Hot Flash - Just The Information We're Given

Thursday, February 16th

Once again Matty and Nick search the news for what’s hot and get it to you in a flash! Did President Trump make a miscalculation? Well it's just the information he was given!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WAA asked. Time for a hot flash. Period. Where it's hard and slashing a review all the way down from. Canadiens did we'll cover it here's your hot flash on W. OK nick so. Let me guess. What I mean yes give view was named dean followed. I just. The doorbell on my new house I asked to be does not work and I am 100%. Going to make the book or T. Follow. It's me. I mean in the news again and well. Again I've said on the show before we try to stay away from him about. McCain wants he just did a press conference today and all hell's broken loose once again he doesn't care. It would just. Admirable on one hand he just he don't care he's a series does say pick my two we want to pick fights with. And just do his thing and he is president honey badger he don't give an F so this is my personal favorite moment today on the press conference. They're talking about the Electoral College. And it turns out them. President trump. Might have made a slight. Miscalculation or error in a statement and handled it as graciously as he always. Dirksen senate today you have beautiful apple are. Wow I. We'll goes back to call got really good. When he won at presence of one of America's problem. When I was so I was given that information that I was just hit it in the very early march and plus Americans trust. It's. Okay provide information. Well game it. That's. Why I'll give credit because now he's not he's not doubling down like he was before now he's gone. I was given the information which is better than going like no you're wrong I'm right when do before I declare a memoir. Like he's actually saying I can't let. I was given is information which is a new it's a new step for him. It it is. This is his version of graciousness as I understand things I comprehend very well. He's like a Smart person someone handed me this would imagine you've read the there's no energize perhaps a couple of humility. I was handed this information I don't read it he did the same thing last night around and he didn't do it last night but in a recent interview. Which is world news tonight I was David junior who was on Kimmel last night. They played a bit of this interview Andy Ramirez to a question and it was once again about trust and truth and all these other you know OTR words that are really important when it comes to leader of your nation in the free world sure. And he asked him about I forget exactly what numbers of was and tried to said well that's what I was told. This it's always someone else so apparently either he's being handed all of the fake news not sum of all of it. People are lying to him all the time or he just knows and he is like the he's these Stephenson doll. Of presidential verbal judo one who broke one over there it's is it's OK to at a semi drop we NY actors and guys professional negatively conflict listen this is what I'm told is what I. Again that's where that's the way it always scared you here's one thing I guarantee you'll never hear from trump during the four years of buck stops here sorry. It is my that you think he can actually say it. It's like bonds is a plus I'm I'm so this is its size 0:9. Great way I am very very you. So yeah. What you don't want your president things are either because that would be an admission of weakness like that there was a faults made the mistake in the the process by. If I. Oh and by the weight as honestly if you a single resolute clip he acts in a saying. So I'm told by her. So I'm told by one with the most electoral votes since Reagan not shared that shoe so he can concede. And make this as amiga. Maybe you'll start to learn and aunts and say you know. I don't know to which should be again. And it'll rain tacos tomorrow Tom does Ron Burgundy in disguise things when seven reads what's. Evers on the prompter. By the way president honey badger this is really felt that I making desserts. President honey badger it's pretty much perfect. Calls. They're coming in but they've yet to be prescreen regarding had one now I'm actually words it is in a row or hot streak. Age you know what's some good little news Sox opening day 46 days away now masters 49 days away. That's the right that's. I think he's just I think he just put your finger on the pulse of what everyone is talking about how dare you everyone's dock how dare you are the masters. Hey how long till I can take a forty Cigna is the masters not the beginning of spring guys say they give guests and steal Kevin and my cousin Robbie Henry by the way Robby Henry. Captain Norwood by department medal of valor winner. Seriously. Little inappropriate word redneck it's an extremely quiet but nobody brought the chips and the six pack c'mon guys Robbie hates this he needs. Are you a hero he's giving you Spicer I right now we are nothing new that there is what does Norris here. I know that right that apple posted that you just posted the picture on mr. Graham of the bachelor party weren't supposed to be at because of the conference I. And it's my release merger August while ago honey. But the real work and on the cemented you know while he is that it's great to have a firefighter hero here. So I'm. Would you ever do. What was the news you returning to before you just 02. Miracles I thought at Red Sox forcing guys who has this spring training and they Ramirez yeah. Did an interview today he was the man in focus but talk to some pitchers. Ever on pumped and jacked from her sale. And you've been intending. They said he's the number one prospect in baseball now of him not even a prospect anymore put our a games last year as he was the best that the Red Sox had NetSuite series while he was awesome. Against the Indians kid is gonna be yes Doug Visio Sox have the best young outfield in baseball yup. Three potential aces the audio vases we rename them yet sail sale price and priceless hello and he will think. And then. You've got the gaping hole in the Red Sox lineup the clubhouse the entirety of Red Sox Nation poppy. Yeah Lou on duke and Hanley Ramirez today. Did an interview and said he knows he can't replace David Ortiz course. But he's willing to tackle the job he's gonna be the predominant DH for the Red Sox. And when Hanley can rake he rakes when he does that play first good job the first last year yeah but I kind of thinking Regina with a walk off he had against Elena chances last year yeah early like late September early. Let alone a late August early September he's getting sat on a fastball and hit one held in ninety's yeah a thousand feet to dead center going. I think that's what we're gonna see this year I hope so I can't wait that he is Sox are going to be. Awesome this year the team has a lot of talent and will free. We'll see if mr. Ferrell can do so the scenes look at the happens NC we can let people know there's from news we can just. And our shares there's other stories in the hot flash we can do.