Hot Flash - Bull Fighter Horned to Death

Monday, June 19th

The guys begin a debate if Bull Fighting is animal cruelty or a fun sport after they view a video of bull fighter Ivan Fandino gored to death. What do you think?


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Time for a hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt in my club ready and nick will cover it appears your. Topical stories are next in the hot flash we've been talking a lot about this Connor McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight. You know I have talked about we think will happen. Although we elect Steve Floyd Mayweather get his. Knock his block off you bit by current mayor again isn't block knocked off as it were we don't and good day here. Knock his block dropped. Just hours after the fight was confirmed. She hurries ranch. A legal brothel in Nevada desert has an has unveiled the VIP package. The 100000 dollar deal will excuse me the 100000 dollar deal. Will include two tickets to the fight okay along with the romp with all 24 of the women on staff if you like. Dealer's choice. It is house or go fund the Adam got should send me for research think he'll manliness 100000 dollars or private plane that's pocket change program. Hillman after listening mix and calls. How opulent ago but it wanna be nice no comment why not. And if you have you met that have Portuguese cycle that as a Rhode Island would make. A. I'm just gonna let that sit in for a second. Have you met that have to Portuguese. Psycho that lives in Rhode Island with me you're gonna play that. Even if she would probably. C'mon always got nick and I are gonna go to Boehner had spent a Goer really hide yo good to have your permission to put you on the air now. I mean it's a romp with a lot warning for. That series ranch across the desert speaking of which the famed bunny ranch has had to step up and try to compete with series ranch somewhere offering a more affordable deal was like you that deal I love series buries some may be on commissioners rein in humans are listeners birds. Answers are it's okay owner Dennis Hoff told TMZ that he will run a two ladies for the price of one special. Gone on loan like a nice logo on fight night bug. I loved the fight nite show. So how much. Two while the news say it is says he'd get two for the price of one. Now just a quick little no and and a. Just be quick little note that that is the the the bunny ranch is where Lamar Odom nearly died after drug overdose and hooker Bender so my that placement encouraged. Yeah but that's because he's decided to have the you know in adjustable chocolate special. And if you useful and it hurt. But it was a good her. Debatable. It's gun. Think a bull fighting. The greats anyway thank you. What do I think of bullfighting and I enjoyed in my Tennessee Williams novels and I have no interest in seeing that arcane barbaric sport. In person. Again. Ever I hated I never bendable fighting mission of phrase it that way I have no interest of what the glossary largely against that the wife is now purpose of bull fighting I am too I hate it. It's a torture of an animal for the sport. The spectator today coaches and now they only stabbed it with a sword until it dies or Gore's the matador otherwise it's totally normal. Well this guy yet terrible. I have been on bulls eye on things so civilized about it back in the day when you would drink a bottler Grupo Tennessee in the old World War I vets. And some Spanish beauties. I've been. Penned Dino in what some people might consider you know. The most. It I don't know if you're against that I guess you'd say it's it's karma come and get some reason he is cotton by the bull when he tripped over his. Cape in France a bullfight. And the bull got ahold of them. Here's the sound I've seen the video stuff to watch. Being pulled got on punctured his heart lungs and kidneys who has horns and a now dead. The matador matador is now dead the first bull fighting them in France since 1921. Carried out wow. Carried off the court as a word didn't make it so they go you know I don't listen. I don't celebrate anyone's death but you step ignoring with a bull. And you want it's do we feel Sorgi cape. Can we just talk about the fact that the entire purpose of the sport. Is to try to slowly and methodically kill the bull. A bowl for the pleasure of the F viewing pleasure of thousands and we not evolved into a little jab but you know what. You know I think that you guys are speaking up when your high horses a little bit. Have we of all yeah America has but there are a lot of countries where they haven't evolved I mean well what they did an ancient Rome. With the gladiators and and things like that so. I think these guys are being a tad bit harsh. On the bull fighting community and this has been another lesson in world