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Monday, June 19th

Each Day, we play the best voicemails of the previous 24 hours! Today, the fallout from Father Knows Best remains!


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He gets Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online. Ten on your schedule WAS. Dot com and now it's your return to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents we'll mail. Me being here good girl. Yes good good good men do. On W a fit but it I think that based on this morning's replay of mean the and a father Clarence. That the Father Knows Best game has outdone itself on Friday night that big that may have been one of the most noted that happened and why it's seriously. One of the most interesting moments of my radio career now talking to 74 year old third 76 year old twins seventy year old Clarence. But his daughter's. Most innermost. Desires and thoughts and feelings radical rather. Yes mister pickle. All right. Today's till Mel voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of lasting credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more just visit city of Boston CU dot com. The city of busting credit union uniquely Boston and these are the very best film male voice mail messages. That you've left over the previous few days. Rival blu. Fifteen and again. Well thank you Oprah participated in father knows that I don't lady here aren't going to win. There on Guns 'N Roses ticket. Our local when they come to the TV guide it and bad you want the whole life I have. It. And that. Line in thinking. There's. That's. And then 936. And then. They're great. My wife of 38 years looking at few. You know you're not responsibility. For the microphone didn't get any ideas and and you can only give it. Charity. He just lives political wonderful life this conflict. Yeah there's that little into the dog. You know refugee camps are very grateful. Yes there's a new code on this program and that is give. To charity thanks to one of the fathers who is answering questions about his daughter on Friday. 4:32. AM. Yeah yeah I feel bad that he bit at Portland I go to like I feel I feel I can be beat the Portland. The orbit Greg Hill and other acts by vegetarian. What went wrong. The reality is there concern that the. There he won't and he had some guys get ill like now I have done. Bank brought their kids Vieira bottom into men seen. You're discussing the poor man who win in one of its announcer removed and the doctors took the the wrong one book on now and you only unity rendered change yes that they use low balled. The it's by the settlement he was a low ball flight analysts predicting only got 870000. Dollars. This week and again. Click them out in particular about. I would pick up a little. And now there's a loose pig on the lupus that's right up his Alley. Thousand legs are loose and play some loose. Think this continued and then. I felt that Ali you know burnt out pick. And traded at why. When I get more than. And they're stupid one would get a model. I don't like it. I don't get. And then met a lot of people don't like the fact that the mean age it is trading that first round that that number one they wired yep they're just that well to future kind of thing and Angela have you have Isiah Thomas yeah dignity and he would Isiah Thomas twice exalt the gossip there's all pitted that is there is lot of people wartime out of this weekend they were bought more cars genie in. Often all at. And so pock. Because baseball game it looked like hey you know that. But all in golf spirit. And then then hit a cut. More than 39 AM. Tell me that the Bruins are going to be protecting either didn't ormat Latin. Look like we're glue. Oh now Erica. Not too worried about our news. Wouldn't rule oh man. Yeah. Listen every area of the air ya when things aren't done for years yeah. Who hasn't sometimes your life who. Sometimes it's tough to play in your hometown. Very devote a delay in your hometown so are right. That is he'll melt today.