Four You - Speed of Your Thrust!

Wednesday, August 23rd


There's a new "smart" condom that's able to calculate all sorts of stats when it comes to your performance. As if we needed to know how unsatisyifying we are more!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Wow live at the Sheraton in Framingham right off route nine right off the pike. At the blood drive the American Red Cross looking for blood this commonwealth needs it come do a good thing. Come say how to Matty and nick we've met so many great people already heroes. As a maverick when you walk into the room. From where we're broadcasting to go give blood nick and I will vamp you off with our version of I need heroes we just did several a man who who didn't look. Too happy that we are doing quite know they didn't also I think a lot of them were confused with the idea what example Hoffman right I think and stuff I think they were. A impress their harmonies. And be wondering what the hell Bonnie Tyler's doing in the studio sound of that data on. It should not do the math and. What a day what a time to be alive hate. I know this is all fun and games and we're just here to. To drive the peoples to the mattresses and to the donations and everything but I suppose we kind of need to do some. Regular elements of our show before we depart are there any things we think the audience needs now. About four things in the 4 o'clock hour. He's done for the sport things you should know these three rules that I live. Never get less than twelve hours a week never quite caught the guys got this thing first and as a city. Never going nearly who's got a tattoo that yeah this is for you from Matty ended. Please do keep in touch who has also on the nineties and 107 techniques Tex lines. Thanks for in the 50 it says come on nick at the perfect time to play if you want blood by AC DC the blood drive man come on you know Matty would play the black crows that he had a chance and there was something relevant. I agree and also we are remote I don't have the song back in the directory from me but if there's any pirate radio maybe hobbled this we got. That we can do that we can also do that you know that new track off the drop kick Murphy CD. We want blood I think it's called that's a great song to. There with them maybe they take requests by seven because there's been in the wreckage it's already have a great. All right story number one as you know nick and I are leaving for Vegas right out of here at 5 o'clock or being whisked away. In a limo to go cover the Mayweather McGregor fight we can confirm that tomorrow will be sitting down at UFC president. Dana White and this stories from this might continue to come out and this one here Floyd Mayweather reportedly. Has been not taking his fight with con McGregor to seriously. In this week's episode of USC embedded. Mayweather has been eating burger king. And partying and his strip club every night this past week he's cocky. Blue think. They even Burger King. That that they party at the strip club I'm fine with Chilo Letterman leaking knees. But the whole eating very looking thing like I saw supersize me. And if there's anything that I know that Griff faster faster was not professors not good for him not underestimate and McGregor and telling him that he knows something. Now he knows as that he's got ten million McGregor has not Ellison isn't there right has got to pay that tax bill. He knows how fast his hands are seriously I Hebert and appears in the they actually interviewed a percent strip club that he owns there's a week. Details on this and that is what own strip club yeah owns this and this here's a little detail in this in this story. He's he's not a library each year every night said one staff member girl collects in the Vegas strip club Mayweather opened three months ago he wants mixture of things running smoothly. Mayweather who says he has a lap dance in twenty years. Takes in the scene from a couch in the corner of the club while dances performed for him his guest hasn't had a lap dance psychology matters are his own club he's the Ray Allen. Boxing you know Ray Allen didn't have a cheeseburger for eighteen years so. Man what what. What dedication what commitments while yes. So and then there was also a story that things got a little. Testy when. Connor McGregor arrived in Vegas there was like a little shove fight now and with bad dude who. And focus Paul at all I've Paul his sparring partner in that geoghan got Google Video. It was the Italian geoghan god was got on the there is no guarantee. What does it pretty easy to get ready. Your whole breed your vote and do your old. Actually Brady back in the WA AF studios. Do we have the sound of that little incident. Can you play that's of this is Connor McGregor arriving in Vegas and a little scuffle broke out with him and his former sparring partner go to this. So yeah. I don't know if you can call us. You don't know. I needed a hero oh. Had a yeah. If England. He's got a big time and he's got out of the hands and his yeah yeah. Citizens tunes right. Now. If someone does want his name to someone else to the Lebanese they donate that's where walking into a Vegas in just our reply is this is this because this is one of those guys instead. Maybe is McGregor getting pissed at him because this is one of those guys that said. McGregor was getting knocked this is the sparring partners said that Marty talked easily that he knocked down a medically and such. They said that. Dana contradicted Paul Ince David said that on a put them on the bottom that's right well Connors all camp released video after that picture of Carter beat the crap out site. One. We can as Dana on Friday yet close and personal Fredricka and where can we at least to shake hands first of Rico homeless person for an additional nine are you missing for him. I need a hero. Tells Dana White maybe you Charlie Sheen voice is our unity you know. Of course up easy cooker easy so we residents smoke and maybe he'll be able to cleared up to and not and number two. Dana lights in on this as well what's he gonna say like big guys I played in the last five years in my life get this fight together Greg is gonna get out of that. Still lives silver platter ticket the pay per view at that particular order I went to everybody just. This watch episodes won their sixth game of the season gave a dusty ready for Sunday. I do I just get the cookie dough ice cream get together with your friends and have a good cry you know what Ozarks Israeli government wants that Netflix paid Brady. You can still call us by the way in the Framingham ports studio line even though we are live at the blood drive sponsored by Framingham Fordham planet fitness everyone's giving blood this lobby hero showed up to do that you can still call us. We have people on the framing import studio line let's try this hopefully of technically work for gives him it doesn't radiates good and the in Manchester and zero Matty and neck. I wouldn't heritage. I did good great man. I'm I think. Well Mayweather is. Yeah money at all hear about I don't meet certain other fighter all I could retire but why it is here where there quicker in the morning. Yeah Andy thanks for the call man I you know there's a lot sooner that a bomb although you've got to think of he's got any sort of internal fire which an undefeated