ICYMI - Mayor Walsh Welcomes Matty and Nick To Boston

Thursday, April 20th

Boston Mayor Walsh called in to The Matty and Nick Show for the first time. He welcomed the boys to Boston radio and took some questions from listeners. Hear his take on loud pipes and what his next job might be.


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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. As a man who. Wanted his son to be the official state song mayor Marty lost mayor Marty Walsh welcome to Matty and that. All right Gary. Great to have you on the show pro. And we are excited to have you it's I'm Manny mic is bipartisan and there while shower you. Connected got sucked it back and security on the radio could go shorter. Well thank you for letting us have a show where Boston many people thought you were going to try to do something to stop us. Yet really a lot of people ourselves included thought that if you had Boston's best interest at heart that you would have kicked us out there an hour ago. All of your sides of it absolutely does not in China will soon happen. I was thinking that may be you gave SS second chance because obviously you're a compassionate and generous generous soul and also you know my dad is from Dorchester as well so there couldn't be any. On on dot crimes are scraped around that will Wear dark alerted William my dad grew up on how street. How's how HO WE Ontario Iraq OPEC. Yeah. Can't he can't take that flavor and he married a woman from Tennessee and then somehow they produced a knucklehead who became in love with the buck buck comedy Abbas words and landed on the radio. Our trip and return. Beautiful thing so they're really we have tons of questions for you and of course. I know you gonna Hillman as mortgage all the time and people peppy with questions we've got the mound text line and all that I want to start with one. That I brought up on the show the other day I went up what kind of a rant. About loud pipes and motorcycles. And now understanding. That loud pipes save lives again it. But I'm talking about the super super loud guys that are like flaunting it and rattling the windows and wake and have babies and upsetting people. There is a lot right there's a cap on how loud these things can be a inn and and beat. Can we do something to enforce it and stop these days. In 2009 that the City Council character norms are more cycle upgrading this city that fight slid imprint its stance saying that the pilot ETA. Known standards. Socially the impact that and live passage has preservative and the commission have been there will work and vote. We ever but please comment thread about how that's why expectations each year. Almost 343. Year period after the cloud breaks. So so they're they're out there and it's time to. It's time that went down arbitrage can't be on the you know Egypt's locker etched and actually chased around the city of rock and cannot because that is to say it that. I liberated than they have earned a significant amount lasts reassert our audience. I want to a lot of former special task force and headed up an excellent season OK okay ought to we're gonna out of work or not yeah I think so. And possibly off road vehicles to it similar. Yes they're. That would you know what you know eventually chart a unit that's units. Working which works what you need to try and final release will restart parents get a lot street straight and you see them out there. Anyone who has any information readily call that supply the box was sponsored by 100. Sure and thanks for tips or eight source Simmons sat. This man ever by an admitted that sort of psychic will be accused helps us China or lose at least I excited to meet these upload your cost of. Yet mayor I used to live in Brooklyn actually I'm originally from Braintree and I just moved back up to the area about four months ago. And I've got a little kid and he used to get woken up all the time because there'd be days off road vehicles and these. Dirt bikes on muffled super loud kids that were registering them and they would be racing up and down these major thoroughfares in downtown Brooklyn where I lived in became such a problem. That down in New York they had special task forces that would go after him and then they were broadcast on TV capturing them and pound them. And then destroying them just to dissuade people from writing them around became such a big deal. Yeah woo we have to give unit technical side about a possible action so caught salukis. Looking at where they are in your control and manage the particular good Ramallah street but what's new you know ball. And so we do that you set up different from. No strings and roadblocks in the great got to be able to catch some votes I would try to get them early so Sarmiento who were trying to the Wall Street protests the more you get at them moderate success could get more of them to Alter. Mr. mayor you sound like you're actually in pretty good spirits considering the week it's been a mean I don't know about you but were all an emotional wreckage here I mean. Four hours straight Boston Garden home playoff losses are a half