How Creepy Is It? - The Russians Have Your Nude Photos

Friday, January 6th

We discuss an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it?? This week we talk about people having their nude pics stolen off their phones and the most (un)likely culprit!


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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule WGA asks us. And an argument. And now am I the only one of those who brokered ever. Genuine Crete wonderful yeah man moon showed resilience. I want FaceBook hello meet the easiest. Reinvent yourself. Yeah. Principal in Louisville, Kentucky in trouble for allegedly. Taking students' cellphones. In order to search for new news is the. Man wow it was just too much for the guy he had this there at all of these high school girls for too long. And so so he was stealing their phones and then getting the news yes that's a sign of the apocalypse is that every high school kid nude on their yeah that's it right thing that he was able to a massive collections yes. Wayne which the guy got a cot is pretty interest. Any woman who is now twenty. Was alerted to the facts and I think this is also how creepy on it based on an alerted her hair that. There were nude photos of her. On me Russian morneau trading and rush and it's the Russians again and it turns now the pictures were taken five years ago. When she was fifteen she took them for her boyfriend at the time and I was in there aren't. So that she went to police who then went to the feds. And they wound up tracing the IP under which this photo was posted back to the principal. Aid got to search warrant they found sixty examples of child porn on his various devices in the home. They also were able to identify a couple of girls in photos on his Dropbox account. Michael hill is a recent graduate of that particular high school no relation to Greg. The print via a principles pornographic. Like well. You know like you say when it was all over FaceBook honestly though he might have been. Like not a nice guy sometimes that he's the last one I expected to big tasks on the do with this. It's always those who still love. It was so when exactly I look forward to Q is this facility matches five years this photo has been going around. And I. Where where else is have been posted to hear that Russian web so obviously there's so it is Russian what does that specifically how many people downloaded that picture that is we're out in the one now on Alley oops I mean every apparently every girl in the high school that right news editor phone and I was able they go home that's yet I guess parents really and yeah. Just to reinforce to your kids these things just don't go away snapped at dozens for these pictures are out there for ever on our internal about it no deep return them back. He says that's gonna have Barry seventh and create January 11. That I can't escape your thought on me and help them escape if occupied a lot of sausage pixels. Actual sausage. There bratwurst products and breakfast sausage and and bacon bra but that's that's frightening yes that it does this ever. This the first to me like a guy confiscated yes we have a first in school a day and when it comes to perversion and now we have we have Osiris yes it's amazing we've got a story every week. Those episodes of and there are New Year's resolution made by. Bugs this group of men's and indeed collect more underage. Naked photos of the listeners every Davis sweeteners and as well it's the I added this the first time we've had a principal though is that confiscated Poland's C she's just so you can check out includes. Could console this lead to like a law saying well you can't confiscate my child's phone right you know you have to check with us first. You know so we can check the phone for when you are the parents can't even confiscate I. I'm ready cut out one night that here's a 603 Texas says I'm a high school teacher and let me tell you they passed around news like nobody's business tax. I'll turn around me like nobody's business. Arm want them as you as you sound so naive when mr. I'm not it's not that I'm night and I know what happens is just bothered to work it will in the end it as I did stupid stuff and college it was unlike actual film the had to take a photo map to develop this probably is right that's what I may get the vote. Think all of Baghdad's edited and I can't think about when you met. Hear your girlfriend. During. Breaker recess to swap spit out back through school were known concede now you don't have to worry about you sit clout you know. Digg had taken nude men the next morning sit in class SM it's your boyfriend. That's same difference here in sixth grade. Okay and the newness that that they knew being on the Internet that is different to make it out with a boy behind him. Yeah yeah. On your medals. Whenever whenever fine. It is horrifying no ruling. Somebody's life father of my daughter Maria you yes of course we can't control it though you really care Iraq. Apparently uses arm them with the knowledge yeah I guess it was some of them you know that it. Ever known in my the only one that. Did something crazy here and resurface a millionaire. Again they're images all week and we can find like won by sharp anytime you're surely not in any similar rescue story now and yeah please let's aren't just electric wire reasons that I was high school. There was recovered to around the mountains so what's the deal this guy he's going to be going to jail isn't anything he's principal anymore you know we. I'm sure is traveling on paid leave for a well as technical and OK okay I'm indicates that it vacation. So situations. It is 726. And today at 3 o'clock checked out the all new WA AF afternoon show it's Matty in net. And you can hear them every afternoon here at WAA out. And we're gonna play here and all male voice mail messages back and about a half an hour silly one of those now on any topic. And hopefully will be able to lose keep the radio station operating up until we play year till Mel voicemail messages. And a half an hour hello Mel voicemail number is 617. 