Four You - Dirty Beer

Monday, March 20th

The guys find four stories you need to know today. What are they making beer with now? 


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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. And that was the difference between the falcons and a dollar bill. Let's set with a difference the dollar bills good for four corners. Yeah. Picked out alert red alert. She's done for the sport things you should know. Never got less than twelve hours a week. The guy's got this thing first name is a city never going your lady who's got a this is for you. From Matty ended. OK I teased the segment that talked about a study between men and women and alcohol unless save that for later it's I think that's going to be a content generated by another alcohol store them them play but it sure because you can't tell me if you've got a story about. Dudes and do that and lose we recommend that just pulled from like 5 o'clock hour. Well here's another part you know what I'll stick around for the I want there's gonna fire you're seeing now craft breweries now are all trying to make that go into that extreme via wrestle Mike Hsu only a few weeks ago. It's getting almost ridiculous some of things they're using to make craft beer can out do each other well in her. We hear this stone brewing company Sandia ago I dare I say. Makers of some of the finest I PA's in America I believe it means wheels for China. Just created a new beer called full circle pale ale once made out well. What. Sewage water. So let us know. All that would be amazed that have been stormy end raw sewage. Are a lot of I don't love it post. People's dog race where the water's been treated so it's safe to drink and they actually say it's one of their better. I PA's so give 03 year olds get this nice discuss city too it's got to nutty flavor it's it's like it less hectic at toasted stout. With the multi. While I you know what pay once if it's safe. Sure it's a different state of the things we put our moments but I'll say that. That bull become an effect on tacos and we're sure I'd give that a world I would even I would even mind if stone called it. Destroy the water. But why don't dare you to drink Darian -- this might be one of the most delicious bail outs and they make a great and integrate IDA's stones really good stone is like a that's a flagship like you drink if you go into a bar. And you've just spoken fur like one IPA. And you don't know any get a locals and whatever else they have on tap if you see a harpoon anti Aden a lot of need this or stone you say. All right. Good to know number two any guesses on the this given USA today today causes that chart bar graph the happy list. Country on the planet earth any guesses. The happy yes. This is a legit guests who stay is chamber years here's mine Argentina. Could guess but no Amsterdam. The highest that has to be. The country if well. And and when you look he's in the right part of the world because. The number one happy is country on the planet is Norway. Why and maybe nation of five million knows no efforts few words. Reindeer and mean nights on ranks number one among 155 countries rated for happiness in the United Nations report out today they have oil well. They have high per person annual income low unemployment rate. A cold climate seems to some reason you think to be the opposite is called climate tends to lend itself happy people because top seven countries. Ball are in Norton in locations Norway Denmark Iceland Switzerland in the Netherlands and Canada liked it so get cold. But why is it because people loved. I think those bundle up they like to hunker down the well he he can make you. Angry you know appeared oppressive heat all the time you're in the white wouldn't commit to the minute republics to broke. Two broke right. CNET is July Puerto Rico's Susie yeah. I wanted one of golf for Brazil is 22 Grand Theft Auto. The reason I I'm on you can learn a lot about means it is from our guesses on this happy as country thing. I went with a country. Known for beautiful women via dancing yeah I altitude wind production and a diet of grilled meat. Skids when he dirty city list is went first city. Agreed with the wheat and hookers in the windows and at. With a red light district are thought you need to now I went to wings' IRAs and then went down south to accomplish the wheat fields I was there for eleven days tremendous poverty we wanna shoot there. I just had a feeling yes a lot of production down there funny we'll talk with another day Argentina's become a hot bed for shooting things. And eating and drinking filming things to shoot not shoot OK here's the McDonald's story just teasing I think he's gonna fired people I think we were excited I'm not cause they have this did you call this happy McDonald's story. I think people got excited about it I am not. Okay McDonald's is gonna start rolling out potentially. Fresh beef patties no more frozen. Consumers reports that in Dallas. Fourteen locations in Dallas and semi Bob and Oklahoma. They have been testing out fresh patties that have never been frozen and they're doing so well that McDonald's is sending them to more than 300 stores in the Texas area beginning what could be a national roll out for the home of the big Mac to have fresh meat. McDonald's have to figure out how will they supply the B two franchises wells deal any new food safety issues but they're training in the fresher direction I don't I don't like it. My not how can you you don't frozen beef doesn't taste circuit dude when he's always go with the fresh never frozen them. The mystery of a McDonald's cheeseburger. It is in the best as well but it's the calm and you can't mess that don't massive fresh meat might taste bad to make it badly make it Salmonella. Discuss its frozen doesn't mean you're not gonna get all of those things that just laying in spaces like an alien coming back minister almost a catch anybody broke. Now fresh never frozen water burger is great. Five guys don't frees it up you know. Our friends West Coast in and out the reason why they don't open more of them is because they refuse to open restaurants too far away from the farms in production facilities. But make the good that you eat and that's why it's always fresh and ridiculous double double animal style leery of the ball love them all but it if it was a blind test known as you'd I was eating is on death dramatic of the McDonald's cheeseburger. Guarantee you to a listener nobody's gonna say yes please keep Matt mead of thousand cows. Served on a sugarloaf. Frozen just like on this change. Hi my name's Matty I Massachusetts. Topic. Last oh OK for number four. Nintendo released its switch console over. The Friday the third. Weekend. And guess what else happened while they released their console. This which looks awesome MX one yeah months. You warns viewers. They're numbers absolutely tanked. On the very same weekend that they released this image and so we know that you gamers are perverts. Stopped. That's it that's a there was this dip in the U foreign traffic on the release date of the Nintendo switch a big one in fact it's not the first time the companies connected tech events to fluctuations in porn consumption they release something technical. The porn views go way down so the release of the games leads to fewer releases from the nerds. No kid I know it all along by the way I really wanna get one of those switches. As it was it hit an outpouring of well I mean again if I'm awake I wanna watch porn how wanna hear a great I've got my perfect night. This Friday once we wrap up another week of radio gold yeah I'm gonna get a switch instead at home and drinks don't want couple Kansas don't toilet water. I told you port was good. Playing your switch is that euphemism.