Inside Simple Male Mind - Proposal In Vegas

Monday, March 20th

Once again LB helps the woman who listen to the show try to understand the men in their life! This week a woman's boyfriend proposed to her in Las Vegas but he hasn't mentioned it since... Did he forget he proposed!?!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Right now we are going to use LB's brain for something else. And now and it's only natural for a lot of girls join us a man ever going to stop going to prostitute. I don't understand this week peer even sign another got to work when I want so while this simple mail mine portal we're having examined a great time world. Went inside a simple little miners brought to you by doctor Leonard changing Europe lettuce. Change your life if you wanted to exit the question does to get any kind of clues about your man from. From a man right now. And can. In front zone where they'll himself text MW hours or more women on this planet than any other human being terror techniques to X line is 97107. I'm gonna start off with a son Daniel you're mind. LB I'm a thirty year old male and I had sex with a 21 year old smoke show stripper this weekend I'm lost. What do I do now guy. Get tested who now please. Why are you lost are you in love with this interview in love with the people and doesn't specify that's an automatic go to. Just in July that's is that not a win win I know this is Ritchie issued a bit and in the morning you run around Jesus smoke coming Kirk. Yeah doing enough for nothing and if you've been there once you go back there when every war malicious programs there. Can. Aren't. Really when aren't jealous that's it in my aura about it that's a great night out. I'll be my boyfriend I just went on a trip to Las Vegas and we were really drunk one night and while we were out in front of the fountains of Bellagio he dropped to one knee and proposed. We were super excited we got celebratory drinks however. The morning after he didn't say anything about it any hasn't mentioned any thing since we got home two weeks ago. I'm kind of nervous to bring it up to him what should I do. So if so it was a proposal without a ring yeah asserted district in the moment a place. That doesn't count. Good on him now that's where award a great awesome Vegas actually four days right you're off the heart you're amazing. You're in love and gave me everything you ever wanted for four days in very assertive not at least got 30 yeah. I didn't wanna drop the U wanna dropped a camera on justice you know when he comes home from work. Give me. Are we gonna go ring shopping all. Now Billick for lack don't don't don't know. All obscure reference yes moonstruck. He will what was Danny analysts character's name Johnny. There's a Johnny yes giant camera area as prairie don't always ring yet without a bad luck my lesson look ahead by a bus in the end the only have one hand and then none. And Ronnie did. Yet his brother shipments of the country he told him look over somewhere while he was slicing Bradley lost the sanity lost has broadened to also. You know I'll miss the camera he chews up your own hands get out of their relationship. So guide. I'll be my husband and I have been married for fifteen years things have been getting a little stale in the bedroom and the parents I was about mixing it up a little bit. But I'm afraid he's going to think something suspicious is going on how do I approach this or reassure him that that's not the case. Don't even swept a small stuff cold all in 150%. To. Mean let the door naked. Lovers who. There's not good there's a very when he pulls the car into the garage is just. Fly out there and you're. Dragging the country now outside the house we can't that's terrible luck guys charges connected to allow us and that's mine okay if you've got to separate garage and then you went after where the rule book in that car and but yeah he he guys the other garage in the breeze the yeah part of their anger us yet. Spice it up and tell you and you know me I talk a barrel. Space about you know any merit there where we gonna go well now before you can so you are you sure she wants to divulge all this information to the world. I think she's known to point out my impression is pretty much Kathy but he you know I I again to eat you know we've been together a war time and in it if it happens. It happens where you get in the once a week mode you gotta you gotta change that got to do more than once we are with retired you know if you're you've been together for ten years. Gonna do you know idea that you give me on the weekend warning sirens. In the want him you know couple of days during the week maybe you know at night yeah for your bed then maybe. In on the morning before you know before you get off to work. While that's that's a lot so much acts in a lot. Really now I think it's healthy I think I very least three times at least three times a week for anybody a relationship because it is. The minimum. All right we we're we're delving into the as the simple Mel mind they'll be here dates 44 on the Hill Man Morning Show Helmand and a runoff to jury duty so it's a jobs in the dukes would Daniel. Doing inside the simple mail minds here's if there. Here's one LB I've been dating a guy for six months started out as friends of benefits. And then feelings developed he says he doesn't want to relationship but we talk every day and hang out at least three to four times a week. Kia it's called regular. That I can feel exactly that you answered your own question what does he really want. He wants to be dating