Inside The Simple Male Mind - A Girl In Every Port

Monday, July 17th

Once again LB helps the woman who listen to the show try to understand the men in their life! One lady who met a comedian over the weekend and is into him but is worried because his material is based on his past conquests. Could this work or will she be just another girl in a port!?


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now and then it's only natural fraudulent naked girls join us I'm never going to stop going to prostitute. I don't understand this week peer even sign another got to work when I once a while the simple mail mind Moore who were happy to examine a great time of right. Time to go inside the simple. Mail. Mind. And it's if you're a woman. And you're confused by something that has happened. Something your boyfriend does something and guy that you're. Seeding does it are dating your husband your ex husband what have you. You make tax any and all questions. To the tech needs tax line right now and LB you'll answer from inside. The simple mail mine yet I hear is the first of the morning it's 617 tax that I received earlier. I have been saving my own money. To get breast implants because I have never been happy with the might be used it's good for you. My husband. Has told me time and time again. That I can't get implants. Orleans and the three and cheap loans well. He says he doesn't want other guys staring better opportunities. Now is to this theory or terrorist Gary wrong answers yeah she's wondering. Why he would feel like that as if guys aren't studying is staring matter anyway I learn what what is more important the easier husbands. I mean number one should meet sheer. The most about you and how you feel. On the inside first sentiment about him I truly loves you. Don't get off his high horse and ship the five I mean go get your breasts. Make yourself feel better and she's paying. For them yeah of their own money. Yes it is that a thing now with some guys where they want action has a woman here. They wanna keep warm and down guys are losers guys and a data losers. Did you force. There opinions and everything it's a vote him. In notes of it's in his whereabouts are wary so overrated. Is a vitally tax. One of my old customers. At my old job. Just started snapped chatting me. And asking me for news that's why I'm wow aren't you read our guy is always our guy he's always this aggressive. I could delay any under the current Crowe married nine man you know some guys just don't have stopped by. And it just a 100% aggressive. I guess the old job. Daycare. And moved on I don't know which doesn't work there or this is great guns that Louis and I can't get fired its. Send me nudes. Here's a 603 text. Why would a man by dirty underwear from a stranger. Why can't accept nodding yes and again that is obviously it's a million dollar industry that's insulting our eyes as she saw soiled panties. Is this true. This is sits on seven Texas says in fairness. Statistically. Speaking. Women have a 90%. Divorce rate after getting pressed him is that true. That did that that once I'd like once they get new boobs than it more more guys are interest and there god bless. Place needs yeah. There are able to do so they're able to. They're able to gas bag the guy because there's other guys' interest and make sense what you won't eat you know be sincere gonna go get the brass Dalia feel better about yourself and you're gonna hit the gym and you'll lose forty pounds. You get rid of stretch marks. And then you're in a lecture her husband and you're going to be and who you are nice but the nice thing with you but candidate. That when Mel army to get breast implants and on the bottom smoke again. Sonya it's believable. Here's a 978 text from a woman as we go inside the simple mail mind I started dating someone and was okay the first few dates but now he's gotten super clinging and tax way too much. We've only gone out a few times and he's acting like he's sixteen. But he's 38. How to like get them to back off it's too much too soon. What do you just answered your own question and he's not changing he's 38 result you've got to you know stage. What do they call it morning pressures five players to drive firewire yeah. Yeah over here yet. Worse I was dating this guy for four years and then he dumped me one day because he just decided he didn't love me anymore not beat responsibly and we were broken up for awhile and now I'm seen somebody new for the last year and a half and he decides attacks mean keep sending me things that have to deal with the art -- to do with our old relationship yeah Kweisi doing. It's because he'd he'd dumped you for a hotter checked in larger down chairman you have there's a boyfriend and my knees so I think he can get you back in Paris and make himself feel better start or. You know as a parent get across and they spoke on the day he looked so happy to act together. Fiat. Patches or accessories and him cute dog could track you enjoy your life in new guy. I'd been with the I've been friends with the benefits with a guy who is moving across the country next month. He keeps stressing this at that this isn't going anywhere and he sees me once a week. I just want sex more than once a week. He says it's because he doesn't wanna catch feelings but why does he just keep going. 