still mystery. Those countries does our mind you are stupid. Bull fighting. It's not even a fair fight the ball just does what a bold does. I root for the bowl. Shocked mark you know with Matty and neck. So boy what now there may. Shia however corona gentlemen well it's. Sure the first room though I have I have that huge element what are your people out longer actual specs look want to go to that stupid inept brought order fight itself. All that well in my case probably the fight. But. Yeah I don't think I think I'd think that I won't last. I do because I think McGregor is a tough SOB that. And I don't think Floyd's gonna be delivered a knock out any time soon. Mark does or does Mayweather. Does Mayweather drag it out OK let's use our little bull fighting analogy here yeah has Mayweather as master matador and Connor McGregor as the charging bull. Does Mayweather just Gavin gee haven't spoken spoken Polk for everyone to watch as he believes the ball out for eight to ten rounds or is he realized that. He's got a week ball over aggressive and can just play him and crush him. I think because of the potential punching power of Connery Gregor in the fact that any punch her nose hitting it a lucky shot and Mayweather is not going to wonder any do dancing anything IA he's gonna sting them with the jab bloody him up and anyway this just this weekend just for avoiding going to kick hit collapse slowly but but I'm saying. Because this is not a boxing matches of title on the line he doesn't want to just get caught a lucky punch. It's the he does know what to expect this guy it's unorthodox. He's gonna. Not get hit it. Where now the job as soon as he has Japanese cannot out. About play one almost is and I lost I would never live it down now that. What are you wanna I wanna watch. Basketball. He's in Saudi Paula pulling your ball and tomorrow are you kidding me you're talking a regular marking a big game right now obviously you voiced his grimy don't have game no my dealer all right all right I do have to average out all right here yeah. In my up this. Guys someone help us figure out this whole bull fighting a barbaric sport thing attacks during the 603. You know there's a lot fewer posters and other countries one we'll all be speaking Russian suit under the puts Specter taking over this country and he said that. So yeah obviously I mean guys we just gotta stop in that giant palaces. Talking about bull fighting being barbaric well and there's the entirety of the tech slide aside from that Dexter. Saying that yes bull fighting is terrific at root for the ball. Hand went to a bullfight back in the Azores a few years ago. Most terrific thing I have ever seen in my life what the hell is wrong with people I agree I agree the thank you text 1971 assistant is Europe and one on one and you're gonna lose but let's Louis blues with fifteen points when he bombs. Joey Joey there. Joey. Yeah Joey are Matty and act LA. Cherub yeah. Crowley who's got money on still is a Matty you know one on one please. I'm not I didn't vote is mine a little I don't. How the Kodak quite a joke. Brother wore their alternate Joey let me just say one thing I just hope I only get your point is we will play to fifteen. I'll spot you five points a gun and you might score two baskets. Are you in wiling. Now honestly guys this is gonna be like watching LeBron play someone from the Ronald McDonald house. It. Joey go ahead. Two you guys talk about the bunny ranch deli. Would agree their beer Eric Eric yet you luck. Not orchestrated urged or California. So we got a couple parent level throughout serene now. You know altered in record time one about parties that prepare. Albeit they have a lot out. For about three hours away from have to go back the base for mission the next one be all proper. And that's one of the workers at the barn here and he did not know that every time you changed positions it cost more money. He had acquired 83 all a little over 3000 dollar debt. And they were holding him there it would not let him leave until it was Gator Bowl. So all of us that often a gap. In eight hour drive vote yet yet and how it right back is that it's polite and a bit almost not stand the smoke about all the information. So Joey let me get this straight if you go from let's say I can't be grabbing reviewed over Mike missionary to another's isn't that a new charge. That's look at the date that unless you did not go straight in the realignment if they'd all but every time each expedition and you. Hold tight so literally like Brad and cowboy too low. That's not like a 500 dollar charge. That lives in college you know he learns of the new every day. Didn't wanna know that's. My guess is that patriots raiders game in Las Vegas and a couple of years on the net I. Who we getting our lives will never let us go to London on tap. Now.