game action for days a week Humana to be committed on Friday nicely still hang with the has brought us in. And here's another 1 good morning LB recently divorced than seeing someone who isn't an unhappy marriage we slept. Together a few times. And I've fallen in love 01 of all what did you do that for you just got out of it. No he's still the wars it was there. Yeah emotionally yeah they're recently just got right our right and she's she sleep with a guy that's married that's not going anywhere. And you're wasting your time fallen in love with a married do and how messed up his act. To say. The seven they want to answer about the previous question three times a week my wife and I had 63 times all of last year. I'll you know it but you gotta get after it. They don't sign him don't make it a -- make it five and add quarries and lol burning off fund kinds of stuff for any look what I ordered lunch Amazon. He admitted to that prime membership they fell eight. Everything the coaches just a little early the coach isn't just for our own king rang and others to be said for the kitchen he bolder and to be certain you know. Dulles doesn't like to show our search but yeah sex is awful for the wrong wives are sort Larry not delivered and I can't predict it but again. It's cool sex isn't. I mean there Larry it pulls sex is awesome either bark at it to you you got to do. I mean and get it if you're not RS I don't think hey listen section the ocean. I get now he doesn't mean there's also some Microsoft. Criminal underworld has a tiny little easily you know what you're regular friends and you lose your golfers pretend it never arms around your shoulder on the bottom half and unless it got one of those like room size ours that has eighteen I'll shower heads until I got Salmonella call in a bench. You know and and I at least a dozen donors die anyway no amazing artists lose splurge for the so on a show hours. Being older bitter pill would. I beg to do and how often do you listen to him bitch. About Jin reunion after. My object and my dad that. Affect I'll be having dating a guy for six months it started out and Yaris and depth. We see here and did scrolling scrolling up Maynard out. I've bit my husband for ten years and he never takes the initiative to take me out or spend time may. If I want a date night out I need to plan. Is he just lazy because he knows I'll make the plans party's not here about taking me out and spending time with Jeff acne. What it's like gaming guys work hard and so you use the the best thing you can do is keep doing we're doing. Plan the night out loud and no one it has led nowhere you wanna go let them know what you wanna do any Ing guys are good with them. Otherwise guys come home from merely put them. Put it a solid 789 hours and any commute. You know noted she's my tour card also know I got that budget that's so what she's asking and then the but a lot of guys. Another put their twelve and and if you don't kick him in the rumpled little bit. Then that day have no problem Clinton a month go by wouldn't never doing Dayton. You know that they like I keep seeing it there and you know. My buddy Jay Greene and his wife Jen they've got to screening big big agrees he's got a dialed in Friday or Saturday night whatever which one they choose. It's statement they've got two kids and and he's got a dialed in that's what I'm trying to do with any at least you know once a week but you know I got just just planet getter done any hard and it would be easier and it in and you know least amount energy use to is the way you guys rule. I'd like to ask this Texan who who who plans the anniversary. Or the Valentine's Day thing because that's my that's my beef yeah right there how come it's always the guy. That has to play and stuff for the Harris drew or Valentine's Day I guess I'm not show I think it's because they then take care of the kids they do laundry they make the beds and so much and Lawrence you know that's. Lot of people you know. I'm sure he's not a quality pew looked cute. And I she can't plan the anniversary every now and then. You know we're stuck and she can't do something special Valentine's Day how come she can't if as you get to our lives viewership you don't care if you know that may be true Danielle. But still. Care about any problems switch and off. You know that she says it. Arguments dispositions. And I talked Yahoo! bought into what shinjo I might win. And that should happen on as well in what Brendan. A switch it. Not you know what I mean multiple positions all day every day you have Tiki dig out original stuff there's nothing worse as the worst in the guy advocates in the law words like. Oh okay era down on my kids are aren't it's time for sex. There television and election and I. And I found intersect so there were word we're deep inside the simple mental mind and it's scary as usual. Not this war one pretext or 31 recently widowed and some of my moronic exes who are in relationships or. Are coming out of the woodwork and being complete. Her staff talking about what used to be there why would relate to you because you were the best sex ever had writer's dream they think you're Daly they think you're wounded sparrow. Iron and easy to already surged without them to the curb. Please hot hot hot hot and LB WA AF dot com. LB I worked with a guy that I really attracted to we started texting a few weeks ago and have gone out for drinks a couple times. Last week I got a little frisky and decided to send him a couple of news it's cool now I noticed that some other guys in the office