now and we have and the said he hasn't won a championship and almost three months what gives. Now why are there the Bruins that I would it would have felt the circuit that they were that they received by. In this auto summit here load mutual Melbourne on. Then now that year you will each each call counsel act we just can't do that it's in the US and that's fairly it's like talking on the Irish. Yeah that's Bosnia and comply and him last night you know so many men and X call organic and you aside I get it beats Arkin who gained four play possibly the dirt very. To me merry experience carolinian and Asia to me it's crazy and so they just don't. They did urge emotionally wrecked where it would split side. We'll talk unfortunate thomas' sounds sister castaway and it didn't seem to be almost eight. Record straight and has changed so I mean they can turn on the road I think they've been able ski coastal Carolina. Its character that's our you know. My name is a joke you preach the seventeenth street to bolster its search parents yeah I don't think in win in the bond when he. There are pretty decent team on the player and player option on right so we have some and that's Joaquin dual shall we can call rockets and arms. Love it give a question for the mayor Texas and the techniques Tex signed 9717 tech needs staffing excellence got one from 781 mr. mayor. Oh could you ask mayor Wallace how he feels about governor baker trying to privatize MBTA bus maintenance it could put myself and over 500 people out of work. Yeah I'll more than with the governor try to prevent that from happening now. And there it is. Here are hasn't and that's somewhat what peach shut the machine Jack has not happened hasn't yet but working with the governor or EB gates and look at the machinists union who represents experts called parents sometimes go toe to work something out to work out of that is all. Privatization we were able to do what county you saw trying to do the same thing in each other up while. I've Dexter in the 978. Mr. mayor would like to know obviously. You've made it clear how you feel about Boston. Being a Sanctuary City. We just had a couple of listeners that wanted to know exactly why you felt Boston would and should be a Sanctuary City and if you would in fact allow people to. Sleep with the state house sleep in the mayor's office accent or because it's a controversial stance but I understand. They've made you know you have Washington saying. Talking about immigrants in the indictment emerges as major criminals and lack. And communities pitch the tart or refugees it is in this terrorist monster ironclad as JU. You really look at Boston and our crime numbers going down. We we have we have more companies auto atrocity in the last three years and years. A published as the Mercury people that 60000 new jobs. I am our crime waves on down and we did a great out what some reductions in homicides and our remarks here. Let sit down. Like 45% over your turret so you think the ball well you know immigrants we have reached on May capacity more dangerous or try to use city so I look what lad we wanted to disrupt something that's working in box and another the country. You are so that and I also south of the lot of most of how do you see how much. Most serious error by addressing the issue of immigration it's really what app rapid as we need you to ask if they need to pass comprehensive immigration reforms are really issue. There's been no talk of this year so I think it is serious about immigration and Syria to vote. To a public issues seriously up passing legislation. Mr. mayor it's the president okay I'm very serious about Sanctuary Cities you know my he would stand Abbas and walls the green monster it's a great while beautiful law. Well turning out to be green I dislike them okay. I take umbrage with the Sanctuary City being not dead but look bad about it there you know daughter Rebecca you're very very talented very talented. Mr. mayor we just obviously came through what what can be considered Boston's Mardi Gras patriots day passed with flying colors I know so much work goes into that to keep the city safe. To make sure that everyone has maximum enjoyment that such an amazing day it is like the most Boston of all Boston days. How much work goes into that behind the scenes that people don't know about because it was a seamless flawless machine on Monday. He has lived you know uses of the divorce for next here now starting this week and he uses its policy year corporation a year earlier working on different issues its absence of our mission reverend is variant smoked on in coordinating efforts with other agencies -- now on the map a girl. That have been NBA obviously just how were they are they trying to improve their year ATP or. So a lot of work that America on its stated it is an exciting week in Bartley in the box it's. You know it's been very emotional this year should move he had. Or mosque in damn sixteen tonne launch Saturday. You know what what we're having a memorial. 