Hill-Mail - Relentless At The Buffet

Friday, August 11th

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Get a Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your special Ed WAS. Dot com. And now it's your return to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male. So they didn't come down when they talked about North Korea. The capital is Pyongyang. Not cool and. Under WAS. I enjoyed very after a split that that particular wound Europe that are quick it's silent deadly. Laughable. Yes I wonder if maybe we could solve this North Korean crisis with some delicious cinnamon bonds have we send them over to Kim John Allen with cheese on the big it a good thing that that would. I would make him out the. Being named. To be okay. Gotta yeah well that's. It's still game. State wanted them. If you want to do OK. Got it well that's. It's okay. Stay tuned. To them. They go that. That is the actual mushroom cloud PSA of and windows 2003 and campaigns that. A solid Jack Johnson. If this is new Jack Johnson that this is or what but I mean basically it sounds to me like if there's a nuclear attack from North Korea need to stay inside and watch the news announced your cow has kept empty until there's evidence that's. On them up and today. Today it's. Today's co L voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of lasting credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs anymore. Just visits city of Boston CU dot com the city of lasting credit union uniquely Boston. Eyes 40 AM. They're accurate they're quite there yet but it ought to go. And that those that are there he didn't get back the aborted. What about back but that I have now we have. A goat debate there all the debate if not all. Don't do that. A beaches and every single night at the house and to let you gotta get out and says hang out with Richie in the fellas and I'm not acting studio the I I I do believe me listen I just read we re I remotely. Answers bathroom would you trio of I already Johnny right there he's superior green need to on the woman and and it's all good but I can't source I get me. Noon investor and then the whole shower thing. I feel like all right I'm on what might do three shower heads and you know the one that comes on the middle the one that has the brain minions the real shards like. The dollar Amish are that gets me what all passed for a couple weeks. You're one of those guys though who has the bathroom remodeling project going on for five years like never it's never fitness. There's like all kinds of remodeling things under way at six months yeah I think that has been down in the stands killing two years yeah like I don't like a couple of times a year and a like sort of happened. Not that. Boom boom and. Expected if they the built in Iraq. Yeah that. Within the patriots and I'm. He. You guys complain that they look pretty but here they go slow. I'm more important thing in the past I think what is happening here at the clip on network apple. An NC north. Remembers is. So there and we will always remember idea and I you know. I just feel so bad for partner and fellow franchise's. All time we talked about it the jaguars. How how demoralizing. Inserts the that he. You know your plan years you're you're. Second and number one guys. And Belichick throws out a bunch of freeagent walk arms. And you win the facts are. Look who people all. Do it all though I'm still that's didn't but the mother got it. Will be up there. And what that I putted good first. I think they are going to make love the army says it won't because there related. Ever stop anybody in the Middle Ages yet. They are always doing that some details eats it especially when it comes the royalty. Believes they beat them bloodlines strong product. Speaking of television coming up and scored I guess can call Netflix television. It is now it is now Nina. Coming up at nine. I cannot wait. They have the actor Jason Butler harder on the show he plays. FBI agent really petty on ozark. Which is. An amazing. Netflix series was a bit with ten episodes yeah. And you will you will not be able to stop watching once once you start ozark so it's gonna rain tomorrow to mark yet they embed. And and edges in Joe's there but he'll join us at nine. Ayman Al associated. I rarely talked about my podcasts. Yes it's probably it's called extra socks. And it dropped yesterday who did that and it's. This week we talk with pooch hall who plays. Darryl. On ray Donovan on showtime and we talk about this spoiler alert. We talk about Abbie. IE in the first episode is she really dead finger quotes I'm and then he he. Flat out said that car accident has nothing to do. With what happened abbey but she'll he kind of wasn't even indicating that Abby was dead. He adds he. He didn't answer. And I don't know it he he didn't really says something about. What happened. Who were later on and and it's anyway he's a Brockton. Yes we had a Wheatley down on the show before so. If you're looking for something if you're not binging ozark and you're looking for something to listen to today or over the weekend. Then you can subscribe to extra sauce might podcast. On iTunes or stitcher or Google play. We will then Ian. Why treat it in football helmet and they're reported an inaugural moment we Beckett and then he definitely. Each team and gave it the crap but what about. If you do bad they let it. And then now I wonder how Lon Roger did though waded. To be allowed in. To mr. crafts sweet yes the the great thing about that sweet. Having having been there yet. Is that have their own elevators that goes right into this we while witches like. Like if you have your own elevated train I mean hell is solid states. Its jets. So I wonder if they kept that like you can always like pushing the button and and the elevator will need to keep up there in the elevator was coming in here. Relative good hour. If it. Roger Goodell here. Prior come up and say I'm sorry. Think we hidden in them. We're glad that you