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Wednesday, January 11th


Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice messages from the previous 24 hours! Is it healthy to pleasure yourself at work? 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit during do talk as they Hill Man Morning Show resilience deal made out. When I came home that maybe edit go through it. Think that that department at right. On WAA. Bill. All right. Today's go male voice mail messages are brought you by the city of lasting credit union. Where is the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston CU dot com the city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston. And here are the very best till Mel voice mail messages. That you have left over the previous 24 hours. To me seven. Forty and yet. It gave it didn't greatly increase well let's move it won't and so there. You know people might do well misconstrued. That certainly could not vote. No that's just he's at a. To me often and creamy and again. The red didn't pay any connection that when you could come out. Good and grainy which you. And then now. After Zack and the amount in the CNN. I think men and wouldn't know you've been so I Democrat in that role that I open that bad the approach that that of the president. Let me I'm Erica there about who died there a particular. And let's shut up all the. Have have you decided Greg are you going to the inauguration SA on plane going with the governor. Wait a minute and Matt Light a Larry yes yes we're going to ask just one big giant that conservative direction and are currently in really. It's kind of interesting once you decide to go he invited to like I got invited to like the the state party for New Zealanders something created the other day every the ambassador sent me on got gas valves. A formal invitation I've got snookered party's biggest granted that it's going to be a good time I'm parties in Italy currently calm cool looking forward looking forward what is it his in this state over. Yeah I am going Thursday a man taken two days off. Going to be a rough week next week is Monday as the holiday yeah. And then taking Thursday and Friday off but the show will go on. I would Mike Hsu as well straight session steps and yeah we get a weaponized it not yet now you have an hour into the weekend guys that you're Ron. I was a yeah obese in every species. I'm looking forward to it. You know. Probably not as crazy as like the Clinton inauguration in probably not the same kind of this trump doesn't drink so probably nobody can. The bottom unless you're there party and then Shanahan isn't flying I didn't think the gap in and that's not fair and couldn't trump make his own wine. I don't know I don't remember and that amateur one million from stakes are no mistakes on guns Jake and NH and it. A. Thinks 0:1. AM. There are no more reverend rob it is what it might get a bill would expand I have a couple. Why go out that app open. On the net and LB will give you good advice you bet when it comes to any moral dilemma he'll just say do it like if you are considering. Whether or not you should do something happens at LB's advice is do it. Six eighteen and again. Hadn't seen. The man credit here. Only the vote surprised but like that our golden wounded option but he's going nuts on Twitter this morning and think about this yet as well. The diary the last when he tweeted about fifteen minutes of intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to quote unquote leak. Into the public. Trump why let that be are we living in Nazi Germany he's also don't not to caps lock this morning yelling line it would really saying it's one last shot at him before the Arctic field Obama this week yeah. Russian and never tried to use leverage over me caps lock I. Have nothing to do with Russia had no deals snowblower on the known nothing. And caps lock. With and Casey admits that. The there are. Unconfirmed. Reports group. That this intelligence exists in which Donald Trump was in Russia. And that was at the Ritz Carlton yes and had the presidential suite this is when then. Miss universe pageant was in and not Moscow. Tenth and paid a couple. I'll use an old man term ladies of the evening two. To urinate on a bed that the obamas had slipped on previously yet and so of course this hasn't been confirmed by anybody Iraq. Through. It is now I'm sure it'll come up today. Because he is having his. First press conference today at 11 o'clock so I'm sure he will be asked about it and probably be asked about Merrill's street. Right as well Boris I mean this is this is why Bryant I feel like this is its potential great comedy like I enjoy this kind of. I think I agree and I and enemies of America are loving this right now yeah there's they can literally. Throw anything against the fridge earnings the wall and Americans are gonna jump down trumps throw. Try to be a united stroked down when he was in China re he had cents or three Johnson and okay. I yes it's yet you guys finally get him you. Let it we'll talk about Merrill's street. Talk about golden showers. Talked about Hamilton. Don't talk about any of the issues. Are at that press conference all the time will be taken up by all the other stuff. Anyone that to answer any questions on foreign policy and that. Hello Mike. Why are you ready what's happening. A unity does have a lying could be distributed. How did not popular conditions we have moved our company. And sorry that I know that could lose one and they've talents that we moved