Hill-Mail - Bruins Lose Again

Thursday, April 20th

Everyday we play the best of your Hill-Mail voicemail messages from the previous 24 hours! Today, the callers ragged on LB for the Bruins losing their 3rd straight game and now face elimination in Game 5 at Ottawa.


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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark are always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail out there. We hanged themselves hunt on the boat okay. Thank themselves and. And W a yes. Today's no male voice mail messages presented by the city of Boston credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more visits city of Boston CU dot com. The city of Boston credit union in the uniquely Boston yes cellmate was a slap. Slap shot. A secure reference. He owns the team owned stock people are no he owns the team. The one that that that that. Doug Doug. That we just played the intro coming into what about. Am I using not paying Hahn and paying thing. They it seemed to me that doubt was very obscure reference to slap shark. All he French lawyer talk I have to remind them at all it could have been an obscure reference on that yes I think the deep and it's not an and they did the even though Kelly's shuttle I think this I think it was a thing about how nobody knows whether it's anger or on my part could be could be that it all right in its case that I hanged in May and and in Greg's case it's not Hong. All right let's get to today's school male voice mail messages. O nine and again bureaucratic error happened or when. Well. And then now it's not. He's celebrating for Tony today in any specific ratio lately Susan deserted gala if you well I guess this is the first 420 in Massachusetts that's being celebrated legally rights so on idea at the Natick elks. There's there's a giant party. Last donors at the LDL and it was sort of I guess I now know that there and so it's for if you look pretty Maya serves 6 o'clock tonight yeah yeah there you going to be going. Sorry the first legal sports when he. Don't forget how to get home coming out there and in Ohio beacon find your way out of there ala I'll sleep and LB us. Yes in Iraq right now listen I will remind you that just because it is the first. For twenties that has been a legal. Holiday here in Massachusetts he's still are not allowed to just sparked up at work or pleasure workarounds that or. Are all driving along a highway or it's just like ankle. Cricket yes you're an altered I think that people sometimes misunderstood in the long and I am told. I am told by many that they don't understand how this new law works. When me and 57 PM. There have been it would Tea Party movement and the cable that I could almost there and the message. Now do or die. RI in elimination games old too old tees and all one goal game semi it's been an amazing series but the Bruins have not given any bounces. And the best players are playing their bouts there have been as many were pointing out on Twitter last night there have been four playoff games in Boston. Over the last week or so and there have been four playoff losses. In Boston over the last week or so. They boo science and again. Now way to go going. Is that nobody on the bandwagon anymore but even that they're emboldened and well. No one on. Yeah disaster solution why it's a disaster there won't meet Warren. It'll be yeah great birthday is there anything. Bottom line they are apple and not being called baseball. Coldplay that. Well. Now they don't. Want that runs and seven are called it. General laugh. Three straits oh sorry but the Google had one. When when they got to went up there yeah and that and they got to come back and win here got. Then again when it's it was a lot of Dakotas exit does it go 111 just one on and one. 1113. Wins in a row house in order to mainly as soon. Wind blown 1036. PM. Tell me a lot of people vote the blue didn't have 900. The corner you know. They didn't need that effort somebody else so we thought oh yeah. Greg Bolton. You know paying attention at one event or where they either. He smoked it did well in the food. I'm just now. I didn't even go to the game last. You know normally I can't I captain bandwagon is important playoff games where I couldn't even get it's been a rough week Monday it was a long day and I am fifty look at a lot of Marathon Monday all of them anymore actually do it it works out. Worst for you to watch the game at home he's and you can feel compelled to watch the whole thing does it normally it LL yeah if you like might or might not tuned now and the end of the good point that's an excellent point Danielle. You would have been there figured it was to win the series of court yeah he's getting the hang on the path if that was game seven just seen him iPhone on the that the horse in the trap. It was game seven in Vancouver and then I would be there. Won't we wouldn't want. Left side and let that debt and you know I look over my boy is still there. And then not only Wheeler and interesting information and