060 absolutely and I yeah what little guy's turns down sex once a week and you're gonna give it up for Atlanta. Check yeah what this. And act. It's gas I'm president of it's far and over again went to a comedy show this past weekend. And the comedian after the show locked around and chatted with my girls and I I ended up getting is number. But the entire show was basically situations. And jokes themed around his girlfriend future fiance. We've been talking pretty dirty to one another sense is this how comedians role when they are traveling all around the country that's not at all yes. I told guys roll it doesn't matter what job there and therein but I'm a there are a girl and every port you senator. As long as the girls has no problem of being the girl act airports. He's trolling for new material right that's after all evening Soledad. Oh it's artistic easy using it that's artfully artistic inspiration if his Stedman. Is thinks he does and that is that gets the by the way did you mention a girl in every port yes I know somebody who don't know. I know somebody who. Didn't have a girl and every political or. The only. Her name. The last thing. Sales. Then. Ten she works. Just I was. Was it. The greatest earmarks are ever and perhaps greater cinema ever. All right 822. We are in the middle of going inside the simple mail mind. So if you are confused about the way the brain. The man in your life works there and you may ask any and all questions right now here's a 617 tax. I've been on my boyfriend for three and a half years we are both thirty. No matter what the issue is it's never his fault. And I have a bit since Mac there's always some outside force contributing any rarely takes full responsibility. Their reasons not excuses. Tool why is he like this. But again that's adds it's his personality and arteries change army's thirty deeds he won't accept any responsibility for. He's never reject Trout are now a 130 years on him he's not change. I mean the best thing to do just take responsibility say you're sorry and try to slide on line and move on the next accident is that and is it worth arguing buying it there. Some people I feel like some people and relationships they really like to fight though I'll surely be sure that couples are career throughout our parent right that it wouldn't be together thickened by. Here's a 978 text why you guys act interested and take your number and then never call. Because they were drinking with their bodies. It's. Your you will be your number in yeah yeah it's it's that's what guys do they glowed and drink Beers of their bodies and try and we'll chicks and get numbers and the you know. Never give him an opportunity. Never awakened the next you wake up the next day like I did. Where did we haven't actually well what was her name. News in your body gets out of bed you know it was such name the project that we medal column here's a 617 tax. Iranian great guy for two months he told over the weekend that ying to clean and what does that mean. That means your claim what does that do I know is via this is they've inflicted. You're always in his grew oh yeah ask a bunch of questions are there's always got to be your answers for me to talk to my that you want to many tax you. You call. You know like Jerry you know one you'd call a couple of times a day issue a couple of tracks over it you know a couple of times Mueller guys guys like Eagles. Guys like to go with their own pace as it did take it slow via. I mean I don't know how often she's. The optimum amount of text messages that a woman should send to a guy in in the 24 hour period. Mean is there. Would you categorize it because if you if you look at actual I mean you know you have teens. I'll send 10151000 text today in the middle of conversation you know river river back in the day when every text was in new text. And they didn't read in a conversation. My. So yeah organic reach outs I think is the best thing like how many organic how many times she reach outer camp but it's too. If you're testing for purpose of reciting something upper record setting something you know you wanna go do a day trip pre unity you're gonna. She's gonna come over he's gonna come Moore right get that part but the whole life around or are you yet. What a beautiful day. Do you believe the sun's out so nice would bond news. I'll answer environments that I found hundreds of finds actor Clive and both ways and there are ways to do that donors girls she she does the old text and then the nine minute later solo question mark follow up yeah. Law that. It's like people collier and used it in its exact same things. You know and people would leave you voicemail. And then he's another voicemail death by a bit and then maybe another nor can I thought I'd got it. It's a voicemail. Okay. To call your doctor what are your reference wingers. That's an area creates. The voicemail mounted the answer machine via these. 50 wait tech sound off I can say this one on the people's airwaves will try to find the way to do my husband of ten years. Who happens to be the most manly man and I know. Has been talking to me about. Wearing a certain thing. All I'm doing something to him walk because he wants to experience the male G spot orgasm any air must plug by Steely Dan if this. She is wondering what is going through who get the little. His mind and she said going through his mind. Yeah I'm hard what is I guess you weren't I know let's try something new and it's one experiment yeah it's one of those. Saying it's if you eat but you know what it's a game changer. If you do that menu freak out you know and I mean you've got to be don't do it what's your. I think you know what that's that's you you're gonna and a at a how are Astro glide all we have the bastard like us one of those ones where you look in the mirror and go and why I. I can about MI after that's I can do to you can do it makes you just leave you didn't hear them back. And just free gag when and how jury as guide to it on group. With that out there have passion and a few my whole other bag guide for us do I am an infant what are you there I airport. Did you do the egg. Roll. OO and Ashley you know allowing me a better way to start jeepers screen actors star would DA. I don't know well now. Sit before and I guess session. I broke the retrieval cord yeah and then on that note. Yeah fully cooked.