ICYMI - Game of Thrones Trivia!

Friday, July 14th

With the season premeire of Game of Thrones on the horizon, Stiz tests Nick and Mike Hsu's knowledge of Game of Thrones. Will this be an easy win for Nick? Find out!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Low I've area are Narnia back now for the grand finale are getting close to it as much here on Matty and nick of course it's not just men in the day it's news. Shoo in Steve and those of local meat and sons. Finally there is now live our primary I finally made it he made it what an honor welcome back body. You sound like me before I grew said. Welcome back man. All right well look before we wrap up and get out here have been promising this all show long we've teased the blank candidate. You can't go anywhere right now of course. The big woody of course. The game of the rounds trying to huge premiere this week yeah game with rounds is premiering this is season seven them on Sunday night. Are you. As excited as I am I mean I literally is like every morning show all game turns radio and TV with rounds every website out here's your game a parent's freedom here's your big decision to bar and a and there's a looking at a there's right up in the parallel look at the New York Post that the giants a page with three pay out. Right up in the middle of at all. As well as I mentioned in the extra sauce podcasts yes Hillman an ideal and also a huge. Huge. Gigantic game of the Marlins fan is Ahmed a big influence on my guy totally obsessed. I love this president as I mentioned in the podcast I have not seen one episode. You have a single episode ever it's insane. The people that's that's the one where I'll have you not seen a single episode he lets us see how upset he's getting status. Is this that I mean I'm only on the second season. Though not what I mean it's kind of crazy I think 3.5 percent of people AM on the on the second and that he's been didn't want to turn it crashed down and get red -- Monday Russian now you're gonna be watching Sunday's it is those figure in my god do rhetoric yeah yeah yeah it's gonna skip -- guns okay but they have been out to our version on YouTube somewhere do they really I'm all the seasons I think gas and his brother that I've listened to -- tune it out there who. Wants to catch up me live with a Sunday because it's it's kind of fun we have very few very few episodes very little television or pop culture that we all. Geek out about so much in can actually play along with the each other we can watch currently with Twitter and everything else so. That'd be fun to bone up. And ticket out alone not geo T quiz but now we're taking it with a guy who's seen every episode yeah. But it got him if he's not seen one I did not gonna do very well on Washington's idea is already and it guarantees a B and people can play at home grab a pen or whatever. It a five BU you have to smear the rest of the routine all over minor cost can you do it anyway I'm now I don't do it he's got to earn advisors. And if you if I win. You don't get to I don't know that's a right outside I was that are great incentive from all right you guys right yeah it's okay question. And question number one yes who are John snow's parents. Is it okay Ned stark in Caitlin star. Is it be Ned stark then a low born woman. Is it sea. Lion a start in right guard Tarik I am. Or. Or do you watch the show anymore yeah through the names or. Are they around Europe in. On the aluminum ore alumina is politically correct term yes I think it's vertically challenged female. I. And when you go to my Kerrigan on undermine a camel to go with us disease like cancer now and and yet now we'll get a little. See OK we'll see day I'll have no cracked the one thing I. He's never seen the show what. Well you know like as the wicket it's not ready yet I have ago question number two. Who is not. On are you starts kill list who is not an artist are you with is it a Miller Sanjay. Is it being little finger. I got a little yeah that is it sees our president there's Thailand has there Thursday or is indeed the mile and by the amount and I would look I think I have not and I and and on the go with a through. I get my hands in your mind OK I'm a big. You guys are both wrong it is saying oh my god it's not on the careless or sink. Well no kidding. Yes yes they're feeling and I don't believe that's one right in one room and resentment and I've never seen the show can't believe this is awesome man I'm I have to tell you fanatic aren't easy and my jets where we're pressed but times already OK we're gonna do this last one out when it takes on doing an adjoining. Which. And he is and take my shirt and now. Please tell it's gonna get as far as news and lately the Marion steel which of these weapons has been proven to kill white walkers. Is it a value greens deal. It's valley area is this I got shot job bluster and. Is it. Sea dragon blasts. Or dean. Bowl they end C dot I know for a fact that C. Dragon glasses of bomb attack. Okay all right nick win Atlanta I'm gonna go who is CC Jackie glass. Unger would be you're gonna go be wild fight I have I'm had to go deep not I don't know. I don't really are finally out there I could figure out. Last night Larry is still kill them it's ANC it is bold thing and they don't make you are right. The row behind me and hootie and positive indeed the rest of us please thank god. My shirt off. With. Injured and may be coming back Greta always. Yeah well. Love deepens in June just a few minutes here imagine next W brand.