77954636177795463. Are you hate it cat fan right now I never lied and not rely on air America which doesn't do much wasted space that's at. You can want. I've yes the Vatican yeah yes yeah I don't know hasn't wasted any of those things I can milk it milk UH aren't just chalked up to carry freon gas and you want some of the more dense like a Snickers that we 2000 pounds. How would you describe. The creamed that sandwiched in between the wafers and cat. Uh oh well it didn't show originally what is it as a as a cream now it was horrible it's not a it's like maroon business with them so fast it's hard for yeah look. Thanks to a new documentary. We actually know. What that substance is between the wafers inside it cat and this. Brings up a very disturbing question especially if you're may be announced stoned in over analyzing things a little bit I'll know. Be called focus this stuff and keep cats. It's crush stepped kit Kat. So they take the broken pieces and that the the cast offs from when their made and they grind up the whole kit Kat to make this stuff that they have a between the wafers which begs the question. Which came first the chicken of the get like how to mimic the first cat but it was made etiquette is asset that's it for so in theory. Look no it's not Mitt out of people will rent. Certainly green isn't it cats it's well. But that's not that I have and that's nuts relieving. It appears somebody that we retain the vitally text news says they just lost immeasurable respect for me because cute cats are the best and I don't want them to cast it's no good not so good idea there yes they are I'll hit you. None of them are priced up I'm on ice cream. The president when I mean any criminal case and I think crushed Obama ice cream it's fantastic but again. Except score greatest export it like he. Well schoolers who is that knock off Monica I'm athletic and it's likely to get jobs program you can tell the difference is that says it. And AT&T into the fastest maybe I'm wrong on so we're sort of teeth breaker so we're trying to figure out which came first the kick cat or the kid caterpillar cat is that I think that's the what's the name of this documentary because I need something else. The one are you dance yeah. I don't know and I asked him to BBC America it's called inside the factory inside the factory things that I wanted to know if it yeah. Yeah it's. Configured it and it is that if there is I don't know about England but there isn't. Allowable amount of insect parts yes pregnant. It's day that's drill now now. Yeah yeah they go each human eats like a parent of into parts in your thirteen men and designs that evening ended behead. And I got nuts now and whatever you think about Basel ever think about his dung beetles out there were nearly any living count group hello hey Chad. Or hurt what's up Chad. Albeit just wonderfully done you know this happened on just how good chances and I think to me that there is a big Beatles out of town approved them and they boil but you know. But basically they it's webpart on the shelves of amounts. They didn't know and believe at least you make got shelled and then look it up it's good it's that you fact. In addition the Eminem shell women who get asked collects about that all the way I want you to ask elect says these the minute you silence here Omar's turn. Alexa. What are the shells of Eminem's made out of I wasn't able to understand is Lester yeah. A lot of Europeans it's not your point is that you can only get better get down get down to us to leverage and make here shut up about it yeah. Canas as part of that the Alexa. What are Eminem's me out of. Who I don't know why he can take a look at that being searched link I added Indian lands and asked them if I want to look at search results to Canada he too busy lives just. Our vision kind of relax and one just while word of advice you have Alexis and you have the output it's days in recent question you makes it when I turned it on this morning the first thing that's on my analyst was. How big are Vanna white's nibbles yeah. A hopefully your daughters and get that Alexa reverse this morning before ordered right North Korea the real problem. Play publish and bring Alexa in and I assume it might and it's it's a path the I'm telling you Syria would answer that in five seconds thanks so yeah it's scary when it nailed it. A lot so that's what I'm calling. I. I don't it is an urban legend that they yes lack Beatles to make the challenge Eminem's heart candies it is nothing more than and a corn syrup now and sugar and I did however used to use this accretion from The Beatles and the old G. Junior meant recipe that's how they got that confectionery is ways Sheen. Really yes that was the secretions from the vita yes as a word you don't like so yeah yeah yeah I mean podium analysts that's like discharge yeah I think I think it's getting any day dead. Fills the room monkey milk that Beatles for its accretion that's like it added to the candy. This is I'd like Mike fish and I'm thinking of all the achievements of Eden. Thank god doesn't want the ligaments excellence and not would I Beatles accretion you don't know that. You don't. The the name of my dad's job more. Texan wants to know if that's Nobel excellent excellent or use I don't have a problem Ali loves bill Belichick's boys that that that definitely meant that of the world to. Around some of Seattle. This is Steve hello Steve. I don't today what's up Steve's. About it in there that code that goes art to this select yes yes actually made from a beetle. And they practice at a bar it has been at a bar they get these Gary you these right Eagles. They say break out. What in the world in that kinda break it all down it is set to use. And oils come out they purify it and that the voting on the Eminem. Very interesting. That's mass whole thing by the way. They do not. The pronounce the L Ian Attleboro. Attleboro Attleboro Attleboro. It is Attleboro noon news people take notes this is typically do predict there. It's a Texas says the job title as The Beatles accuser the after years they everything exactly. The vice president of beatle milking that was probably the title America. Our rights.