08 they have worship the bombing and then the next day Easter Sunday and in the maritimes and it's so emotionally shelves are treated for the gazans. It's it's incredible students in case you run the gamut of emotion packed Saturday morning just see where it's. Fortunately so tell me that's a lot slower ones. And then later that stadium or regular racetrack and a McCain did and did so much so much to think tapping in our city. Unbelievable mr. mayor we we opened our generic radio voice mail up. For people leave you a message and we got a bunch of them we we picked one because of time we don't have you forever only if you Mormon so we want to play this feat is a question from one of our listeners. I few my walk if you ever plan to run for president because it. Sort of been awesome national prominence since he appeared on the daily. He's been getting some sort of I get it here all of my Democrat and I'm like yeah well wouldn't it don't do it. It's fine but don't look back. Bloodiest day might need take your hat in the ring and ran for president. Camera actually election for mayor to monitor it's called real thank you to the call back. Most of elections ministry o'clock and and I. It's solid job on the side right now. We have a guest comedian in the studio by name of Matt Kona. He would like to ask your question yeah there pay mayor lost its and talked to the F. So I like it when the now Boston City Hall kind of dresses up the brutal stick architecture and pretty we put down some turf and shares you've got to do that do anything new with that. This year doing that again this year and then we also have. Tanya final followed suit all I'm the bill and also the Bruins shot salt two and they're they have facts on the coming out there and explained. It's and then we also we reached chains we have light on the building not amount in change like so. The Bruins went hopefully this year when he employee is so we included maybe elements choppy swim hoping they win again you can put a victory. Awesome awesome thank you mr. mayor we we are so psyche been on the show we always we have a guest on the show we let our producer stand still is Grammy ass the last question because he does so much leg work trying to get you guys on. And by the way last time we had a the big celebrity that are on. He stumbled through the entire question we had ha Daryl hall and just got John Oates from there I'm just tired yeah of course I'll wait Weymouth native actor and comedian rob court jury. Who took a very strong stance on this question I think you'll be very interested to hear and both times at least is just totally went. If they've treated could it. So we're in good to see what he's gonna do if you glanced. Now thank you Merrill lost thank you for giving us your time today and I do want to say though it really has been a pleasure while watching you in the national you know in the national shows such as Israelis don't I don't really it doesn't make me it makes me proud to be Bostonians but so. My question is guacamole are you and are you are with guacamole. Question right there yeah Paramount they are wrong here. Last you're Niger. Our man that he doesn't that he doesn't like guacamole either and I think it's it's crazy to me. It's still good hammer another remote big rock barrier here. Yeah I hear somebody dramatic thank you mayor it's one of those things I feel like anytime something it has to be put on something awesome to make it good it's not good sagging every or some of I'm G spoonful of guacamole it's always on some awesome spreader dip. Like I. Anything on the entities good. And so. We really appreciate having you as a mayor Austin just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't heard senator your visit very very very busy man. They announced the patriots Elmo and I know you're about as big a pats fan as I. They can edit playing. Not in the metro Atlanta are. Now Atlanta is actually going to be weeks seven the rematch with the falcons is a Sunday night or week seven at home yup that's right they opened Thursday night September 7. Against the chiefs. Over here yeah and of course we all remember nine years ago what happened the last time they had a home opener against the chiefs. Followed separate game don't have where trailer rating sort of our adult daughter well no this is gone to a lot of let's talk about it more I was. Our tomorrow once or need to meet division championships and to my attention that's exactly it. This very hurt anyone eating their own toenails. Our test its an iron or. I know you guys really trying to game out that will lead to go thank you so much for coming on the so good yeah we ought to get yes please come in the studio and a we going to do a ribbon cutting ceremony for us to make us an official show him blossom to do that. Iraq does some of that wish you luck with your it was your registration there's. Seems to me is out of Hillman yeah red light and new balance or they are out of market love it great to be banks are things so much tighter credit. Place IQ you got. Arab Boston ladies you talk about that it's not letting up. Not happy. No and the lady just how Obama thank you guys and ladies. A biggie just roasted YouTube and Heinle.