had that let it. This is what seven so I love the U don't message. I'm like that guy who said he didn't. You just didn't want the hassle of selected as a lot of people who wants to pit entrance to new ones weren't enough then people who have given up. 705. AM. Yeah releasing new memoir. Relentless. In an unrelated note and not at all while Burton and Greg will release and hit my mark I don't relentless at the book. I bet pubs memoir will be pretty good. Good story. Certain if the system. You need the money right now and he's got to sell a ton of books I mean his you know obviously he's doing an easy is it your attorneys are great job. Mark himself he's worked his knocks off the you know he's he's he you know his story was the little guy that was told he'd never be a way to accomplish everything you're too small every time makes it a try dollars sport. I'm no look good but but but it's stories are. Now a question I just I am easier to do one now Asia retired ten years from now after a couple of more super balls. And then he's gonna do it just didn't warrant the night. Ex presidents currently 97. I don't know I I'm the winner if they do it for the the Kate yeah. He does need the case can I come over Greg when you read the books can I just wanna see your face when you get to the last page email he didn't mention him. It Galley copy me and I got final print minimally effective Hillman went on the air about this is that what's what's the what's the what's the back page the last a little rain the last thing to dedicate their lives because there's the preface ray and all books teacher and a knowledge moments yeah. I'm entered dollar he'd get like one point hey pt font hey I'm sorry I know you've already printed like a million books but are we need to add one more. Page. If year. Autobiography. Your memoir is called relentless. There's no possible way that you write it without acknowledging. You're older male mentor who helped you to become. Bob Kraft no nice rightly I. Bring anything for instance they'll they'll probably be a whole chapter on frank talk a guarantee there'd be a whole chapter on frank talk by. We'll find out. Battle cattlemen is back as a part of the Hillman huddle on the show every Friday or every other Friday. During the NFL season and he will trade off would Danny Amendola so we'll have the Indian and bill and Julian Edelman on the show. Every Friday. And I believe we begin next Friday and I think it's Danny Amendola who kicks kicks off. Here's the Texas says is this book about Greg relentlessly calling and texting Julian Immelman now that's not what relentless means. It means relentless. In your pursuit of achieving a goal. 7:12. AM. Those that are important the thirty mile an hour what that there are often ruined that OPEC and it is almost certain amount. London now teach. It's it's all farm insurance. What happened. Yeah it's called retirement kind hearted in their cars. Solid after we got tomorrow around somewhere. Now the Pena right now you very. Yeah. Hitting any once a week that he's in the money you know accused in the money pit that is. And he learned he had. Think that look at artifacts that single people. You can't kind of I do not a single people around you count that at this Colin. Somebody out there that it wouldn't let the people that respect for the 87 year veteran. And now. The kinds of legal requirements when you do that with waivers yeah things if you don't wanna. And up with a segment of how creepy is no eyes so you know careful it's. Thanks for me and again. Well throughout. And all of a but it got reported the news and then while I don't know what. What what they have no that was built on what they knew about life and thought about market itself you know they're not that might bode well how might the little. Our night that block that the bad about when Andre you need to get Foreman brought to the back where they. When you go out there but you aren't one it wouldn't do it looked the the war but let go about it no ma'am Mormon at all. That you let. You know thank you mr. He knows where that we're going wasn't clear last night the people who were there. So I can't wait opening September 7 or is that and this is that this gets a seven others there Thursday the senator's status but they're building you know they're they're they're building infrastructure. Yes there to do to show everything on right now. Right we haven't you know you can send it along time by. I mean yours you are an integral part of Gillette Stadium being built IQ he hooked mister Kraft on with your buddies like you who is easy he was like to have higher yeah guy. Make Epperson and I felt bad publicity it was well let's talk about I don't like to talk about cigarettes and I would love it when I don't wanna take any credit for anything amana I don't wanna say that dynasty began. Would mean that boom you know whatever but I did back in the day when we knew and everybody's so like me we we you took me to shellac when council was like seven. He. 5% bill yeah and Ted and you and me and Ted says hey listen. But you know because one of the cool season we'll Gillette Stadium is a sight lines. I went out to the top of the stadium to the farthest seat at the highest point of the farthest part of this stadium and sat. It was like you were it was like you were Loge seats have been. Heard it's a great stadium really is it really is no we aren't in the bowels we saw. We saw the big features locker room before Tom Brady some printers that's the last time nicely outside Angeles daily. Okay dentist. Dad Bob gentlemen sitting outside. Where a couple Qaeda generally there are considering we knew and when they opened the end of the agreements and you hanging out nearly pulled. Check out quite well they have to do you have to do it during the winter games for quite a you know one quarter pounds on behalf of our breath and regularly experience and a couple of yourself and you have to have if you're in Serbia that. Happened.