boxers dedicate is like to fighting would have that. In her fired at some level when he looks in the mirror it's also a legacy fight in terms of of ES two retirement fight for money but it's also legacy like this you don't wanna walk away from a sport he dominated with a big loss to a freak show as you walked out right. And he's 49 and I was so he could be going for the coveted fifth yeah baby and would you want your last fight to be a loss like you said. It's not he didn't lose to the better version of himself over Los to a converted loud now right half Irish I added up. May I martial artist who right. That would stink and oh boy in my rooting for him so hard I cannot wait please please please please would be I don't know what all that patriots money in cash and a ticket and on. On our no start and I'm just. Go to a private school. Kids in Newton. Matty and nick live at the Sheridan in Framingham for the American Red Cross blood drive WA AF has been here all day. People coming into give blood blood is needed if you're in this area at all please come by say hi meet Mattie and neck and some of Doria to me it's just too sponsored by the by people of Framingham Ford and planet fitness just talked to Jim from out all. Jim came down to do the right thing Jim thanks for being here. And also said Nikki was a fan of mine from before the man in action. I think I only the holiday air hole there where it up the next by. No idea if I need a hero world. His name is Jim vote well 'cause he follows must of he's seen drilling down any watch me act in movies any lied about standup comedy. His name is here I am. And okay thanks very much it was cool that you read out of them pick. If I'm being totally honest. All right storing the scrutiny or when Nikki a love this one story number two for you for the engaged on the 4 o'clock hour. This group is online FHM site that we. Big group they went through all the fantasy football groups him and they pulled out their favorite team name. This is a great time of year I had to bust out your best unless you're sick his burned into. And then most of the most outrageous things that you could possibly think of everything in my favor won't give it. Not my team that I won with but I I was called the Peter north explosion. Stick. I had the my last couple years it was a bunch actors in New York so I called my team hot as being action. And seen this past year my team is we'll all be dead soon men and these cute names might be just baseball team's starters really yet. Their place they people here are some of their favorites Og cranky Kong. Nice. Gisele Brady. And I won't say how it spelled. I'm just like dislike their celebrity super couple name on his. Mac make America Tate again. Right now on him and I can't read a lot of these for whom owed bell tolls. Like now on Lou. Till the sweat of stomach Rawls. That's funny how. You know he's going to be that this year so you cannot text us 9717 your favorite finishing I think this Yemen to go with a picture of six rings and patriots right now. And call it six picks. Nice to expect nice. That hearkens back to when we help tried to help the patriots renamed their drive. For six rings yes they have called ash tag with mistakes and that's the name that they register for right to Ares was Jerry Norton are now. His was sixty time. Now he has rescinded oh and it's changes to path to totality I it's good. I happen totality of strong. Mine was huge bags six right and yours was. Six with six for the cheerleaders can't six with six on and I thought it was nice those nice touch this and know that you there's outlets go back the framing imports studio Lester let's get it worked once why can work again. Brady's that's August is that correct. August you're on the Shia. It art or can't stop along the addiction period. And actresses here. There are out to local option it showed. All right a Brady can you drop in August I heard you buddy I urge every phones that so he's saying that. Thanks for the call before it was bad he was saying that may was doing this for years that is draining is such that he. He you know he needs to load up on cards before the fight probably trained so hard so that that makes sense that makes lessons he's probably milking it up. To you know playing it up the fact a glut. I'm dizzy and burger King and I you know. I'm I think so literally you McGregor I'm just right now lepers and burgers and sounds fun place to do you think. Vegas yeah we will look for please collaboration Burger's right may be burger kings like a sponsor of an eighteen money team money Mayweather always get the talk to strip them. Shuttles have a whole conversation means my name is really not Porsche you know dot I got two kids and rehab moment okay shut up. Some problems. And probably I have a feeling and the opposite. Hey do you watch on it probably like it'll all pay you want if I can end this. Anyway still after my second season or drilling down I totally thought. I was actually an elevator that was the first part of the nationals you know and now I'm doing this thing this guy just like YouTube but now it's okay about that anyway well I'm pretty who have. You know a portion it's really funny or employee of that limit him from out here as a huge fan. I'm left corner yeah. Story number three there's now a Smart condom. That traction or. Performance. And then you can upload the data online is basically at the bit to fit comfortably well. Well I already late what did you now Muslim and Muslim. So yeah it's called. A company called icon is coming out of this with this condom that measures and records a bunch of data about the things you do and how you perform in that way on the how many rods. And I like mood I've got my don't but yeah the number of calories you burned during the act. Yes to is it's repeated recruits the right side. So with a sack total number you well yes a sex at a frequency of sections as those sessions I've been. I cut and sees Texans I don't want a lot of I lacy sectors are ours we're gonna say. Average velocity. The temper there it's no exit velocity like home runs and baseball games now terminal or suited. This is that there are fine with what's wrong in this country can we please apply this technology is something that will it help of why do we just help somebody do we really need to know this. It's like Gary Coleman says in his in his act it's very telling about this country that. The hill is the pill. I thought we we call the hill not the pill that cures polio assault photo right it's a sex one another not so they can help you want to be an era we got a slider here's a disease now this Nextel is. The pale Gary garment and finally. For those you'd love we talked about this you're the dame next a reverse jinx without us we talked about Heath ledgers. May be light bending performance but certainly career highlight performance of the Joker. Well. Rumors from deadline dot com actually this report rumors. The classic Batman villain the Joker is getting his own bad ass origin movie now here's who's producing this film none other. Then Martin Scorsese. And call on god Todd Phillips you know from the hangover he's gonna direct and write so this is going to be a kick ass score so easy on the Joker on on main thing ever since I was a little boy always knew I wanted to be that you know. It's Matty and nick.