GFY Hotline - Boston Speed Limits

Tuesday, January 10th

Once again we play the very best GFY messages of the previous 24 hours. Today the 25mph law is in effect in Boston and people are not happy! 


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I you've reached met in knicks G apply on line after the BLO took on your mind what you feel. And who do you want to GF why banks got yourself. May start to your message now twelve men who want them. Big. We you are no notable. About this potent Google you know. And now. I mean that's that's what he was feeling it's hurtful I think that come may be another round of conflict is that beside again now that you'll never walk alone could use that. Toughen up butter cup. June 0:4. PM. Or. And. Not that I love more than people fell off a possible AT PW of lame. A big game and in the days and the right now. In this Nigerian man. To move pretty yeah. And the men and you know like how about just just casting a wide net the sink everybody. It's ample love that it is that the that'll take away from that state which is there right there. But money does apply to it and he. What I want. They know yeah. Our biggest lead nobody on that go to the movies blue moon ban and. Good stick and who by the murder hundreds. This guy is a 100% beats you won this is our first drop within the GM Mike call. The patent them yet. That the completely different on other. And I'm confident they'll go on behalf the more people. And now it's so strange that I was able to play that song from his job that he goes to work out like a professional grown up adult person. Earlier today we were talking about Tuesday and how nick rolled Easley said Tuesday as a hundred branded and then we were. Did you lose to a 101000 examples of branded Jews now did I say it erroneously because that would imply that it was a mistake. I was and it's not and as you said Tuesday and Brandt said Tuesdays are branded and I was and he used I was deluged and I came to Salem state. And when you again you went and when you mention it and I came up with the hot and topical reference timely of Sheryl crow's Tuesday night music club. When people he him. It is no where we live we've we've been doing it could bothered by the cold if you don't like it compel a bit and moan about it goal. Now. All the way. And that I defy excuse me sir as a new Englander even though I choose to live here. And endure the cold it is also my god given right to ditch his and moan about it all the time because that's what we do I deal with a and I deal that by drinking. Complaining about it and blaming other people Ford is that the New England went. I don't know who complained about it where you're not complaining about it now I don't believe that we are available is that while I'm Sokol now. I'm an analyst mission tough dislike. It your chops busted on the text line 617 the WA AF tech needs text line says please tell me lockup sly Stallone in the prison movie that indeed it did indeed that's how we got into it because we're talking about the Ryan Shirley and I brought up locked up with Sylvester Stallone and how they. Realistically. Built. Automobiles custom in prison in the sentinel I'm 39 PM. It out yeah hammer wow aren't aren't there I want you. Yeah yeah yeah meant that you pitted. And then woe first start with the mayor and then went outside the confines bought the Greater Boston area and took on the State's. First of all. Aggressive move I appreciate the boldness and second it's technically accountable. That's exactly right. That's exactly right mr. Stevens thank you just a civics lesson to say. Quick question though it's really Marty Walsh it's the City Council isn't it. Right but everybody's got to blame something true someone a figurehead. They may your mate if you will right that's I personally think Marty Walsh. Fine upstanding gentleman friend of the morning show right QAF super now. Probably as the app. And be ahead where's the. 32 PM. And it 80. Yes I'll. Arteries. So pathetic that another day in the pick sides and are you currently. And honoring. That they would. In oh. Hard days. Created an topical. We've yet did mention or broach if you will the fact that David Ortiz sent a very cryptic tweet. Last night just to the Boston Globe with nothing else and it. And a number of people took it and ran with it mostly to mean that maybe he started drops them. On retirement some comeback vintage and is no bigger fan of the Bob and I or union captain but I kind of agree you'd be deeply uncomfortable. To watch him. Play all stadiums gave them. All year albeit god forbid an ego is not like I'm rocking chair stadium and yes golf club memorial ballpark and our house that he wanted to I'm Karen you were about just feel weird that. When they were eliminated in. Playoffs. When they are eliminated and poppy stood on the mound for five minutes waving everybody when tears in his right that's one of probably on our house on one of the better cries out that long time. Yeah did it. I said oh my spot lemmings all part right now we said about him how about when his Achilles pops on the way to first base half we do next season and you wanted to come back. It's common at a time bomb guarantee you. He doesn't come back until June good doesn't warm weather come back and waits waits it out that's when he starts it better anyways. Mid season pick up trading for the best left handed bat in baseball best DH amber. Or nothing. Not to be jungle book. Votes. 11:11. AM. Okay. That hadn't been written about their debt that is yes. The Mac that the net is not that bad. I have yet again over the corner of the net at the end that my. Do. And that. Smith is simple way mug he asks. I like jobs on why I I've I we we met in 96 my honest to god met may god strike me down a lightening up on line. We met in 1996 I've murders say that word may be twice as much in Israel's for reals she's the sweetest there. We've corrected Yoko that's in reference to the ball hitting an adamant room audience voted to leave it there. Barely bothering those I can't imagine why. I can't either so don't go. The worse.