from the one metallic undone well really dirty wind its task on it that's. So what's who melody like it which distributor do you work for. What it distribute OK okay well why did you start selling it's probably going to be more valuable post the post inauguration. Maybe. We talked about this the other day. But I was reading. A survey that was done of Americans. And the majority of them want to Donald Trump. To give up. His Twitter account yet. And now we discussed this the other day with regard to the Merrill Streep tweets and I can't remember how everybody felt it do you want to give it up. I wanted to give up because I think it's a good vehicle for expressing information in a candid fashion. I just don't like some of the things that he tweets whether it's something derogatory. Or my concern is that he's just gonna fire off that some. You know world leader with some. Right or something that and then to set things in motion that's my my fears that world I war for me is I should have been clear that he's. Saw the regular regulatory channels for communication and threaten somebody in a premium arm. Oh yeah issue in your opinion yet get rid of this get that he should get rid of it as it did. LB you know it's easier now to united nation right why did this is what I I'd want. Number one I I want our president to use all the social media is and all the intelligence. And intellect it's out there. To be the best president that he can be it's an amazing way to communicate with almost every American. Including you know you don't mean I mean kids tips on where. So eager reached our Asian you don't need to high school as can be informed on what the president is doing and how we stealing and I love I love our immaturity in Iowa bag and I can't wait for him to rip rip off that. Now Daniel when he fled Burton but there this year IBM last week putting up a little weight factor when you say he's gonna. Reward you mean a Twitter war or do you mean at. Sorry you learn an actual in actual. You know what I can jungle in this going to be like you know what fire that's what she's rocketing over toward the US on them this sac act. Think eighteen and then. Here's what. And on the poem went up trickle down economics. And who blew in he hand. Tonight we know that Edward. They're putting it out to hold it. If you do. A lot. Sinks police she DN. OK let's go to the note board hoping they wouldn't quit and repetition of story with 23 win it and I'm hoping. Under the trees on the comments story. Didn't quickly went seventeen recommendations are an important important what things that the days. A message. Could. Great film. I cry when analog chips do run an up the score at any Anthony Hopkins. Is not like Meryl Streep he's not an overrated act Turkey very confident sir Anthony Hopkins. May be one and I mean. May be the best actor of all time and I want to get into that debate right now. Yeah aren't like an amateur Robert you would yeah I know listen you can make a case for de Niro. Daniel Day-Lewis. Mean come on Daniel the end it was daily he was good in a few things but he doesn't have an art in New York he doesn't have the body of work. I don't think that sir are you getting out and says he needs but everything he does he he awesome yeah. There really liners uses smokeless and Leo is the Galileo is Leo and practicing urgently ask the Leo is probably the youngest guy in that discussion. Here's guys acting in the aviator could attract editor yeah sometime last week and listen what about us like Robert Redford I mean he's probably in that discussion also. Ends. But it is sir Anthony Hopkins is on Hank. It is that is the man whose name shall not be uttered on this program so are. The I'll think I know he's an American treasure. But he's overrated lake street is overrated. Look we learn yeah. What can I borrow your wideout. In the second oh whip up went up Korea yeah. Talking to me. The fact that she's not honest mistake he hooked up. At. Vitally Texan wants to know of Clint Eastwood is in that discussion that criteria some. Denzel is absolutely in the disk. I. And then Zell is absolutely in that discussion we'll see you again. Now I've got robbed one out of one and this method. Of. Course man on fire. May be the greatest Denzel Washington movie of all time it's been totally agree outlaw them training. For days really an aptly and a man on fire overlooked that's an overlooked film a lot of people don't know it. But I've recommended that before if viewed don'ts. If you don't ball your eyes out at the end of that movie when he and a spoiler alert goes over the bridge then you're not a theory here a robot you're not human being. Think he eastbourne and well at 3 o'clock it's about time that happened there and I looked at the third block. And it happened that. I'm I'm I'm really employment. That that was somebody in the method they've had them. And that's. It did teleconference tribute to sign up could harder now aren't yet to book Q you have to book intern. You know what Albert I have to move your 1215. Because it's in that big weeks coming in from corporate. And any teeth to station. If you are wondering what or tell you about because you weren't listening last hour. There is a university professor in England. Who says that masturbation. In the workplace should be encouraged. Because it improves productivity yes. People are happier produces stress the academic oh look at increases spoke increases focus it she said focus and so. There is this. A lot of discussion about that on this morning's Chicago.