Four You - Hangover Cures and UFO's

Monday, June 19th

Everyday in the  four 'o clock hour, Matty and Nick bring you four things you need to know! Today the guys discuss what the best hangover cures are, how Kurt Russell experienced UFO sightings and how Coke-a-Cola is the new tanning oil...It's 2017 right?


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Our guests are always on. On your schedule Ellie Mae and it's time for the fourth things you should know history rules and I live by. Never get less than twelve hours a week never quite caught the guys got this thing first name is a city never going nearly who's got a tattoo back. This is for you from Matty in this accident story number two. Story number one. One that. I thought this is appropriate coming off a Father's Day weekend. You know there's a million hangover cures out there. Everyone seems to have their own I've got mile system nick I'm sure you have your system I got a few means. Still isn't sure back in the day when you were still doing your thing you battle system to make yourself feel better absolutely. Water I mourning over help RIE more drugs yeah I know I am now on is the best until I'm here and I got your family and Delaware from headaches. I telling you man this Daytona every gives me heart palpitations panic attacks I've tried it. The best thing. Well that's not always okay hold up our because I wanna compare yours to this OK okay this is. Anthony board Danes never proved he was stopped. By a I think he'd tear tears DMZ. DMZ stopped him Massachusetts guy and they were talking about a several different subjects and then they asked him what his hangover cure was kind of joking in terms of what they were talking about a crazy week and what you gonna hangover cure. And then he lays down. Quite seriously what he believes the ultimate hangover cure T if you agree yeah. Call smoke the joint news prices are one. Thought I'd have three and Coca-Cola smoke a joint anything spicy says one forward. Well every time and I wanted to sort of everything we're not aspirin. Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola does he factor into got a sugar and ice cold Coca I have won and where Austin TX for some reason to its mid. Medicinal yet ideals and you know the best one. Is the Mexico. Yes with a real sugar with cancer and so do their thing I have via a cane sugar. Doctor peppers you keep those in the house fantastic for emergency purpose is fantastic. You know Ripley Geena. From the oak island so there are trying to get tough name to say fast here and there. He had it shipped to the island now Mexican you know then digs in cane sugar doctor reverend models that I got into them and I swear about the drinks like seven day that's healthy. Well he's an exit. Great shape Ripken Marty Medina are Brothers who for over twenty years have been trying to solve the mystery of oak island. More like solve the mystery of Coke island by the way I am dazzled. Make this story number one day I really go. We have been officially Greenland for season five season five's gonna happen oak island different drill downs aren't yet you have navy and do it again a year ago so that's good news in the Blake house it's time to drill down and again we're gonna drill down. That's rad man a very excited I'm gonna try that. Anthony board Dane hangover cure sometimes Sichuan food great idea yes greasy thing up significant spicy could do reiterate that move in with Chinese what do you think of its fame right same. I think I think talent doesn't like it just means spicy like get a good spicy says Iraq stood Demi he's just being Jaffe why would that work. I can watch super greasing. It's significant oftentimes it's pan fried model oil them always helps that's what peoples they have they can have greasy foods eaten. I think depending on the level of the hangover yes. It's low to moderate are just working off a sweated out sweating it out as always priority number one for me and two if it's medium level bad. That's. That's like a Coke in and everything bagel cream cheese maybe a little make an intimate on the middle and if it's the worst. It's. Like one or two bloody marys or like a little. Maybe a couple of champagne cocktails and number at a brunch burger and then you have to go nap but off wake up and then start your day at 5 PM yeah. We have Meehan my friends have done many many many overseas there's I know some of us saw us. We've done many many. Golf getaways we had early tee time after an iPhone to my dream and literally hails solving is the worst there are some mornings and we did South Carolina couple users like our high heaters and you know I was barely able to get ending down and but literally the only thing that. Will enable me to golf fight as the most. Horrible alcoholic moments of my life but at ten hammer you don't know no sorry earlier than that RT time would be more haired dog did you early in the morning is I'll let me function liquor is always gonna cure a hangover for awhile. Then it comes in gets here okay. Lot of times. You gonna go to football games stay as you may see this experience this know that as well my share of TV really been new patriots game but that no one and I peed my pants. It's how so drunk. Where I peed my pants where this is probably like I don't know ten years ago and the patriots Emmett Till Allen delighted just opened. Hello my uncle and then on the way back pima pants. I love let's be honest restoring the traffic I don't want him back noting that I mean as we hammered before I even got into the game we don't have the call that the true story remained good. It sounds something you make that up like Elena make out impressed Michael radio I'd like Bob Kelly's been about double the true story than the PI area. If he did your pants is cool and consider a name out there this. Dude there are times I went to the game in 2008 in Foxborough where the opener against the chiefs. From where Brady's knee was lawn out. And I proceeded to play let's see if I can finish off the course play in the stadium stadium one. I've fought a valiant effort to bottom line. But like a lot of times you go to the kick thank you go to a football game you're tailgating. And there's a good chance like you either meet up would like friends in the road guys in from out of