How Creepy - Peeping Through the Skylight

Wednesday, January 11th

We read listeners texts and emails about an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it? Residents in a New Hampshire apartment complex are worried they might be getting spied on!  


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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule WTA asked us. Everybody. You and admitted he. And now might be a losing record of genuine Crete wonderful yeah man moon shoe museum. I want FaceBook has no. Meet these New Year's Day. Rebel cells are. This story is very creepy. There are residents in New Hampshire who had seen a drone. Hovering over the skylight is in their bathroom yes and they believe that they are being film. Yeah they are showering or doing other things yeah and the lavatory at their house. Is one particular apartment complex were several residents have complained of seeing drones hovering above the sky. There is it. It's enforcement you can't placement of the landlord has not filed a report with police so police are not investigating yet but the residents there are understandably very concerned that someone could be spying on them during their most intimate moments that. But Lydia are win lives right by this apartment complex and that shares a lot of people it's like an ambassador and then. If you take about that's kind of sketchy and I definitely would not want somebody spying on me in about them. What's the squarely in your draft or a lot of military around America a lot of people doing amass so obviously what I mean that's the way the apartment complexes built in my parents can't people like to lounge in the tub. And she'll look up at the beautiful blue sky and. What would you like it site from someone installing solar panels. With a healthy I think it's gonna see when your eyes on the top where the sky island after nobody well this is that these drugs at these strong people like time. Now they away from Arabs as a lot of creeds and drugs and as a lot of normal people I guess who drones but. Lot of creeps who have drugs after he had just. Have you ever seen in the could be yet and they're all over road and park they never hover over meego can act as a defense. It's as some of the guys who are in shape definitely there on pins Dina and I understand and understand always the glare off my white moves yet they do they design the cover hired that you draw the well if you live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire be aware that he should cover up yours skylights because there may be a drone filming to.