Hillman Interview - Senator Jeff Woodburn

Wednesday, January 11th

Hillman interviews Senator Jeff Woodburn from New Hampshire who has recently proposed a ban on Vodka for the garnet state.


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'm speaking of New England states we are joined this morning. By senator Jeff would burn of New Hampshire. And I'd like still welcome you to the Hill Man Morning Show how are you senator. It. I am and where we're glad to have you on now that's where the unpleasantness is going to stop these. I've got to tell you something. I think he a lot of your constituents and and and and this guy right here. Are not happy that you are proposing a ban on vodka. Now you may wanna explain. To our listeners and and the voters in New Hampshire. Why you which that you suggest such an outrageous thing as a BM on vodka senator. Let's set the record straight at you get the idea that thing that I doubt that follows it play out. I RG condition evaluates the answers. I'm gorgeous day and didn't that they had asked that didn't end it and an entity and accept as a way to thank you. And that and understand what they're obviously concerned. It just yet yeah election process and obviously the news the last two days begin to. Picture of lies it should do and sure they aren't. And look at how we know that and that the act I do not money well how does. Like I would like support companies that are sure they're valued that air and air tight. And I think it should. Do think we have that history appealing that brought this country end and didn't answer. I get voted no Russian vodka I noticed delete. And noted on the site I got a lot of people. Out there that I insert your Internet pleaded not made in rush that. Norris Murdock well I think there should get. That. As long as you don't screw it Tito's I think we're fine anonymous. Honest I don't know and I don't I don't know. How what about Russian dressing are you if you have a definition of the Russian salad dressing. Well you know we hit it pretty country prieta side I'm looking at eight dollars. Ordered state taxpayer dollars our employees I'm content to their those are things that we controlled what do. Department is that it. Yet you know the stock market discretion. You know we had a history. Get cute in the garden. Maybe embargoed. In the Olympics when we totally attack a country. Yeah and (%expletive) no action that our interest. Well and of course you have a history of free enterprise out there. Except of course when it comes to liquor stores which are all run by the state. Out. Ten and under I think it's loud didn't I did their bit so rapidly right out the vote there. All of remain ever read at this but we're very proud art. A liquor stores and they're great revenue producer exactly and at the damage that I didn't come back and state you know that it did. Practical we can't do that than. We met at the well actually they didn't and and and accepted a vote correction. This is not a Willy Nilly just out there and I think that the out lately are and what it. The project this discussion. As we have these beautiful little canisters like Polly didn't do it. I'm gonna say. Education are certainly more flags. And indeed these people want to open answered. It. Went on media and and and I understand why we can't do it took Purdue doubt that and yet it ensure we all know hey can I. I think people and part of our community. Outside I didn't do it is basic choices that we should be should not just load the other. Now when it comes to drinks do you have an issue who is the white Russian should we change the name of that drink. You know to be beat the assumption that that somehow like the French fight is it that they are purchases reflect our values. At college and unprecedented. Our country and democracy and it that you are making great up and being national and international. Beacon for democracy are urged the nation violet we take this at all. Protecting our democratic I sure hope I get ethnic candidate. Debate contribution. Which is. Just told all of my idea district. Predict that contribution from our country. That reasonably should be very dot backed. Our country area coming into work to try to distort or disrupt our democracy. I don't I don't question I don't question the legitimacy that doubt fraud. I don't think it actually was wrecked. If you can't dictate. Fighting to actually read it was effective effective beat it beat cop out kneecap action. So you must be a whiskey drinker legacy yeah those of us eight days I got bogged down. And I'll thank god. Stocks haven't tried to interfere in any elections and the other. All right well senator Jeff would burn of New Hampshire. Talking about Russian products of course vodka one of those. And whether or not state of New Hampshire on by local ones and one and only by local yes Mike Hsu you have even a question yeah though. What about the Caucasian we call the tock little to the white Russia why would the would call the Caucasian yes. That recently and what we polity Caucasian and eastern bloc. And nation and then it partly because that is. Our job offer I'm all for what the senators to be sitting you'll have to excuse. Stats it's personal support the learning guy whenever you can yeah and you know at least this guy's taken a stand against interfering in our system and now. While senator nice to have you on the show this morning. That's pretty good then. That company enters a lot about it. Now let me ask you one other question we are talking about earlier do you believe our wildest do you believe all this stuff about the earth being flat. Flat they want there's a whole new series that we've we've been confused bird hundreds of years in the earth is actually flat. I might be that you get while there are a couple of topic of today up box. There is. The senator from New Hampshire in an interesting proposal.