonight if it's night. His body but you can't have a threesome without regard to stranger and that's just weird to Newton. Maybe not to other people. By the idea. If it viewers with our dad grab one of his best months. Grab one of his pals are wanted to spa and how a couple of cocktails you know moon. Let's see. 978 text. Why do guys on dating apps ask for more pictures of you when you have plenty of pictures. On the app. They're both face and full body yeah. These guys aren't asking effort nudes. It's generally just for regular pictures out of your best pictures and everybody knows that. Yes. Right Obama is out because there and then and those they have been pulled before is that the problem the innocent and it you know and I know that that's our picture of 2017. Different you know hold imagine I mean you know hold the paper for the right there tomorrow. Let the Mayor Menino got reelected. Saying. And I 28. You look like you're twenty saves. I'm we are going inside these simple meal mind. This segment is for you ladies who are confused about the way. The very basic very uncomplicated brain. Of the man in your life works whether it's a guy you're dating wanna dates used to date. Are engaged to our Mary tool our axes with whatever abide by AdAware on the picture thing. It appears she gave up a couple of years just demonstration and I. You know it's OK okay about ten pounds them you know just don't trying to shoot about fifty. Here's a 978 text I was taking a shower the other day and when I got out. I cut my boyfriend of four months with my panties in his hands they appear to be near his face but he said he was just gathering up the laundry. I think he was sniffing them and is this odd or is this a thing keep in mind I had just gone to the gym. Outstanding amount of love that sends elderly and there's nothing weird a little that's what's so another weird about that. At all on the block element certainly anything better than after an amazing session in the bedroom of the whole bedroom smells like sacks and awesome sweat and blue that nothing weird her it's now LAQ. 978 tax I have been married. For almost ten years. My husband's. Penis size is perfect for me however. He keeps saying that he wishes it was bigger and keeps asking if I wish it was bigger why won't shut up about it. I just get older. Yeah he's getting older crowd put on like 1015 pounds from another worsened get McCarron thank you that your team and shrinks it doesn't shrinking items adjusted. And then you think it smaller burden and you insecure and then you don't think he's sexy anymore living you start wandering and war and to still make them justice system on the lighten up Francis tell me love and tell me so think he's sexy little. Does he wants a lot of form and because yeah you watch a lot of coin yesterday now is everybody let them know that when I realized. Don't fall for. Here's a 617. Taxed. I've been dating a great guy for almost two months now. And he is going to a wedding this Saturday. And that he responded to do before we started dating yet he is taking a female friend of his from work. Because he had asked her before we started dating now I think that he should tell her that he wants to take his girlfriend and he refuses. He refer. He is is to do so that July because you've only been dating for two months or as well. Thanks so much she says I tell us are so hard you know but he's an egg market. He realistic you what you have to daughters solvers and he's not willing to take you an easier taker then you guys are just dating. And in in in these and having greats such review and I'm entertainment it's not going. Any farm there and. Mean really could tell somebody now I mean you know what I mean it would be mean to tell beat the woman from works that she would go amendments. Mean to go back and say no 'cause I mean is now what are eager to pick paying nothing's changed beyond seeing somebody about about it is not he he's. Series above the girl he's dating he would say hey look I'm Gingrich are now so I can take you the wedding and the girl work rubio no problem. In. All works this is a rare instance of the guy being honest he would just give a break for crying out well. Listen to them not for now they're not gonna take her to the wedeman gets its mastery zero. Thrower all over the bedroom. I mean the hotel room via okay that's going down as he goes with that girl from work he's gonna. He's going to be hit it on my on after the one. Usually you just need you know that you're just dating. Here's a 978 tax I started dating a guy and we haven't hooked up yet. But he keeps throwing out silly little comments. About his small penis it's constant and the noise and do you think that means that he is trying to set me up for the fact that he is not well endowed us. That's again an idea a yummy and played cutting Zia it's Samaria and yet they had just that it was tucked in the I found dead you wouldn't do a movie made certain payments weapons certain. And have been noticed immunity up and noticed. Me dry hump just c'mon. You do that line guy once in awhile it thinks he's funny with those comments and then all of a sudden you're like oh my god literally what am I gonna do it that it the size of my. My arm she would know that already again. Coming on the courage during you know. Movie and noodles so he's probably setting her up. After the reveal who possesses so what's going on say hello to a little ham stack yes senator for the review can't Richard Neer our guys it's it's we are going century we are going. Inside the simple mail mind. As a journal you can tax your question on the tech needs tax line which is 97107. That means staffing excellence and LB will provide you as a woman. Who is a rare glimpse. Inside. The simple mail mind he is a 617 texts. My boyfriend of over a year and I had an argument yesterday. About the bikini that I was trying on the beach season. Missouri gaming wars some that Gary he says it's true revealing in the bottom area. And that he doesn't want me wearing that where other men can see it. Why would he cared enough chances. Since there's nothing Morse and insecure people. Guys day in and like it seriously till the light now. You know if you were sun dress walking down boil some street. I am grueling my ours all over you know so I mean what what does it matter are checking out your ass one where the other what is like an inch of material make a difference move again and can't. You might ordered you might wanna tumble out there it's one of those things. An image that's what