scientific information this morning we learned that if you sleep on the left side of the bed. And wake up on the left side of the bed. You are more optimistic in in a better mood than those who sleep and wake up on the right side of the bed and you have a more successful day itself. Seeding and make that switch tonight that'll be a real problem aside you're used to sleeping on the same side doing given out that glove side of that right side. He DT DN. Well Greg. Over it theater and there are. But I believe that curriculum. Called art itself. Back. Up and that there democratic candidate. And the future. There. Now that typically don't even think that Jesus is not in the old testament that is as we know then told the new though. I mean did you did well to make the break was and what the page break all I was commenting on was the fact that. John 316 which is the Bible verse that Aaron Hernandez had written on his forehead. The it's probably the most well known Bible verse because it is in. Held up on signs at sporting events per hurt her forever and a it the way the way you quoted it in and maybe you're quoting the way he wrote it. Was that not the way I've always heard it since I was a young child going to the union evangelical. Church in style and by the way out of it and I was in the youth group I don't know if you know better motivate you get the ladies yeah I got a lot of ladies in youth group and you know Latin. There honestly. There the crazy ones like that is is the Bible members of the ones who have been pressed there on time I mean let me tell you set out. That you are used to smuggle a bottle of party won 51 on the youth groups ski trip every year and how. And it's hard core let me tell you shouldn't damage he's five that thing in the bottom of my luggage and analyzes as allies that didn't break. This if that party was on. Blanton Ian. You have a indirect words and don't inherit from the film next column I can't I've got up in Iraq handle. Certain. And then that each. None else. That got me doing what a waste of her treatment he. Often 28 and then. There are a lot of water once the ball on really burned back in battle started off the word from the window. Pretty confident are you go. And then now. That of course. It is reference to some audio replay it earlier from Dennis Rodman. Who broke his penis when a woman asked him to run and a jump on top of turn you know. Nude. No I'm guessing correctly and he was he had to go immediately to the hospital. The duty Ian. Macgregor. When you don't find low. If you're called the hopefully I'm I'll let them know there are many outnumbered. If you don't like to get our call. And if that person calls in the wildlife. That people their dogs unleashed dogs whooping and other people's long and since the AC the group of they would what would you call group Fox's it's. Is clustered is it's not my idea cluster it. Back you should do and wildlife ships and it's not everywhere I went steal cable. Made drool all modest and I'll slow kingdom I used that Sunday nights and a we use this as a family. Sit down. Right in front of the television seventy. And watch Mutual of Omaha as allowing them we'll Merlin. Marlin Perkins. Marlon Byrd so even though he's in the choppers that he had his Lackey was done about wild DM that was the Egyptian bow out hello Tim. Good morning Mary fought one day. Set before it's when he feels. Great act quick but I don't you talk more holding of all of one tricky one if you're talking one. Could hit yes it could come back and opt for the small and stuff I've had a dozen. You're gonna give me what do they call they're now they've now offered up an explanation psychiatrists have offered up an explanation. For what happened. To Erin Hernandez. And it's called social defeat. And it's based on studies that they've done. On mice. Meese my my my sneezes mice a focal length in which. Mice and rats. Become depressed. When they witness other rats. Receiving food rewards and without getting food reward themselves I guess you both I noticed they believe that. Social defeat. Was what fueled the suicide of Aaron Hernandez because he realized that even though he had just gotten off on those two murder charges. He was still going to be in jail program and the the show off for a race him the fall from grace led to what happened. 708. AM. Yeah. Yeah let it Beckett got caught back. And I don't believe that he thought the next week. Hank thanks for the support had no idea your local united dead dislikes the drugs is a 617 tax. Which says that the Bruins should have a lot of confidence coming back being down 31 in the series because. It's happened against them cal. Countless all they've been up three to one countless times and they've blown it though this is glad hello Glenn. They're great town well came down. And enjoy losing count and he MO. Although there are low that read about it there are circus stray from that. So I think it was fake lose big news. Out of that yeah it was that was big news I ideas that's classical childhood was a line.