Hernandez Saga - Ted Daniels

Wednesday, April 19th

Our Hernandez correspondent, Fox 25's Ted Daniels calls into the show, while on vacation, to talk about the breaking news that Aaron Hernandez allegedly commited suicide in prison!


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Hill Man Morning Show content. Our pal it's. And on your schedule that's okay Ask.com. And we are joined early this morning on the shelves. By our. Official. Aaron Hernandez news. Journalists that that is Ted Daniels Fox25 who joins us this morning Ted thanks forget properly. Good morning I'm your are you out of the state what's your deal. Yet no one down with the family in Florida on vacation. Sort of the most. Wondering why the heck are always bring in this morning and now are now I'm absolutely. Blown away and I'm from. We're actually really surprised after calm you know the first came down and are bigger than his mind. He thought they paid me back have a glimmer of hope you know the golden Lloyd case. Triggers automatic appeal. So these that would. He had Jose Baez and his new team and has figured that it ER may be. The source for the first time he had some sort of chance it may be not. Spend the rest of the present fight and it. Yet that is what we've been to since the news broke at 624 and you're just joining us Aaron Hernandez former New England Patriots tight end. Serving a life sentence her murder the murder of old Lloyd. Has been found dead in his cell this morning in the department of correction has confirmed that and I'd appears to be hanged himself. I'm right since that news broke at about 6:24 this morning we have been trying to figure out why and I eat you bring up a great point I mean. He got off on these two. And that conceivably would if it was possible expose that with the appeal. That team he could've gotten off on the on the order like that so why now I mean why it it was was there any indication. Have you heard anything or heard or saw anything in court that that would indicate this. No not at all I know once speech for. You in May have been. Prior to the Oden Lloyd case that he was thought a suicide watch yet solved but that was made years ago but he was. General population as soon so he was and from all I had heard. Over the years in a bit. He hasn't adjusted just fine it's a personal life and that. That he was shot caller in prison and but SNI I'm I'm still trying to digest. Digests the news that arm. You know the other day. Two days before the vote exit Hughes. Fiance are still disorders such shallow thought and their four year old daughter out yet BL and she says. The cutest thing in the world and she's straight out said that. Essentially you know she asks. I know some people near a hard time of social media about bringing up. Their daughter and a quart but she said she has seen her daddy and I. I've never seen him so excited to see anybody in court you know he stopped and blowing kisses and now they're allowed view and you know I I really sorry. Cuban side to it got a bit. You know. Yes. The so normally yeah see we just kind of set him seeing him sitting merits of these horrible things are are recounted in just I think you know and Mike you know not the bothers him. And Ed and I know I mean it did it may be it's just fine all I ask you to the world older. Then. It's just so bizarre. Why would it when you say is when you say you saw other human side of him does that kind of make you think. We'll bat that that is Aaron Hernandez the dual personality. Yes okay yeah that that that that the so so that's how maniacal. He is the heat here as a cycle and he can yes as a Psycho that he can flip the switch and become like. Dad yeah and then flipped a switch and make them accurate I think to be up to the murders somebody there and I'm horrible. Way of life. Aside and keep bill dollar jacket and and teammate to me about all the taxes in and I'm sure the way acted rub some of his teammates the wrong way so I'm here nor there there's a lot of teammates I've played with a probably wouldn't like me either yeah but it didn't put that poolside of his life. It's like on a stealth well that that is that remember the economy you gotta be tapped out. When that member when the news broke. And he showed up as if he was gonna work out at Gillette Stadium and and he was shocked that they do John they didn't allow me and I mean any. Sort of. And it asked Ted so you might choose theory and I kind of agree do you think. That the crazy side of him said you know what have the patriots. And I'm gonna steal the spotlight to Zurich the white White House to. I don't know who would do that keep. Being spied her. It's an artist so it's hard time wrapping my head. Around. The whole situation I have to think that you're right till about there is icing that. So. I don't multi layer is the right term but there are you write about him having been able to try dawn. And turned it off and there were issues I mean don't block the testimony in both trials was about him. They do that everybody Boris FBI agent that there were helicopters followed news that the iPhone part two yeah. So I do think they don't sub level third there was to release some. There is some some medical issues going on merit to this extent though. Yes I'll I guess we can never Melamine we can sit here and talk about how they don't want number it is did you never know you would actually spent. Our guest is Ted Daniel Fox25. Who has covered