it's like now act a year and what's it gonna be like later right now thanks and I doubt you want me or skewed news suited to the speech. Lab during it. Here's is 617. Texts. On bumble. How long should I just go back and forth texting with a guy before he asked to take me out. Twice just twice the fact that that aren't available on win. Talking about a two days to hook cited an onsite to get out of the sacked askew out after on the floor what does it rate for people whose wife right its stated you would you be swayed from right to do you know what. That Friday. I aliens money you know me his what you have to ask yourself pairs of days ago. A regular guy that's on on bumble. Probably talked into ten girls. Right I would guess Saturday I don't know lease and right. You know one and our couple of days a week. After your home from work at the parent he's got any on the line that a boy you're given him five. Conversations. The exact the other. Now he's a he's like who she's pretty cool he's discouraged she she accepted my wife and she's ever asked point. So I don't I don't look I don't wanna listen you're on the river so that Jack you up and tell you a bunch of nice things for cover three days while Lloyd ITT's other girls offered dinner. And steer it works out it doesn't Europe and and come back to you so you wanna be sloppy thirds moon and wait for week. 171 tax currently my husband and I make the same amount of money. I have a job interview this week. For a job that double double my salary there thus. I will be making twice what he does and put that extra money in your bank account I thought he would be excited. Because it means more vacations and more golf for him. But he doesn't want me to do the interview why because his masculinity is being threatened. And wizards witches soul weighing them to sit down and have a big board conversation with the Missouri. Seriously. Military. Don't get your act together. Check the ego and in the lock box and let's move on. Here's six and by the way do the interview I did go get interviewed and ourself yet yes right. Here's a 617 tax. My boyfriend is twenty years my senior. And was previously married with three older children from his divorce was very ugly. But he talks about marrying me all the time. He wants to and I don't. I don't understand why on earth he would wanna get married again. When I say marriage is a foolish institution. He's a keeper by the way. Why doesn't he just want the fund would mean without the paper weight I have no idea and you might wanna get away Q you're. Eastern maybe your one on mom you're young talent may be one of those. Guys who loves being married some of those guys out there who get married and two or three times and I love being married to listen myself yeah. Not because I don't know hundred go to it still looks so these guys seem to love being an area and it. People don't wanna like. You know divorced after a niece twenty years her senior respect grown kids. And now he's getting divorced some people don't want any back and out of the market so when they find someone else I'm all locked down now let alone okay this or why she's she's cleaner and giving me. And she's dragged. And angst threatened with you're young pass on his armies and he's happy is there there's he's what doesn't what's that saying at as a clam up is a point. Happy with your point. Oh I would I think I would probably just what else. Tell him you're not getting married I would I was totally useless anyway because he's rich. He's got his own house probably get a boat couple from me on more than one house from your house on the notion. Now again you're you're twenty years younger put it in perspective twenty years from now where you'd be Internet Olympic spirit for the bank great. If not I'd I'd walk. Wouldn't have any do the kids what it does you have to even after you get married you have to and a yet to adopt the kids. Right well to be legally responsible if he's one birdie mean. You mean that the the woman would have to adopt the kids know like yet to dismantle their responsibility right tablet yeah I'm no issue sales per person or the other reason to run hurt his kids probably your age. He's twenty years your senior is has just done today disarm. She's very. The LBM absolutely this is seven anyone texts as we go inside the symbol male mind I'm absolutely crazy about a guy had been seeing. But we just want completely different things in life. I feel like he wants the B eight forever bachelor enjoying his freedom. To do whatever he wants when he wants I'd like to rule be more committed do you think he'll ever change. Change yes. You'd know that does change what well I mean it's not meant to her listen I'll dissenters obviously guys get along. So you don't you don't wasting your time and energy. So all what I would do is in your in your parents say your time clock him another year. Given to. An hour throughout. Our. Even in your competitor. I don't believe that works. It's the guys don't want change they're not they're not commitment kind of guys and I and you spend five more years that around us LLC and I don't think that I'm a little yeah like audio video another nickname in the bud give me hearsay you know don't don't say anything. I'm not signals into your head. I'm not Sansa Donna because conversational dark understand. If you're you guys are debt all lying in your hand in. Any year from now he does nor commit to our relationship. And by the way are you or are you do and are you guys did you agree there you go as a one on Warners is he still out there at Newport for. Shirts from new York and Washington on the weekends and that's a case and I just walk or does it just you know and ham just in your head give yourself a year and hence don't don't take time. I just say I said I'd never get married I'd never buy a house I'd never have children. Yeah it's all happened so did all of those things all of those things yes so yes it can happen Danielle and I listened I just had years behind me you have experienced that proves otherwise I don't answer no imagine very different air. Fans were because you meet somebody and ask them for ring via first time you need to know. Wanted to say you want you want an immediate commitment to molded my idiocy does all right yeah that term there. Time for not demanding at this point that was my that was my plan to former high schools which are preeminent brand given the kind of been at Christmas when I was nineteen. Well. That's about it thank you very much that is inside. The simple mail line.