Hill-Mail - Traffic in Boston

Friday, July 14th

Each day, we play the best voicemail messages of the past 24 hours! Today, callers chime in on Boston being ranked the 5th worst city to drive in throughout America.


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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send our knowledge online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail. If there. I didn't have to go and I'm tired I'm home I play. Under WD. Is doing great Jimmy Hoffa junior. Correction it. All right today's a male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more visits city of Boston CU dot com. The city of Boston credit union. You uniquely Boston and here are the very best kill male voice mail messages. That you have provided. Over the previous 24 hours. There's been 9:57. AM. And yes let me Mayweather now. All admit great well look at the democratic wave whether or whoever it is it is nick nick at all. Whom you met his Gregor Mayweather junior I mean modest 46 inch main threat okay. And they knew my fellow at target and our solar now now. There's only 11:59. AM. That one wouldn't it what how women looking younger. All that explained why did you know look so darn good reporting. We don't work that then. And I think. And and we learned that yesterday at 7 o'clock hour now about the that. The way too slow or prevent aging of Euro 10 woman. It is to have sex at least once a week. Kickoff and we believe that there has to be somebody else involved unfortunately for those viewer. Married women. And you don't want that sweating. Hold of us discussing this on top of the UHU grunting. Like somebody is trying to run a five Carrey so there's some way. Friday 12:51. AM. It cited I'm lifting and you'd say what they did in Vietnam didn't. Ballmer have what implement Lyndon byers they're not gonna press. Time I'm ahead in with the. And then that page. I mean. You had your moves down that which particular moves they word I don't know but. Answer nobody not bad but I think. Like I knew I couldn't do the you know. On the ground to break dancing that's that's my go to his I didn't cross the ways and pound somebody spin me around and then. Due to the hips and the fact that I had played nine holes and walked right. Much could I was started to get up on my own and somebody spin you around and yes who am I there's at least 3-D it was actually I was a pretty big dude and then coupling coupling archer shot me outside. We're on our way out to you know 1520 and that's. I like callow I was watching the video yesterday because I think it got like 8000 views remains to Graham and I was watching the part where you start to get down on the happens and it kicks yeah. I mean listen what world but it takes you a good 4550. Seconds to actually get honorary in the breakdance possession while surveys together right there there's. It's been bothered me and Tracy Bingham like that with hearts and bikini emote Gian lip care Simone Jeanne I love that girl means that movement and she's she's into it will be. Sinks twenty Q. And then you know that only has what food they could have got there I mean that it went the food bed by eleven either that or who got the. I met him. We've got that you. We're talking earlier about the tubes. And whether or not the you know whatever they knew one reason he's down with the but why now if I need of that yeah a deadly incident in the perfection I would never actually I think the man. Who root for oh man. The lightweight and if there and ever bet on and they put that and I went back the clip he had meant income floated away that one way to get rid of the old. It's suffering there it doesn't sound very happy and she's an Iraqi measure divorce husband does sound very happy talk all. But I booted out with German protesters. Think about German when they know they don't sound like Hitler. And now they're elected German language when when it's yelled terrorist is scary. Terrifying. And a signal chain link please canines and when I'm training and then you know in German via the. Verifying. Gordon who thinks he ran over the buyer would it be a problem or about. I have looked or played an experiment that. The now that you're in the form of an included a lot of. Google it. I concede. My father entered a form 24 and what an impact at all or bought then what about how potent quietly reported everywhere and now it's half past. We retired about how Boston though it were city in the US. On amendments. I'm so shocked it's not number one yet some confidence. The -- example I won't say it but they called it look I say it live and then I'll I thought hey it's a great there was it was great and everybody was everybody was flying by the building a senate now so yes though I mean it's Friday morning would you expect although it's. Fridays in the summer some people staying in honor Friday acting get a little bit of a break but it's a cold call today from the sales people.