ICYMI - Jimmy Dunn Rips on the Call Screener

Thursday, May 18th

Matty and Nick had Boston comedian Jimmy Dunn in studio. He had one small issue with the show, the call screener.


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess are always online and you schedule Kelly asked. Can we agree that the only way the Celtics Windiz goes slaps on on the cab and take LeBron out of the game. Well look who's a year. Look at his ears comedian Jim a daughter about it. I couldn't. I couldn't agree with the philosophy of law goes into it could be and get the bigger electric car and he did the chicken wing move again in and stepped on some on socket that's the only it's it's they get what mostly because it's it's it's it's meet judge who's who from the Latin for I remember that Jimmy last time you're here you told this you. By the way go all the before you get that you register on the pitch you guys off what he syndicate down to pick company will Wear any attack. What's the kick you're getting X ten. To dial right Kyle cow eyes. What. Is yeah I'll lift kit should be the first thing I see what I want to end well shall not to go out to be honest Jimmie Kyle is on a work release programs that sets Obama. What are you doing. That's the same question Carrie at me after she guys who I go. It's not a and now the resident producers ruining the studio. That's all right this just wise and stuff under the NL yeah Hillary's. Kyle were you from. It was Massachusetts and what's what's the deal with the Yankees. Derek Jeter was destroying baseball now OK get out and get out and does because you got a studio because here's why you're the biggest Bruins fan I've ever seen and you got a yankees had a Andre if you know we're from Westchester. Or. Southern Connecticut outs okay five southern Connecticut is the worst part of New England but to be paying. But that's a whole different story though that's not a debate to today my point is this yeah and I'm glad it's come up this has been odd that Pete for a long time as these people who and I've got one of them might ma one of my best. Bodies Troy who lives in New York is a comedian beer buddy I'd do that no friend of mine who is a bigger more passionate fan of three Boston sports but for some reason. He's also a fan of the giants ridiculous refuses to apologize for even they grew up in April. And his dad is a force toward New England fan and I just don't get it in so I see this and it's like. What the hell and I'll give you another guy to let the and his editing tool before that we get that yet the Yankees had it it's it's more than baseball. I traveled the world initiative and no matter where you go here's a group of undesirable its course one of home in charge. He's always Wear any yankees hope to make it's if it's tied back time and again you're right it's always the ne'er do well right there at their I don't know what that word mean I don't either. That the due respect you always had a yankees had a and here well as actually that's finish Purdue's best got a Arctic but here's I think there's there's the tile guy that was from Massachusetts been on a yankees fans contrarian but then there's this guy who is even worse than Kyle. And this guy and anybody can be worse than anything I around now wherever this guy is Ron here's the worst guy that's an an arguable point that's fine and that's this guy you go or talk a sports them. There you go Rudy report go well in football a cowboys fan. In baseball the Yankees fan. And actor bombing expects that just however what was popular there are kids that's their team ready front runner I will not talks more to them a get out to I get out. Let's let's be honest he's no Drake. He's no. Floyd Mayweather whose front runner and invest buddies with whoever's doing well braves in front row seats also he doesn't have a million dollars right or much talent but that's fine I like Kyle. But at the same time if I saw you walking down the street right now what. Punch you in the face now. President and I think president trump I'm I. I thought I had I saw you talked about it dunks with the Bruins Jersey ever like I don't million of those guys are like that guy. I saw you walking out of dogs with the Yankee had like man this guy goes guy's name yeah yeah brewing shirt on with the Yankees and how we had no doubt in my he would indeed if you don't I actually did that last time all year deal with and we get we gotta figure this out so do you have any love for this -- do you tolerate the Sox but your yankees fan I am need to listen to the Sox by the WEEI Red Sox forgery unit not Himalayan I would. I'm bloody look at LM and what effect acted. Out of that. That by the wayward Jimmy's from the get me lemonade is the equivalent of navigation bar yeah. That's exactly what that it is yes but that's hinted he lets hit the beach is jaguars. Eleven. Well column I don't know disappointing usually don't answer the phone I mean I don't always are leaving you guys can run well founded by yourself how. Finally listen we didn't get buried away at the ability and he got. A million thank you run and things tonight which it's doing so I gotta get. There's our secret the heated yeah. He's gonna get out mouthful that earful today cool cool little slip there. But will not. A thumbs down low brother afternoon and I hit when Kyle gets a health club.