both. Aaron Hernandez trials extensively. And he joins us with his thoughts on the news this morning that Aaron Hernandez. Has killed himself in prison and I don't know if you know this or not. I am not a lawyer although it probably would have made a pretty good when I do you like to argue occasionally but I am. Is. It does this act. Prevents. A civil lawsuits. And allow any money that he does have left. To go to that daughter that he sighed prison and became emotional when when when he saw her I mean is it. Is it can sit do you know whether I can they sue is a state or could they just sue him. Yeah that's so packed I mean obviously you'll go to probate I mean I think bear he's an ability to. Go after whatever money it's you know tied up and probate. But that that's a good point amid I'm not sure how that you ought to do it I think it becomes is this state righted and bad. There'd been the lawyers would fight over her fight over that. Side. Yeah I mean. Is that possible if he was thinking on that level I think you know I mean considered. I was at an open I mean I guess the public to consider. I mean I guess if you if you believe that you know that that. Everybody can be human even if you recycle back he can have a human moment and if he saw. His daughter and actually real light was full of guilt GAAP and area and realized everything that he threw away maybe maybe he did indeed. Do do what he felt was one. Good thing for his daughter for his support his fiancee I. Do you have any do you remember why it was interestingly enough it was two years ago this same month. That he was put on suicide watch you happen to remember any reason why he. He was put on suicide watch other than just that being going from the NFL the president viewed deed today do you remember. No it made that was never really disclose. And and I don't know or remember leaking in terms of what would have triggered that I mean and I think there. Typically the authorities would be. You know London the cautious side in making that you know. Just out of an abundance of caution and but I never paid it never really came into Q any of the trial in terms as it was any. Others in the are going now. Portion of it you know the and the other side of of of serious emotional issue he doubts about remember holding it Beisel was one people made all them. On the witness list they had eighty. Someone who can testify about traumatic. You know. Exactly it's simple all at how that affects the Bard CT so I don't know they had ever gone further out. Packed with him and patted absurdity like that but I know that was someone look on the witness Elissa I mean of course that they're just there. Oriented you know certain to. Get secretary Bert you know you are now. The autopsy they'll they'll say whether or not they believe he had CT Larry and and you know I eat you look at juniors say Al course Junior Seau kill themselves and had his family certainly believes that that was. Concussion related deaths ET related. He was placed on suicide watch after he was convicted of vote Lloyds murder. A lot of people are saying that standard procedure when wind and we demanded that kind of a sentence yeah. All right well. I mean it is it's certainly an ad I guess I wanna say shocking although you know you use do you it's a fall from grace thing at somebody else. Somebody is making five million dollars in the play in the NFL and then threw it all away. Over says somebody spilling drinks arm in order and a club if you again I understand he was not convicted of that crime but his. I think this thing that I would of had a different reaction that it was. It was guilty on all counts last week I didn't I thought that you know disclosed in his mind. You know you always get this site into this and find a way to get out of you know get that a prisoner and indeed get in it and obviously it wasn't just. While I appears history arts is gonna get done. She's gonna get bombarded by people from Hollywood to make a movie think again so got to give all the details and. All right now what Ted thank you very much for joining us this morning and sorry it throughout do what we do and Disney down there are what are we literally at I don't. What what are we not report only unfortunately yes I'll stand right here in so once that permit you out here. I'm talking about. Did you get us out of luck for your second mortgage that you got a second mortgage the house I mean and the two TV people make big money that place but they doubted down there's like 500 bucks a day of the Israeli. It's insane. Now. All right well label. Well when when you get back we'll talk more assurance and I don't think there's a lot of news that is going to come over the next 2448 hours on this indeed all right and it. I think our thank you there's Ted Daniels from Fox25. Reporting on Aaron Hernandez both trials Ted was our official correspondent for both Aaron Hernandez trials. And certainly was there almost every day and got to see an awful lot so. We will continue with the show there are a priest for those of you wanna talk about viewed as we'll discuss there. During Florida not like the rest of us why a woman is going to be inducted into the mantown hall of fame for the way that she interrupted. A tennis match and you know what LB and you're prepared for the sport so we'll get to that that I listen to that too we have the talk about the Celtic that was nice subject matter on me Kate Jackson area.