seem to be looking at me now. Do you think there's any chance yes he showed them my. A short course he did. Of course he did I was a service to any woman that I does video or teach picks in the nude women are during a session. You best. Be prepared for worst case scenario which is what you're experiencing is everybody in the workplace and as a male. Now I would hazard yesterday's I would any other female coworkers paper it was streams. But it's a big deal Botswana. All right seven it once Dexter LB. My husband I've been married for twelve years and when we do have sex. He always has his eyes closed I think he's thinking about somebody else it says he's not it just feels so good. That he can't keep his eyes open. Whoa yeah SE two what was he telling the true it's all of the above he's you know it you close your tires if thinking you know there's care. Again you. When you're by yourself and then you get the rabbit out at you can't tell me the you're not thinking about some dude you hit Newport when when he years ago. It happens. Like Lisa candy. Right there it is right Ellen shared outside panel sets is awesome and used a hammock and oh yeah aria. In half pronounce that. Speaking of the rabbit. I think they're it's a but the Bible latex the LB occasionally I like to take care of business. As part of my morning routine in the shower. My husband often tries to burst into the bathroom to catch me doing it and he gets really upset when he acts. When we have a great sex life I don't understand why he's so upset by this you know what. Such as guys. You know I tell the story moment first wife my first wife used to just freak out you know if you're if you know she committed thru the Kurt shower curtain aside. But I was in there you know for the extended. Period and freak out. And some people just think. That you know taking care yourself is like almost cheating right or that you don't love them more area in here everybody just needs to relax. You know we need to break it just comes a partner it you know just it hit and a known not work well that's that's not good. But you know when your house member now you know and ensure our weight of the morning and somebody else's in the shower somewhere off to work early strangers in the shower area. That's what the smallest Politico it's wasted emotion I don't listed energy. I don't know if if this thick on seven text is truly in it it's kind of blended. Of male and female but I guess I get the advice from the male perspective what you DDO. My best friend hooked up with a girl from his office over the weekend. She ended up staying multiple days and at the end on Sunday and don't she told them she was engaged. That she kept throwing around relationship jokes with him now he's completely hooked what should he do it. Water. I thought I. Our port Chris I face again I do not have permission just I'd just cute kitten so she asked to go home. I'm in public I mean the guy has feeling and I know that you don't play. The issue if it is she's engaged and to lose here yet don't lose the feelings just enjoy censorship or. We are we are we are deep inside the simple Mel mind me to do it well but it did the good news on that is you gotta go to. Whenever you wanted to talk when she goes back to her other guy. She really she she loves section view because of sexuality and her guy Sox obviously isn't she saying if you buy it. In July. All right we're we're we're inside a simple no mind we can't get out at this point we usually do at around 815 on Mondays what we have to Monday's Mott the idea you know adult literacy visitors installments that yeah he's passed the house now as ruined everything as usual so yeah. We're doing here right now so if you got a question for LB we got about a minute or two left. Un sect done W it didn't tax on this news nine B 7107. Isn't attitude questioned pre 9780. Excellent. Strapping and black. LB were struggling financially I make more than my husband and I've been looking for a second job to help. He says he's OK with going into debt and says everyone. Should I leave him is he always going to be a lazy piece of crap. LB. Help me babe. No I'm not for everybody sounds like god that's a great way to flirts do you nudes would be great yeah I don't know again. You're not getting any younger and eat you know you got hurt he have a separate set the table and make it right I mean what a floater. You know you can you know I mean I'd I'd been there done that the united super super tough tax arms sperling had battled the IRS for like eight years. But not no one no one should be. Knowing you don't wanna find out bullpen except being in debt and that's why everybody doesn't think that's ridiculous and I don't like it such irresponsible not it's not really generous donors you know and it's a vote I'm Hampshire if you've been if you're married you probably have kids as well so what your kids' future you know I I don't have a problem with you know everybody. Deals with debt. But everybody doesn't saddled with debt brake. Everybody fights it and to get out of it and to me right and so I would I would have a nice adults sit down. Now inserted by I'd put up or shut up right manatee area and she's argun a man have to possess or the door Phil letter seriously little. All right want Stuart Deb is trouble when you divorce Armenians to pay alimony and you know it may take his license and then all arms around speak enough authority here yeah he'd fail no knows of anybody knows divorce I'd never missed a child support payment. In both of my taxes number. Congratulations Obey.