town or your pregame in the night before and you'll kind of get lit up. And sadly. Until the food that you make of the tailgate Israeli the only way you're gonna feel better. Before like the scallops Kamal picture fancy delegate or if it's just like. Italian salad dressing chicken and steak tips classic New England tailgate preparation. You got to knock a few back. Yes it's a sad reality got to do God's honest truth. I wanna okay. Oh what a party with Anthony boarding if there's any celebrity that I would love to like travel eat and drink with the. At a buddy who wrote a story for maxim years ago for. He was the editor in chief of maxim yes and he. Brewster and god fearing and get to go party guy fears house one night. So it was the drug is do you ever got that was the most funny or had drinking and anybody with a and he walked in the guy fears house and the area his whole crew there. And he walked in like typical like New York writer thing like button down on tight jeans and a blazer by theory took one of his like. Guys Thierry chef knives. Over walked over to his blazer and took the chef's knife and cut the sleeves up fouling out nobody wears the jacket my. Straight. And let's parties together but I'd like to ride you wanna party did not part of ordain cut. And then this guy proceed in this guy proceeded to get my buddy Dan percentages get. Yeah it covered the cab in the elevator on the way. All right coming up dessert story number two I will have the story that will change your perspective Dick finally once a brawl can't do it and it's gonna happen never gonna happen caller now also. Little surprising scientific study about airplanes are. And and you know it's funny tying into if they were Dane drink Coke thing people are using Coke. And cook I mean literally Coca-Cola and if they're very dangerous way this summer. Going get to bottom of that to story number two and four US finally have the thing that's going to make you believe her neck. Guardians of the galaxy volume two is out and costar Kurt Russell. In a couple of the other stars were doing the rounds. Promoting the film. And while they were doing a BBC interview your hero Kurt Russell who. Dropped a bombshell. We think ghostbusters I have who's just paranormal that I was talking about paranormal stuff Myanmar but. Politics into this is generally never going to think of the paranormal kind of stress as the lacklustre Joshua guard is the galaxy is all right all right. Good to me my first time he's spoken back to us. While focus on the some heavier gets overt they aren't sure I'd try to bring you actually our union guys batted next don't know her. How was your Father's Day weekend my dad's dad. And he was never in my life it was great I said a lot of money knows just you guys played a game of hide and seek your can you really really good at this. Yeah the. We. No actually had to leave as we know now I just love that are so loud when if I have my dad played hide and seek to I didn't think only 25 years ago. And haven't seen him since he's we can go and you guys can go on the more into rules paternity test that we did. You are the father. Now when my parents looked up from you it's now neck even and you have heard. Even you have heard of the Phoenix lights correct. It's one I mean most fascinating famous UFO sightings in history and I believe was march 13 1997. Several thousand witnesses in Phoenix Arizona and northern Mexico reported weird formation of lights in the sky it's one of the most mass sightings we've had a beast sound lists V shaped object. Massive. Some people estimated a mile wide slowly creeping across the skyline thousands of people saw police officers sought cost him one of the first tips. It's a now famous in the UFO world. Tip from a pilot a noncommercial pilot was flying them. And he says hey I got some up here it's massive it's silent it's unidentified. They said we have nothing on radar he said you have to have something a radar. It's huge it's right here I can see it as in no nothing. He said well that I got a class that is an identified him a pilot a flying into Phoenix it's either an unidentified. That person. Kirk Russell know play the clip still is this is Kurt Russell admitting. That he's the famous. Unnamed pilot that started this whole Phoenix lights thing. How are not where we're flying if that was flying him to go see his girlfriend. And we're on approach I thought six flights over the airport in absolute uniform in a V shape. And all percent to I'd like to look at them coming and we're Libya half mile out Oliver said. Pop do you what's what are those lights and I and I did a couple of came out of my reverie hadn't and I said I don't know what they are so that is that are we okay here does it yeah I'm gonna come on a column. And I report it. And they said we are pinning anything you know Sharon that well okay Adam. I know declare. It's unidentified flying in at six objects we landed never said a word he never said a word two years later goalies watching television show when I came home. And the show is on your folks stop and I started watching and it was on that. If that that was the most viewed the US over 20000 people. So he's home gold he's watching he forgot about it any hearing the clip of the pilot goes oh my god that was me on the phone call that in. Sorry I was just. Kind of taken listening to his super. Action hero voice and thinking however Russell Boehner how lucky that lady is that you get to interview her Russell do you believe now now if I Kurt Russell sitting here and he's a believer. He's your hero nick Stevens all. He said is that it was unidentified could have been anything. Didn't see any creepy grown men it is gonna take and how they act that's it could've been anybody could have been a football size field. Silent plane moving fascinating we have left to silently crawling across the sky commanding. Others are what radar why does it take you so long to make a sequel to escape from New York snake was in Mary's here I match. Nick Stephens Kolb again months and now they'll come on his cell. Yeah it's. Business and. Segued nicely in his story number three. We always talk about airplane doing it now science agrees. Well I'm Lou knew that we don't always I mean okay with mile high club to famous days science says