Hill-Mail - Run to Dunkin

Friday, April 21st

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice messages from the previous 24 hours! 


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge on. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and now it's your turn to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll mail. They'll get that it is that it brought back. It out over the limit but the net. On WB. I want him at how little thing out and turn the whole thing around tonight. I was talking with somebody who it was like talking to the threat to this program all it was. It was marquee. OG monkey yes who is supporting me I hadn't thought about it. That most of these games have been won gold differentials. Solve. There is there is some hope for the roads are and if they haven't been blow out games and and seven Ayatollah via. All right today's home male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of busing credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visits city of Boston CU dot com the city of busting credit union uniquely Boston. He went he he he then that is right that Greg really say. I think the Dunkin' Donuts. Couldn't brag you don't have looking pulling you one would have been trying to wheel. Went that went on during on during its usually the fall. Late November when I begin. My running routine getting ready for the Craig gill foundation five K you mean November 30 that. I usually when I get back on the treadmill and a or when it starts. When I start to run the back streets and highways of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a preparation for that. Greg Hill foundation jingle all the way five K paid by the like couple events coming up that are great great hill foundation events I just want to plug him. I'll be ready over there with a Arianna phone get off the phone and get the Delaware only pays the show's going operations. It is personal for here comes the country are not taxed and about focusing on things that we need and apparently our social platforms. Is children don't dot photo line. I'm so we have the seaport strong events yet which is happening on May thirtieth at golf Briscoe said he believes that here are ready. Yeah it is so he had to use that that's an amazing event benefits. Boston Marathon survivors and that there ongoing needs. Because it made a commitment to to always support Boston Marathon survivors as far as foundation is in existence so. He could join us get your tickets for that it offers goes that's a very reasonable that yes they're great food great drink. And then we have the food on the food is entirely worthless and we have our second annual wine watches and wheels event. And that's happening in June and tickets are available for that there's only a hundred that we yourself as you say that the limited tickets and it's a hundred tickets only. And somebody leaves. With a incredible watch nonsense like she did some analysis on my it's not my watch it's a tutor watch were very nice beautiful so yeah all information about that stuff when he go to the Greg gill foundation dot award. Or are so social platforms now the very best film L voice mail messages the previous 24 hours. We will he had. That would really good really you know they've got out more than it. My blood diplomatic and copy imagine that she's been there because it has today god is. Let go in and operating room then I'll send it back but I don't ever. And then less stressful to make the unicorn. For a pay a very impressed that she not how I got to step up washout the bike and make everything that back hollering you know I I I liken this to. Green beer at Saint Patrick's Day I'm very busy you know you're bartender at saint Patrick seeing Erica okay great so we get it did your manager comes and drops off the bottles of food coloring to every Dell wants it. And then within an hour every witness your he ends are covered in green food coloring is traveling the same thing. I feel farm. We'll. Oh yeah. We did this morning. But nobody. Didn't. It's weird to be fighting over brain and Anderson in the whole thing him. Once the lawyers get involved he can't stop that train from rolling down the tracks. I'm I'm an art that Jose Baez is I mean it does he not epitomize. The ambulance chaser marks I mean if he shows up with a hurried press conference yes if it like. You know flies up here immediately. Demands that they get possession of the brain. Is starts throwing around they don't buy the medical examiners explanation Morrison I mean you know. He smells seven or eighths lawsuits. It's like you may be easier. Lord knows he's probably reaching out to family members that are. Eighteen times removed in in living in a foreign countries try to get a lawsuit going. Many who Guillen was removed it and it. Maybe a little out of the yeah oh yeah. And. The tools to address for fifth would you where would you rank I would rank silence of the lambs. At the top of the list. Of films that terrified. The absolute ass out of me and act and if I figured one. It's Gallagher is a good thing about silence of more or loses like I don't like war movies it's the horror Moret is like a psychological. Thriller thriller twister but I'm saying scary yes. Scary things like that like for instance. Blair which it did didn't release scared me. She runs from you know you just can't go on the water for me I added from hiking. It's really scared I would have enemies but when. When Jodie Foster. When you knocking on the door in and easily or feel brutal for a person. And then and then she later gets in that house and she's gotta look I mean asked Aaron the lights go out yeah. That's release house Kool has occurred. Write articles on this 617 Texans that fatal attractions like that for them. That was another that that was and well play it won't be all right joy and am. 77 cortex the shining. Yet in attendance numbers he's been 617 tech Psycho. Yeah exorcist. Area sisters are born there. A that's a good 177. Was pretty scary so yeah wasn't it always got to spread terror cozy those pretty scary well oh. All. What we've heard they opened the other than the Martin and abundant bird then get what they want from me. Or that there. It parent and an Lou that's right we have got here that would divide your Internet include live and then there. Note I didn't know that on court and that I'm absolutely no request that that. Better than economic but I didn't stories about it. And then now it's it's it's better not yet not without them the fifth. And me and again. And import the pulpit and the little. And both remained in contention didn't play out a little they've been burning and may play out. Now radar and can do what they're not tonight's. Thanks again a sincere but I. Last night it was a big night for our Boston teams in the bloodhounds picked a successful light bulb in the team's last night. Because they take that I enough to open 23 old. Yeah so well oh my god I bet you know we did the only thing Iraq. I can't read back that I've got to act two on the back it is as if there. Abnormal. Wounded now been greatly. Oh is a good movie of the brain references are. From earlier that's Gene Wilder of course and that was the that was great everybody loves Demeco talent FaceBook after he died. But young Franken is being dying young Frankenstein yet at shined great film yet retail. Whom we do. Don't know that that on the dating game. While living in terror and if there Fella named Rodney Allen talked. Yeah and middle of the killing spree is not unbelievable discuss that was an amazing story we got on to the topic of game shows yesterday. And the other thing they came up which was interesting was that it's Edward and Wayne Edwards. Was on. Wasn't that tell the truth yeah I think so rain and well speaking of serial killers. Yes it was right. So Edward Wayne Edwards who we talked about. With regards to manner tone Loc and Stephen Avery it's that are. Was also on to tell the truth on you and there was a serial dealers. At this is the real killer on the baby and you know which is amazing. 43 PM local red band ended what we rejoin. You wouldn't didn't go next month. It bit down the third at 53800. But that doesn't cut the go to. Wounded now hits it yet no rush songs as I do on the region's. OK so that's a tale of fear and sadness and.