yes people still do the 30000. Feet. Things feel better. Your your o.s feel better they do because of the debt and atmosphere pressures and and so it's not just a thing where it's at what's not it's scientifically. Better sects are all right air I'll ask the three of us here right now and day. Ever go to the mile high club. No comment negatives the only no comment no comment but I'm not an and I tell you off here B did you ever. TC OB mama never. It is in his I don't even know that means. Taking care of business not by yourself. And the car not I don't play. I haven't been playing I hate you play a son next yeah you think you'll think twice about it's did says hey can you move Mike are forming. You don't you make it what it is is you make me wanna run side just completely changed knicks view world view. He now believes in the unbelievable I said nothing of things or to his hero Kurt Russell of course it took Kurt Russell's job line. To make him believe it wasn't my impassioned argument in my life experiences no it was Kurt Russell's hair and John line now he believes. I mean listen as the snake goes so otherwise boat hit the same time still he was. He wasn't completely able to verify that it was alien craft. I mean maybe they're just don't over her support those. Independence Day movies we also talked about how the mile high club might have scientific. Facts behind it that it is more enjoyable to be doing and higher height because of many things including the vibration of the plane little bit less oxygen. The pressure. The lack of oxygen in your blood streaming your brain but the air on one but cabins are pressurized so that where we have not it's still available but it's a simulated and it's it's pressurized that we can survive but I is different than the air we breathe down. Yeah. Now I have a C I wouldn't use that path of a fire that Norris coming out of there I've always maintained. That everything tastes better for some reason on an airplane I don't know why wow right after back then. Yeah. All pork chop yeah I mean I don't delivery thought. Give me food and nuts yet but salted peanuts I mean. I was trying to do not yet know you know it takes the message an airplane many low hanging fruit. Village is actually eight slow good Nazi like it did then you get up there. You know it is. Mean I think a lot of it has to do with the fact forget about pressurization forget about lower oxygen levels whatever. It's because. You're up there here in this fake environment. You think in. I should even be alive I don't know how I'm doing this and if you're like me your little nervous flier and all the sudden. The plane levels out the news crews for like an hour to give you just get into that good seven mile high mood. Now all of a sudden. This movie sucks but I'm loving it man these bagel chips are the best ever you're right this nine dollar beer that I got. So. Let me first check of the hotel. Everything seems better confront what smells better than a fresh hotel room that's true. Stays we have an update on the story I yuppie if people are still text and in about the guy with a gun to square one mall. That guy was arrested he did managed to escape the square one mall earlier in the morning but the police caught up put him around noontime in Everett. And so he is in custody. All of well let's start to Andy on the framing import studio line. Is the era Matty and they parted she. I'm elected there to a whole different level it would pretty good enough and would likely pay. I mean. Actually and amazingly sad that great great segue into another story that maxim just put up last week I didn't do it actually. But and thanks for calling Andy they said. That. SpaceX. Is actually not good when it's very hard way Elon Musk company has SpaceX yes. There I think they're great I think they're gonna be mine yours and when he first Internet based travel they said there was a list of reasons why it's not good old space and yes. Tarred if the end when he asked I said if you even were to bump into some of that goal. Shooting away from there's no way you can do it's it's very hard actually but I really like and space for the last year I Huard Andy's here in the roles during now. Tom come in. Never again sex anymore NASA. Story number four. I teased this earlier you know I love Coca-Cola. And just nip and chocolate and all right doctor pepper well there's an accurate telling of my kid a box that Jacko bumps. Two local local there's a new trend where people are putting Coca-Cola. All over themselves. Instead of tanning oil before they go in the sun why would anyone do that seriously. That's the stupidest thing I've ever well it works a petition asks PF Matty altered back. They say the Carmelo color in the Coca Brahms them up good quick. And it does. Do the same thing is like at ten and oil however we've learned so much have we not learned that it's not a good idea. To slather yourself and soft drink surprise surprise. There's no S Piaf in Coca-Cola so people are getting some really burn turns out god. The funny when you look back it vintage pictures of America 50s60. Written and people are literally covering themselves in tanning oil. There wearing these skimp all of bikinis yes. Smoke NCAA eggs and they're using those like aluminum. Reflectors. To basically bring more signed into themselves and we wonder why they were so rash. Skin cancer from the 80s90s until you're right thousands I ice in Syria and to me I've found that story about the way I was referencing buzz feed did nine reasons why having sex in space should be. Gross or impossible and I have a difficult ninth emanate Texas as I heard SpaceX is out of this world. Yeah. It's hard for men to. This discount accurate I hear Earth's its sixties out of this well boom it's hard to Furman to. That's the problem you can get their home built right exactly right microgravity makes that difficult. And I can't even read when I mean how I read that one. You know what it is difficult to during Q and open space. That he could put. Rule. You have a lower libido in micro gravity. You'd be tiring if you get more tired more quickly once he likes to architectures. Do you know what sort of female animal enjoys having lots of six YA. Libby dole. Irish opens up the subject at hand pieces count vacuum on it.